Zenspirations is the multi-faceted creation of designer/writer/spiritual seeker Joanne Fink. At its simplest level, Zenspirations is a way of enhancing any illustration by adding patterns to the spaces formed when the exterior lines are double stroked.

This rhythmic patterning can lead to a ‘zen’-like or meditative state, and many people who enjoy creating beautiful art also practice Zenspirations as a form of (drawing) meditation.

Spiritually, Zenspirations is a way of opening your heart and mind to your own limitless creative potential. As patterning relaxes the mind and body, it is easier for the heart’s deepest desires to surface, to be acknowledged, and to be shared. Part of the Zenspirations practice includes writing positive, encouraging and uplifting thoughts that come to mind during these meditative drawing sessions.

Although a ‘Zen-spired’ patterned illustration can be paired with any text, creator Joanne Fink encourages hand-lettering uplifting and inspiring sentiments, or scripture, to accompany your Zenspirations drawings. Zenspirations is a mind-set; an attitude which encourages mindfulness and gratitude. Founder Joanne Fink believes that developing Zenspirations has helped her move towards the light on her personal journey. She encourages the practice of Zenspirations as a way of being a “LIGHT into the world.”

LIGHT is an acronym for:
• Love • Inspire • Give • Heal • Transform

“I LOVE the interaction of ink on paper” Joanne says. “The joy I get from drawing and lettering Zenspirations has INSPIREd me to GIVE of myself to help HEAL and TRANSFORM the world. Zenspirations helps me remember to look for God in the face of every person I meet, and to reach out to them in love.”

Joanne chose the name Zenspirations because she was inspired by the Zentangle® patterned drawing method she was introduced to in 2008, and because she is committed to inspiring others through her work. You can learn how to do Zenspirations patterns and lettering by watching Joanne’s videos on YouTube, reading her book, and/or attending a Zenspirations workshop. Those interested in meditative drawing, and the spiritual intent of Zenspirations patterning, can attend one of Joanne’s motivational seminars, or contact her at [email protected].