For the “LIGHTS” in my life…

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Do you know a “Light into the World”? I’m referring to someone who continually and unselfishly works to make a difference; who is committed to spreading light and love wherever they can. I am blessed to personally know several ‘Lights’; I am grateful for the different ways they have each helped illuminate my journey, and thought of each of them as I worked on this piece.

If there is a special ‘Light’ in your life, please feel free to share this design with them, with thanks for what they do.

Stay Zenspired,


6 thoughts on “For the “LIGHTS” in my life…”

  1. Joanne,

    Beautiful piece. We all need to recognize and thank others who are making a difference in the world and the light will multiply. You are definitely one of the bright lights… you are a LIGHT to me. I am so grateful that God crossed our paths. Thank you for all that you do.

    Keep SHINING my friend. 🙂

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Beautiful design. I wrote last night a blog post about someone who inspired me long time ago and woke up thinking what image should I use and this one would be just perfect.
    Since you say we can share this design, can I use it in my blog post with a link to your page?
    btw, I just got my Zenspirations letters and patterns book and I love it!!

  3. Hi Marialuz,

    Thank you for your note– glad you like the book! Yes, please share the image on your blog, with a copyright credit to me and a link to the zenspirations website. And please send me a link– I'd love to read your blog!

    Stay Zenspired,

  4. Hi Joanne,
    Here is the link of my blog where your image is featured
    Thank you for allowing me to use it. I think it is perfect for what I wrote.
    If you want me to do some modifications about the copyright, please let me know. I am new in blogging 😉
    With Love ॐ

  5. Hi Joanne, your piece is beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us use it to thank the "lights" in our lives. I know that mine deserve a medal!

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