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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Since the Zenspirations® community has grown a lot this year, I wanted to use the last blog post of 2018 to welcome all the new members, and share a bit about Zenspirations.

At its simplest level, Zenspirations® is a way of enhancing any illustration by adding patterns to the spaces formed when the exterior lines are double stroked. By using this philosophy and technique you can enhance the beauty and impact of even the simplest illustration or design.

Rhythmic patterning can lead to a ‘zen’-like or meditative state, and many people who enjoy creating beautiful art also practice Zenspirations as a form of (drawing) meditation.

Spiritually, Zenspirations is a way of opening your heart and mind to your own limitless creative potential. As patterning relaxes the mind and body, it is easier for the heart’s deepest desires to surface, to be acknowledged, and to be shared. Part of the Zenspirations practice includes focusing on the positive, and writing encouraging and uplifting thoughts that come to mind while doodling.

There are lots of resources on the website– including the Video Gallery with tutorials in four categories:

Calligraphy & Lettering
Coloring & Painting
Projects, Tools & Techniques,
Zenspirations Patterns & Dangle Designs

Our Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play Facebook Group now has 5000+ members from more than 90 countries!!! I think that some of our new members would benefit from a Zenspired mentor– so I’m putting out a call to long time members– especially those who’s work I’ve included in one (or more!) of my books– to see if you would be willing to mentor new members. Please leave a comment if you’d like to become a mentor– or if you’d like to have a mentor– and I’ll try to pair you up. As an incentive, I’d like to do some ‘teacher training’ for mentors so I can share what I usually teach when I give workshops. Thank you in advance for reaching out, giving back and inspiring others to fly!

I like my work to be used as a springboard for people to express themselves creatively. And, as a person who walks in faith and believes in the power of prayer, I especially like my work to be used to help people pray, and to grow closer to God. So when Connie Denninger, founder of Visual Faith Ministries, asked me to help design a new format for people in the Visual Faith community to use as a prayer tool, I was both excited and honored. We’ve been working on it for several months, and I’m delighted to be able to debut it in the ZenspiredDesigns Etsy Shop just in time for Christmas.

Connie just shared this in the Facebook group: “I have been working with Joanne Fink on this amazing resource for our Visual Faith Community (actually that means she is the whole creative influence). I am so honored for her partnership with Visual Faith Ministry as we reveal this first resource available in her Etsy Store. These work well for our Prayers by the Month and all sorts of Prayer Space adaptations. May they be a blessed choice in your prayer life.”

The collection includes a few inspiration examples of different ways to use the Prayer Flowers– and I’d like to add more. If you get the collection and are willing to share, please share what you do in the Facebook group and tag me to let me know if I can add it to the inspiration samples.

If you aren’t familiar with Visual Faith, check out their Facebook Page and the Visual Faith Ministries website: 

LAST CALL!! I’ve been working on lettering all the words which have been suggested for the 2019 Word of the Year, and will start the New Year off by sharing them. I’ve added Mentoring, Connection, and Growth to the list. If you haven’t had a chance to share the words in your heart, please post them by Saturday night so I have time to add them in.

Before closing tonight I wanted to share the “ArtisTree” design I made this year:

Thank you for making a difference in the world by sharing your creativity with others.

Stay Zenspired,


10 thoughts on “Calling All Mentors!!”

  1. Thank you for the inspiration when I read/see your work, blog, and other online offerings! I’m excited to learn more about your mentoring program…wanting to learn more about art and crafting! Happy New Year!

  2. Dear Joanne
    I know I’ve been a longtime member of your wonderful Zenspirations group and have learned so much from it. The thing I’ve learned most is to again tap into my creativity to use what you do as a springboard for the crafts I do.
    If anyone would like to see/learn some of what I do I’d be honored to share what I’ve learned from the group with them.
    Paying it Forward is one of my passions by sharing my creativity, advocacy, and educating.

    With much thanks and admiration as we start 2019 as a fresh year

  3. Mentoring…. FABULOUS idea. I would love to partner with a mentor to learn more about enhancement and coloring. ThThank you Joanne.

  4. oh Joanne I just love the artist tree and the idea and execution of the prayer flowers is just beautiful. You amaze me with all the beautiful zenspired ideas you share. I am stretched pretty thin right now to become a mentor or mentee, but I love the fellowship the group offers and I enjoy learning from other members posts and comments and will continue to encourage others in similar ways. Happy New Year

  5. My word of the year is joyFULL. I know that is not the traditional spelling, but I’m being led to find joy, share joy, and experience life fully.

  6. Happy New Year Zenspirationers!
    I know I’ve been gone from the group for a while, but have been dealing with my Mother having Cancer. Not fun.
    I am So Grateful to say that things are looking up & I plan to be back better than ever.
    So YES, Yes, Yes, I would love to be a mentor if anyone would like to have me,
    I so miss the group & all I have done there. I am looking forward to re-connecting with some I’ve lost touch with, & to make some new friends.
    Wonderful Blog, Joanne & am loving the Newsletter!

  7. Dear Joanne,
    I am awaiting the 2019 word with great anticipation!
    Narrowing the yearly theme to one word is daunting, and at the same time, exciting and hopeful. It’s an opportunity to focus and to retrospect inward; to anticipate what hopes and dreams are just ahead; and to sing a fresh song, dance a new dance, create something glorious and meaningful. All of this, while growing closer to Almighty God in the faith we hold dear to our heart.
    No small task! Thank you, Joanne!
    You have taught us much, and we look forward to learning more! As you offer Zenspirations to everyone, we, to, shall pass on encouragement to others to fly with joy and purpose!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Joanne,
    I would love to be a part of the mentoring program, but I would especially love to meet you in person! A few years ago, shortly after you moved to your new location, I had made plans with you to meet at your shop. I am from Ormond Beach. I had to cancel our appointment as my son ended up in the hospital and the recovery process was very long.
    Anyway, I have been amazed at the doors God has opened for you and how your business has grown. I made my living as a sign artist for 30 years and I was so impressed when I first saw your inspirational artwork. You featured me in one of your books, Expressions of Faith. I was so honored! I am a church musician and a piano teacher also. I would love to mentor someone if you think I would be a good fit. Thank you for everything you do!

  9. Joanne I would love for someone to mentor me. I used to do calligraphy, but after my son was killed
    I lost all interest in being artsy. I wanting to get my creativity back again. For Christmas last year I was
    given two calligraphy kits, I think my friends and God is trying to tell me something….get back to doing
    what I love.
    God bless you for what you do.

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