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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Recently someone asked me what I most enjoy about Zenspirations®, and I immediately answered “Being able to collaborate with artists around the world!” It’s exciting to see so many people use my illustrations as a springboard for their own creative efforts! I am continually blown away by the incredible diversity and artistry shown by members of the Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB group. For example, this is a page from my ‘mini’ coloring book “Color Peace“. I try to make my designs complicated enough for people who want to focus on coloring, and open enough so those who want to add extra motifs, patterns and text have room to do so.


This spread, from the same book, showcases the awesome art of Sephra Travers, Cathy Pemberton, Kristin Zeitler and Karen Logeman on the top row, and Sue Rems, Wanda Smith Radler, Kathryn Leonard and Puneet Sekhon on the bottom row. The impressive variety of ways that this design was interpreted has made it one of my favorite inspiration samples.


Let me share another example of just how uniquely and strikingly our group members interpret the same Zenspirations® design. In my 12/29/15 blog post, I shared with readers the Trim-A-Rim product, which for those of you new to this blog is a fun reversible magnetic mirror and dry erase board with a clear frame into which you can insert a wide variety of changeable border inserts.  I have licensed to Trim-A-Rim a collection of my black & white and full-color Zenspirations® designs, which you can see and download for free here:

In that December post, I shared some of the black & white borders for your creative treatments, and posed a few questions regarding preferences for additional borders.  In late January, Trim-A-Rim owner Philip Fleet drew several of our 40+ blog commenters at random for prize packages and then awarded additional prizes to the 9 creators of pieces he selected for publication.
Philip has used a number of those selected submissions in a short Trim-A-Rim coloring video recently uploaded to his YouTube channel. Here’s a link to that video, in which you can see my uncolored Hearts and Leaves designs, and the different ways in which our group members embellished the design:
In addition to telling me how thankful and impressed he was with all of the helpful feedback and beautiful creativity you shared, Philip also expressed his gratitude for the video clips of their coloring process that Sephra Travers and Terri Brown provided. As a thank you to our group, Philip graciously provided a special additional discount code, which is JFSave20.  Entering that code during check-out will get you an additional 20% off the current Trim-A-Rim sale prices at , resulting in total savings of over 50% off suggested retail.  I’m sure Philip would love to review any comments you wish to share below about how well you think this video conveys the appeal of his product and its coloring opportunities:


The Miracles from Heaven coloring contest has come to an end, and I wanted to share some of the outstanding entries of the Bubbles & Butterflies page:


Art on the top row is by Holly L. Gibbons, Ellen Parker, Kristen Zeitler, Leitha Hunt and Mary Anne Fellows. The art on the bottom row was contributed by Alison Clement, Gail Beck, Fayann Hall, Terri Brown and Ardis Ferdig.

And here are some lovely interpretations of the Snail Trail.


Art on the top row is by Ginger Brown, Kristen Zeitler, Gail Beck, Ardis Ferdig, and Ellen Parker. The art on the bottom row was contributed by Alison Clement, Julie Bingham, Mary Anne Fellows, Holly L. Gibbons and Sephra Travers. The images are small, but you can find large versions of each design in the Miracles from Heaven album in the Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB group.


I’m pleased to be able to announce two of the three contest winners– but I am going to need your help in selecting the third winner. The first winner was selected by placing the list of eligible contributors into‘s “List Randomizer”, which took the list, scrambled the order and re-listed it in a numerical order. The first name on the list– and the winner of our contest– is Kristen Frick Zeitler!!!


Congratulations Kristen! Hope that you (and a special young colorist!) will enjoy the prizes.


The second prize, for our international members, is the opportunity to be featured in an article about the Color & Creativity Enthusiasts for upcoming issue of DO magazine. Here are three of the international entries:


The left entry is by Wilma Battaglin; the center is by Helga Cuyper, and the design on the right is by Victoria Harris. And the international winner is (drum roll please!): Helga Cuyper! Congratulations Helga! I’ll be in touch about the article. And thank you to everyone who entered and shared their work. You continually inspire me!

As I mentioned earlier, I need your help to pick the third winner. The rules state: “One of the prize winners will be selected at random; the other prize winner will be voted on by members of the Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play Facebook Group.” I realize that not all of my blog followers also belong to the Facebook group, but I’d appreciate your input on how to structure the voting whether or not you are on FB. Since most people submitted one of the two free downloadable designs, we will be voting on the entries of those two pages. If you are planning to vote, I’d appreciate your answers to the following questions:

Should we pick a Bubbles & Butterflies winner AND a Snail Trail winner, and then have a run off, or should the piece that gets the most votes win?

