A Time for Renewal

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Springtime is all about rebirth & renewal, and since it’s the last week of March, I wanted to share April’s Zenspirations® Word of the Month: Renew, which I lettered with an Apple pencil in the Procreate program on my iPad Pro.

I drew the art for April’s Word of the Month page with my favorite pen– an 01 Pigma® Micron® by Sakura. I invite you to use the design as a springboard for your own art and writing. I’m planning to use mine to jot down the ‘RAW’ moments of ‘Reverence, Awe and Wonder’ that I experience this month.

Click the link below to download your FREE copy of April’s Zenspirations Word of the Month:


For everyone who will be celebrating Easter or Passover this week, I hope you find meaning in the rich traditions of your faith. If you know someone who may not have anywhere to go to celebrate the holiday, and you have space at your holiday table, please consider asking them to join you. Reaching out in kindness is one of the nicest things you can do for someone who is alone.

I invite you to share the designs below with your friends and family. The first Easter design is a hybrid of physical and digital: the lettering was done in the iPad Pro, and the illustration was done by hand. I colored the design in PhotoShop using washes I ‘painted’ in Adobe Sketch on the iPad Pro. I’m wondering if other members of the Zenspirations community are also combining digital & physical art… please leave a comment letting me know– and also let me know if you’d be interested in my doing a video showing how I create art on the iPad Pro.

The second Easter design was hand drawn, painted & lettered, and I used PhotoShop to put the words inside the floral frame.

The Passover design below was made into a Seder Plate more than 25 years ago!

The Passover Prayer, On This Night, which I wrote last year, features one of the first washes I ever I ‘painted’ using Adobe Sketch on my iPad Pro.

During this holy season, may our souls cry out against indifference, injustice and inequality, and may we discover new ways to combat them. May we grow in compassion and courage, and in our ability to bring hope and healing to those in need. May each of us be inspired to work towards understanding and enlightenment, and may everything we say and do be a reflection of our best selves.

Stay Zenspired,


11 thoughts on “A Time for Renewal”

  1. I would like it if you created a video showing us how you use
    apps to combine physical art with computerized

  2. Happy Easter & Blessed Passover!
    Hope your holidays are lovely!
    Thank you for everything!

  3. This is a powerful post! Your art and words are beautiful and inspirational. I love the idea of jotting down “RAW” moments. These are words that seem to have slipped from my vocabulary. I am going to use “On This Night” for prayer and meditation to try to gain some perspective in these trying times. Thank you for sharing and blessings to you!

  4. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love this time of year and the chance we have to focus on renewal and new beginnings.

  5. I too would love you to create a video re creating art on the iPad. I need any help I can get with both digital and hysical art on my iPad Pro. Thanks so m8ch Joanne for the offer.

  6. I would absolutely love to see a video of how you create art on the iPad Pro. As one who never progressed beyond my childhood art classes of drawing a house, a tree, some flowers and the sun in the sky, I would certainly find it helpful to learn how to be more creative. A little help from technology and from you and your beautiful creative ideas would go a very long way.

  7. Thank you, this helps me to get back InTouch with that moment when I allowed Jesus to come into my life and the word renew reminds me to continually renew in my heart the cost of my salvation.

  8. Please show video on how to do art on the iPad Pro.
    You do beautiful work, always happy to see your next project.

  9. These are lovely! Another world religion that celebrates the coming of spring is the Baha’i Faith. The first day of spring is the first day of our New Year, and is called Naw Ruz. This is similar but not completely identical with the ancient (pre-Islamic) Persian Naw Ruz. It would be wonderful if you could include Naw Ruz in your lovey designs!

  10. I too would love to see how you create art on the iPad Pro. Your first Easter design I just keep coming back to & looking at the contrast in colours & the way you drew the flowers, the bee’s wings in the pure black & white is so eye-catching as are the patterned ‘dividers’ between the hills against the backdrops of brilliant colour. As for April’s monthly page – a real delight.

  11. Thank you for your inspirational words. It is a perfect time each year to balance at the edge of winter’s early spring to feel the Hope of renewal. On This Night should be a contemplation and/or a song. I will be using it often from now on. I appreciate your art as well. The colors and designs are simply beautiful. Your giving spirit and encouraging words are being felt and heard.
    And to all that is you, I say a grateful AMEN!

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