Brokenhearted Dawn

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hi Everyone,

The worst mass shooting– 49 killed and 53 wounded– in our country’s history  happened Sunday night, right here in Orlando where I live. Like many in our community, I feel somewhat shell-shocked; this hit a little too close to home. I have friends who are grief-stricken because one or more of their friends were shot and killed. I have other friends who shared tales of their ‘lucky’ co-workers– the ones who survived, but witnessed such carnage that their lives will never be the same. It’s beyond disturbing… disheartening… disillusioning…

And yet…

And yet in the midst of tragedy, there is beauty and hope. An urgent call went out for blood donors, and hundreds of people stood in line for hours to give blood. Others cooked and brought food to the donors, and to the families of the victims. There are ways that we can make a difference, and one of those ways is to make a conscious effort to always choose LOVE over fear.


I had planned to write about The Lettering Club tonight… to thank the 400+ people who have signed up– and to everyone who is interested know how to access the lessons and handouts… but I am asking your forbearance, because given what has happened, I feel compelled to share a few of my journal pages instead:






I believe in the power of prayer, and created this 45 second video as a way of getting people to pray for Orlando, and especially for the victims and their family and friends.



Please share if you can, and please help me


Before closing tonight, two of our regular blog followers are celebrating birthdays this week. Susy’s is on Wednesday:


and Sephra’s is on Sunday:


Wishing you both memorable, marvelous birthdays!

Stay Zenspired,









22 thoughts on “Brokenhearted Dawn”

  1. I too have had a hard time accepting what has happened in Orlando. With friends and relatives who live there or close as well as the same in the LGBT community the one word that comes to mind is “support”. They all need our love and support near and far. So sad

  2. Thank you for so eloquently putting in to words what so many of us around the world are feeling. Wishing your city much healing and some measure of peace in the days ahead. Sounds like your citizens are coming together and will support each other to meet each other’s physcal, emotional and spiritual needs. Be strong and walk in Faith . Sending love and prayers from Canada

  3. I pray for them too!! We were shocked here in the Netherlands! Tonight I’ll light my candle for all these people……

  4. The whole situation in Orlando is just so so sad. I too believe in the power of prayer. I pray God look upon the city of Orlando and begin to heal those so devistated by this senless act. May he wrap his loving arms around each family member, each friend and each acquaintance of those taken. May he give them healing comfort that only he can give. May he give them peace. Amen

  5. This was an awful thing for people to have to go through. When will it end Your journal pages were great

  6. My birthday was this week too (that infamous day, June 12th)! I live in Florida as well. In fact, I live in Port St. Lucie where the shooter grew up and taught in Fort Pierce where he lived just before this event. One of my former co-workers (I just retired last week due to Multiple Sclerosis) had a cousin who was shot an killed. It is just so horrible….words cannot explain. Thank you for your drawings.

  7. Hello Joanne. I love how you responded to this sad and difficult situation with your beautiful lettering in your journal and expressing such heartfelt thoughts. I just want you to know that I, and many, many others here in New York are praying for Orlando’s leadership, those in authority, and all the families and friends who have lost someone to such a tragic and evil act. We feel the sadness and the horror with you. Please be assured that we love you and are praying for you……Linda E.

  8. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us Joanne! You put into words, so much of what many are feeling about this tragedy. I find it very hard to put things into words anymore and I’m not sure why that is, because I used to do a lot of creative writing. But I have been journaling in my new Bible and I think maybe, once you open the gates to those emotions, it becomes easier to express.
    I felt this tragedy in a visceral way, because i kept thinking; it could have been my best friend, who happens to be gay. He is from Tampa and no longer lives in FL, but this type of bigotry and violence can happen anywhere. i love your approach, of prayer and love and not allowing fear to dictate our behavior!
    Thank you my friend!
    Love and blessings, for you and all who are mourning in your community.
    Mary Anne

  9. I have no words to express myself for Orlando, just heartbroken prayers. Thank you for sharing your journal pages.

  10. Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday wish!!! Looking through your journal pages is heartbreaking but also comforting. To see that we all struggle with the words of comfort and confusion over terrible things that happen. Thank you for being so honest. I strongly believe in using journaling and art as a way to help cope with tough feelings. Sending you love and prayers in this sad time.

  11. Joanne, my heart aches for every one in your area and especially those directly impacted by this horrible event. I can’t imagine the horror that has been brought to your hometown – and while it seems small – all I can do is pray for peace.
    Your pain is obvious in your writing and yet you remember to send birthday wishes to blog followers – this is a shining example of not letting the terror control you life. Cling to any bit of normalcy you can…peace be with you.

  12. Joanne, what a beautiful tribute to those effected by the tragedy in Orlando.
    My heart breaks for the victims, their family & friends,.
    I must say I was relieves when I got an alert notifying me which of my friends were marked as “Safe” after the shooting, & you were one of them.

    Beautiful cards for Susy & Sephra!
    Wishing them a Very Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for sharing all you do!

  13. Words can”t express how much this scares me and not for myself but for those that are in any place that puts them in danger. I know God is with them and I feel that these are just the “Birth Pangs” that are preceding the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many might not believe that but I feel it in my soul. I have been studying Revelations for going on 4 months now at church with the Kay Arthur Precept method which I trust as she studies the words of the Bible and not what scholar’s opinions are but the direct words of God. I love your drawings Joanne and always have and the ones you have done for all the innocent people that died just while having fun. As Christians it is time for us to do something to help stop it and bring more people to repent and accept the Lord. We need to speak out to our government and those in positions of authority. It’s OUR “TIME” now to step out and not sit back and just watch the horror of a world being taken over by Satan, and if you don’t believe it study God’s Word everyday and He is telling us exactly what is happening. Thank you Joanne, and my heart breaks for those killed and injured. I have 3 grandchildren that live in Palm Bay, FL which is not that far from Orlando and they love to go to Disney there and I worry for them. I say all this in love and my feelings for the pain of all those that lost children and parents and brothers and sisters. God be with you and comfort you in this horrific day.

  14. Beautiful words to start the healing. Thank you.
    Happy Birthday Sephra! We have the same birthday.

  15. Such a lovely tribute Joanne, heartfelt and comforting to all affected. Thoughts and prayers coming across the ocean.

  16. You just seem to have the right words for broken hearts of Orlando. So nicely written to which we are thinking. Thank you for sharing.Our hearts go out to Orlando and the families.

  17. I really needed to see this tonight!!! I have been so emotional after Friday, Sunday morning then the alligator. If things really come in 3’s, Orlando’s done!!! I’ve lived here all my life, this hit HOME, literally!!! Thanks again for the beautiful words!!!

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