Should we include multiple options of a page by the same artist, or should we narrow it down to only one design (of that page) by an artist?

Should we limit the number of pieces in each category? If so, what number would you recommend including? 5 to 10; 10 to 20; 20 +, or something else?

As usual I appreciate your input.

In closing this week I wanted to share a piece I just finished, which was inspired by the amazing creativity of this community.


Stay Zenspired,


PS In addition to Helga, I will be able to feature a few other Color & Creativity Enthusiasts in the article. Please let me know if you would like your work to be considered.

13 thoughts on “And the Winner is…”

  1. How lovely of Philip to offer a discount on the Trim-A-Rim! He must have really been impressed by the standard of the entries… I adore your piece, it convinces I have to learn Photoshop one day. Till now, I have fluttered away from it as I don’t want to have my spare time eaten away by the computer.
    Concerning the votes that is not an easy question, but I think you should allow multiple pieces from one person. After all, you are picking a winning piece…
    On a personal matter : hurray for me!!! Thrilled to bits and maybe a bit lost for words. I was sure you would like my rainbow piece better instead of my simple monochromotaic one… I am sorry to say that I haven’t been able to find the DO magazine anywhere… Such a shame!!!
    Thank you, Joanne!!!

    1. Congrats Helga and other winners!
      Thank you Joanne to tweak our creativity. I think we all were winners. Being able to take your beautiful and inspiring designs and add a little zen tangling and colour was a win for me.

      Let everyone vote on their favorites.

      Also looking for DO magazine. If you have a need to use my entry, I would be touched . Thank you.

      1. Thank you very much, Wilma! May I ask whether you have been able to find the DO magazine? I am not sure it is distributed to Europe… Are you considering to put your name up in order to be featured in DO magazine? I would love if you did that! Big Belgian hugs, Helga

  2. Good Morning Joanne, congratulations to the two winners….Helga and Kristen. I like the idea of picking one of the snail pictures and then one of the bubbles pictures and then choosing between the two. Is there a possibility that they could each win a prize? I think the best from an artist would be fair. I have found that the more choices I have the harder to choose. 5-10 is my choice. If there is an opportunity for me to participate in the article I would like that chance. All of your contests push me to do more and make my boundaries broader…..Thank You!

  3. Such beautiful works of art ! I dont see how anyone could vote for just one ! Congratulations to the current winners ! Your pieces are beautiful !! On that note, I think the artists should be considered on multiple pieces. We all have different tastes on what we like.
    Thank you so much Joanne ! I truly did not know I had a desire to be so creative. I have learned si much from you and this group !!
    Staying Zenspired !

  4. So happy for the winners, their work is awesome! I would say pick from the Butterflies and Bubbles, and Snail Trail and the one with the most votes wins.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire and nurture our group Joanne!


  5. I am so thrilled that Kristen won the random selection! That feels like kismet or karma 🙂
    Yay for Helga! I’m so happy for her as well! Everyone’s work just blows me away, such creativity and talent in this group!

    I think, for the other contest, pick the most votes from both pieces and then have a run off? I’m good with whatever is decided Joanne. I am so happy that Phillip liked all the work that was submitted and now I’m going to use that code to get my grandkids their own Trim a Rims!
    Have a wonderful day and week!
    Love and hugs,
    Mary Anne

  6. Always look forward to Tues. mornings!!
    First, congratulations to Kristen and Helga! And then to the 9 chosen for the nice video with Trim-A -Rim!! And thanks to Philip Fleet for offering an additional discount when ordering.
    As for the contest for the 3rd winner, I think the winner with the most votes should win, regardless of how many submissions they did of each design. And vote on all the entries submitted so it makes it fair to everyone that participated.
    And YES you can consider using my work for the article if chosen! 🙂
    I am always Zenspired by you Joanne and the CCPP Facebook group.

  7. Congratulations to all the winners.
    Always fun to see so much variety from the same drawings.
    Keep inspiring us.


  8. Congrats to both the winners! I could not take part in the contest this time due to some personal engagements, but I would definitely love to be in the DO magazine alongside Helga would be quite an honour! For selecting the third winner, I would prefer that the person with the most votes wins. I would not want the entries limited to one per artist…let there be as many entries as the artist has submitted.

  9. Congrats to the winners! Beautiful works! Missed the coloring due to personal matters. I’ll be back soon!

  10. Congrats to both winners! Yes you can use my work if chosen. I love being inspired.

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