My First Zenspirations Blog Post!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been happily ‘blogging’ on my Facebook page for a couple of months now, and appreciate all the ‘likes’ and encouraging comments. I have had numerous requests to transition to a blog format so people who aren’t on Facebook can also enjoy the Zenspirations art and inspiring messages that I’ve been posting daily… so welcome to my new ‘home’… 

You can’t ‘like’ these the way you can on Facebook, but I invite you to share them and comment on them (that way I’ll know you’ve seen them!). Below each blog post are some handy buttons you can use share the link to my blog posts with your friends, and I hope you will always share the ones that touch your heart. Sometimes a small thing like sharing an uplifting image, giving a hug or speaking a kind word can mean more to someone than you know…

So thanks for following the path to my new blog… hope you will find inspiration for your soul, and that you’ll soon feel at home here!

Stay Zenspired,


17 thoughts on “My First Zenspirations Blog Post!”

  1. This is wonderful! Look forward to your posts and paintings! Pray God blesses your words and art and that it reaches those who need encouragement and joy!

  2. Your work makes me smile! I love the artwork and sentiment behind it. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. 🙂 It's beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Joanne, for generously sharing your inspired self. I will say it again…you are a gift to the universe. I trust blessings will come to you beyond your very best dreams.

  4. Joanne, I'm a new blogger too, and was just writing about what I've learned from Zenspirations! So it's fun that you're blogging here now too. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us. It is so great to be gifted a new tool for creating.

  5. I am enjoying all your posts- all so bright and inspiring,, a joy to get some inspiration and share with my friends!

  6. Your words and creativity continue to inspire me, Joanne. I'm so happy for the miracle of the day I stumbled across your work on the Internet.
    Since I am not a Facebook fan, I'm thrilled with your new blog. Count me in as a loyal follower.

  7. Lovely to have you here – I prefer this to Facebook anyhow.
    I love your work….all of it….I love your sense of colour first seen by myself in a Speedball book given to me by my sister.
    I like to letter but wish I had just a teensie bit of your talent!
    Blessings on you….oh, I love your little book With God all things are possible….got it from Amazon….so, so good.

  8. I like this so much more than Facebook!!! How dare they think they own the rights to anything their users post on the site. Don't give them anything! This is a more useful and enjoyable venue anyway. Thank you!

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