Barbi’s Butterflies Redeux

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hi Everyone,

On June 27th last year, I wrote a blog called “Barbi’s Butterflies” in honor of my friend, Barbi Disraelly, who would have been celebrating her 75th birthday. Barbi loved butterflies, and to commemorate her 76th birthday I created some new butterfly images… unfortunately, I am writing this week’s blog from the road, and am not able to upload the images I wanted to share… So, as a ‘fall-back’, I thought I’d share the post I wrote last year:’s-butterflies/. It’s one of my all time favorites– a step-by-step tutorial showing how to paint beautiful butterflies with Sakura’s Koi® Coloring Brush Pens. The blog includes free, downloadable butterflies for you to color and enhance. I’d love for you to post what you do in our Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play Facebook Group.

June 27th last year would have been Barbi’s ‘milestone’ 75th birthday… and June 27th this year is a milestone for me– it’s my 35th wedding anniversary. Andy and I celebrated 29 wedding anniversaries together– this will be the sixth time that I am facing our special day without him. I was a total wreck the first year after he died… and, frankly, not in great shape the following years either. But this year I have decided to try to commemorate our anniversary by focusing on the many wonderful things I remember about our time together. Andy’s love blessed my life in ways I am still discovering; sharing his legacy is helping me grow into the person I am becoming. On my journey from Grief to Gratitude, I am profoundly grateful for the love we shared and the years we had together.

Stay Zenspired,




7 thoughts on “Barbi’s Butterflies Redeux”

  1. Dear Joanee – May you have a blessed day on the anniversary of your wedding to Andy. Linda

  2. Next time you’re in NYC, we’ll have to do a video presentation of you step-by-steping the new butterflies like you did last time. Last year’s post is still great. I can’t imagine a better way for Mom to be remembered than in ways that bring sadness back to joy and beauty. Those 29 years for Andy, and now 35 for you produced a lot of amazing things, your work you did together, and your two kids… and now all the people that are inspired and reminded that from sadness and grief can come beauty and joy again, by your work and words since then and now. Keep doing great things!

  3. Please read my blog post for today. I wished you a happy anniversary, You make me smile and I just love you!
    Thank you for all you do Joanne, not sure how I would have gotten through this rough time without you to comfort me and let me know it will be ok eventually.
    Hugs Hugs!!

  4. Thinking about you, and sending cyber hugs. My DH and I have been married for 44 years. I know that sooner or later, one of us will be left alone, and I can’t bear to think about those days. You’ll be in my prayers, and on my mind today. God bless you!

  5. Joanne, Can you share on the original post, how to download and print the butterflies? Many others, and myself, are having issues with it.
    You never cease to touch my heart with your never-ending love for others and the way you keep your heart open despite pain and loss! You are a true blessing

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