Butterfly Greetings: New Care-Moji® Collections!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hi Everyone,

As part of my commitment to making a difference in the world, I try to create ways for people to reach out in love and kindness, to acknowledge and celebrate milestones, and support one another during life’s difficult moments. So I’m delighted by the initial response to my latest project: Zenspirations® Care-Moji Stickers, because they are such a great way to let someone know you care. Unlike my children, I’m not a native texter– but I have been having a blast texting ‘Care-Mojis’ to my friends. If you aren’t familiar with them yet, think of them as textable greeting cards. Some of the icons and sentiments from my first collection, Get Well Wishes, actually come from greeting cards I’ve designed. Here’s a screen shot of the collection:

My second collection, ‘Greet-Mojis’ debuted in the App Store last week. Like Get Well Wishes, it’s only $0.99 for 25 stickers. Right now the Care-Moji collections are only available for iPhones and iPads, but I just started working with an Android developer, and am hoping to be able to Beta-Test an Android version of the App next month. Here’s what’s included in the Greet-Moji Sticker pack:

If you have an ‘i’ device, I hope you’ll download them– and keep an eye out for my next collection, Congrats, which should be ‘live’ in the App Store later this week. I will try to post a link when it’s available, or you can search for Zenspirations in the App Store.

I lettered the collection title, ‘Congrats’, in my iPad Pro using Procreate and the Apple pencil.

Here’s a sneak peek at the 25 Stickers in this collection:

The working title for the collection I’m designing now is Barbi’s Butterflies, in memory of my friend Barbi Disraelly, who loved purple butterflies and shared my passion for making a difference in the world. Barbi died two years ago this week, and I think of her every time I see a purple butterfly. This collection of Care-Moji stickers is my way of keeping Barbi’s memory alive.

I still have to create five additional images to complete the collection, and would love your advice. Which of the following would you like me to add:

  1. Single butterfly image
  2. Multiple butterflies in one sticker (like the second one in the top row)
  3. One or more butterflies with an illustration (like the flowers, hearts, and sign)
  4. One or more butterflies with a word (like Hope, Fly and beautiful)
  5. One or more butterflies with a phrase (i.e. Live by Inspiring Others to Fly, Kindness Counts, Trust Your Heart, it already knows the way)

I’d also appreciate knowing if there are any images shown above you think should NOT be included in the final collection, as well as suggestions for what you would like to text to someone. As an incentive, I will pick a name at random from everyone who leaves a comment on this week’s blog, and will send that person both the Congrats and the Butterfly Care-Moji collections when they are done.

After I finish the butterflies, I’m planning to do a ‘Spring Fling’ collection, followed by Prayer-Mojis and Scripture-Stickers, and then do Celebrations and Holidays. Please let me know which ones you’d like me to do next! And feel free to leave your favorite scriptures and prayers in the comment section… I’ll incorporate as many of them as I can. For those who earned a free Care-Moji collection by sharing your thoughts early on, I’m waiting until I have the Android version ready before sending out coupons for the free downloads, so please be patient for a little while longer. In the meantime, I’d be VERY grateful if you would let your friends & family who use iPhones & iPads know about the Care-Mojis, and encourage them to use them. Thanks, in advance, for caring & sharing!

Stay Zenspired,




20 thoughts on “Butterfly Greetings: New Care-Moji® Collections!”

  1. Butterfly greetings Joanne!
    These are lovely! In response to your questions, could you please rework the middle one top row and the 4th one, 2nd row?
    In the top row, I can see (only upon very close inspection) what you were thinking regarding a gathering of butterflies into a heart shape, but the overall heart shape I would either like to see more clearly defined and/or a heart-shaped backdrop behind the grouping of butterflies …or one beautiful butterfly in front of a heart.
    On the 2nd row down (with the rainbow), right now it looks more like a banana. Maybe a separation of the butterfly “receiving” the rainbow originating more clearly from the heart (perhaps narrower near the heart?)
    Another idea would be a simple over-arching rainbow backdrop (like an upside-down horseshoe shape) then a LARGE butterfly spreading over the top of the rainbow , then the hearts can gather or be scattered at the bottom on each side of the rainbow’s end points.
    I have one more (entirely different) new design idea, but I’ll have to email it to you.
    As usual, these are cheery and much needed! You are providing a convenient way for others to communicate encouragement!
    Hugs to you, Joanne! ❤️

  2. Truly gifted and energy filled art! I love all of them except the purple heart…not sure why…but it hits me differently from all the rest…it gives me the opposite feeling. These are wonderfully healing and I appreciate you sending me while I very been down trying to heal. Live you Joanne & Zenspirations! I’ve already shared on FB. Everybody needs these!❤️

  3. Hard choices Joanne! Think I would go with #5! Just sent one of your heart designs to Adina for her birthday! Your creativity and designing knows no bounds! Xoxo

  4. These are fantastic! I wish I had an IPhone or I pad but alas I’m still an Android person. Please let me know if there is ever a version for us.

