Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Courage is not the absense of fear, but the ability to do what must be done despite it. Once you believe, truly believe, that you can change the world, the world immediately becomes a better place.

Everyone has fears; not everyone has faith. Don’t ever be so afraid that you refuse to open your wings and soar. Take a stand for Possibility. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. The world desperately needs dreamers who can implement their vision for a brighter tomorrow. 

Make this an amazing weekend! 

Stay Zenspired,


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4 thoughts on “COURAGE”

  1. Love it and you. I needed to read that at this very moment; deep in thought….and fear.

  2. What a wonderful and inspirational blog, beautiful, cheery and enlightening. X

  3. It was in 2011, in the month of June , when I had my Diabetic husband's blood work was done.
    I was simply shocked to see the results!
    I made an appointment with a Nephrologist, a Cardiologist, internist and his Retinal doctors all back to back.
    The first visit was with the kidney doctor, he went alone… she told him point blank, "you need a kidney"!
    My husband did not tell me this !
    The next visit was with the Cardiologist who did some special tests and told my husband that the tests revealed he had silent heart attacks, and he needed a Cardiac Cath !
    The Diabetes had also severely damaged his vision too!
    All this happened in a span of one year! Yes, my husband was very dedicated with his work and neglected himself!
    As a wife who loved her husband, I was not ready to give up on him. All this news just showed how sick he was on the inside while he looked normal on the outside! There was no time for shoulda, woulda, coulda and no ifs and buts!
    So I went to work with lightening speed! I decided in a heartbeat that I would be his donor and my gut feeling was that I would match! As I wished, my kidney got matched with my husband… That was the first triumph!
    Next, he underwent a Cardiac Catheterization, only to be shown he had severe damage to his Coronaries and he needed an Emergency By Pass! There was no time for fears or tears! I could not see eye to eye and casually mentioned to my husband, as he lay on the hospital bed, that he needed a By pass! He simply nodded, I stepped out of the room to hide my tears! Just meeting with the surgeon gave me a hundred percent confidence! I had no negative thoughts and I had a ton of courage!The By Pass was a huge success and was done without the need for urgent Dialysis! I thanked God for that!
    While I meticulously measured out his food and cooked the renal diet, keeping his labs in the safe levels and taking him to all doctors, I got him ready for his Peritoneal Dialysis catheter insertion. Thus started the journey of dialysis, diet, visits and the 3 month of Cardiac Rehab! He also had eye surgeries at this time!
    As a donor , I had to undergo a zillion tests and I was cleared!
    The date of Transplant was set on August 01-2012! It was a total success! Back to normalcy!
    Of course it was not easy to get there! The road to Transplant is the steepest hill to climb! I forgot day from night and each morning, I only looked forward to hearing my husband's heartbeat and listening to his breath and was thankful to God for each day! I just cannot recall those moments I lived thru and now I can hardly believe I did all that was needed to put life back into my husband again!! Amazing what Faith, Courage and Love can do for us!!

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