  5. Beautiful, you are so blessed with talent Joanne.
    I would love the Prayer and Scripture stickers “soonest” – chuckle!
    Looking forward to being able to access these.

  6. Joanne,
    I love these stickers I have both sets! I like choice 5 . I would also love to see you do a Celebrations one ( to include Birthday wishes) next. They are so beautiful and fun to use

  7. Wow – these care-mojis are cool! I can’t wait until they are available for Android devices. I will certainly be getting some and especially the butterflies. I really like the idea of a sticker with the statement about inspiring others to fly. I also like the idea of butterfly with the statement – Be your own kind of beautiful!!

    Thanks again for sharing your amazing creativity with us Joanne!

  8. I know the theme is butterflies but an image of a catapiller with the phrase “transform”

  9. Everything is Amazing and so Beautiful!!!
    Love them all………..favorites are, (from left to right, starting at the top row), 1, 4. 7, 8, 11,12,,13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, Love these!
    – The Joy of the Lord is my strength –

  10. I love most of them, but agree with Kat on the two that would be better reworked. As far as the future ones, I like your number 5 suggestion. With the quotes. I love butterflies so would LOVE to have these.

  11. As always, your work is so beautiful. I canNOT wait until the Android versions come out.

    I like the single butterfly with either the illustration, single word or phrase.

    Thank you so much for generously sharing your creativity. 🙂

  12. Joanne,

    These are all spectacular! I have both sets that are available right now and have enjoyed using them SO much! My cousin loved getting them and so she downloaded her own as well. I think these all look terrific! The only one that I’m not as fond of us the purple heart made with butterflies. I had to look really close to know that it was made with butterflies. However, I still think they are all lovely!
    Regarding additions, I would definitely say #5. I love having little encouraging sentiments that I can get to people.

    One of my favorite verses: Proverbs 31:25. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

    Bless you for everything you do! Much love,

    Mary Anne

  13. Hi Joanne!!!

    I am truly inspired, by the awesome colors, and designs, of these gorgeous butterflies!!! They are “one of my favorite things”, that God has given to us….even to the point of “raising them for awhile!!!

    My favorite, one of yours, is the sign, on the bottom left!

    As far as making suggestions, mine would be to remove the backgrounds in, in 3 of them:. The circular one on the bottom row; the top row 1st one; and the 2nd row, second from the left!!! I personally feel the backgrounds take away, some of the beautiful details, of the subjects, and add very little, other than maybe, variety (which I wouldn’t worry about too much, since these are stickers and would rarely, all be used, at the same time.)

    I hope what I’m about to say will not offend you, but I agree with several others about the purple heart. I think it should be drastically changed, or done away with!!! It’s problem is, the white center part. All I see, is something that resembles an antelope head, with horns!!! Sorry!!

    Of the choices you gave us, 1 thru 5, I choose #5!!! I would love another similar sign with the words “A friendly HUG warms the sole!”. As a single, older woman, with no one in my home, but 3 stuck-up cats, when I was going through chemo, hugs meant the world to me…..especially, long ones!!!

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us and may God Bless you!!!

  14. Wow! More beautiful Care-Mojis! I’ve been very busy with teaching, but I’ll take a moment to comment here. I’m a total butterfly enthusiast. Much to my surprise, the wreathe of purple butterflies isn’t as pleasing to look at as the other wonderful butterflies. I would love to see the coloring of the single butterfly from page 36 of your Letters and Patterning book. I’d love to see 2 beautiful colorful butterflues flying or on a flower together. One should definitely be purple, don’t you think? . I’m so excited about all of the different Care-mojs that you have in the works!! I’m so glad that you’re working with those who can help you get these available for all of your followers who are use an Android. Beautiful, insiring work, as always, dear Joanne!! God bless you!!

  15. Hi Joanne,
    I’m using the caremojis and loving them!!
    My first choice is #5, second choice #4.
    I love all the butterflies except for the purple heart made out of butterflies.
    I would most look forward to your Celebrations and Holidays set!

  16. I’d really like to see the Prayer and Scripture ones done next. Love them all. Thank you Joanne.

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