Coping with Heartbreak

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Today was an incredibly sad day… not because anything bad happened to me personally, but because people I love are suffering, and there is little I can do to ease their pain. One of the most difficult lessons I’ve ever learned is that I am not in control of anything except my attitude. I long to make life better for the people I love, and my sadness today comes from once again being confronted with the heartbreaking realization that some things are simply not fixable.

As usual, I find that I am best able to process uncomfortable emotions by putting pen to paper… the pages below are from some of my most recent morning journals. I am sharing them in hopes that they will bring comfort to you, or someone you love.


All I can tell those I love is that I care, and that I will accompany them on their journey. I hope they will discover along the way that every ending leads to new beginnings…

and that no matter how horrible the circumstances, there is always something to be grateful for.

Staying grounded in gratitude when you feel that your life is falling apart takes courage, strength and faith…

This is my wish for everyone facing serious life-challenges:

May you be blessed to greet each dawn with hope in your heart, secure in the fact that you are not alone. May you feel more moments of connection than moments of concern… May your faith always be stronger than your fears, and may you know how very much you are loved.

Before closing tonight, I wanted to share the FREE DOWNLOADABLE Zenspirations® Father’s Day card I designed. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Dad to give this to– but I hope that if you can’t be with your Dad on Father’s Day, you’ll be able to spend some time reflecting on the qualities you most admire about him, and do something special in his honor.


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Stay Zenspired,




18 thoughts on “Coping with Heartbreak”

  1. Dear, dear Joanne, I’m touched on so many levels by your journaling you so openly shared today. I’m touched because I miss my dad. However I’m also touched knowing you still miss Andy, you just lost a good friend to a very senseless act and you are realizing once again how those you love or care about can leave in the blink of an eye. Or, as the case with my Dad, in a very short time. Last week we had an Adult Ed group on Rabbi Harold Kushner, best known for his book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”. Afterwards I came home an re-read for the too many times to count your book “When You Lose Someone You Love”. Thank you for putting into words and pictures a way for many, many of us who lose someone to look at it as a long road but one that does become easier over time.
    ((Hugs)) my friend

  2. There are so many words of inspiration in this post, I will keep it for furure reference.

  3. Joanne, you are an inspiration to me and I am so grateful for your uplifting Zenspirations and your FAITH. This post today is especially touching and I thank you for sharing. I am SO enjoying and using your Bible Journaling book. It is wonderfully PACKED with goodies. May God richly bless you each day. Fondly, Jan

  4. Sending heartfelt gratitude to you Joanne, you are such an inspiration. God Bless You! These words were so helpful for me today! “May you be blessed to greet each dawn with hope in your heart, secure in the fact that you are not alone. May you feel more moments of connection than moments of concern… May your faith always be stronger than your fears, and may you know how very much you are loved.”

  5. Thank you, Joanne. You are not only a dear friend but a very wise lady. You make me cry but it feels good. I love the Father’s Day Card. I’m going to color one for my Dad in PA and send it to him 🙂
    Much love and hugs to you dear,

  6. Your faith and ability to see the good in heart break is so encouraging. I struggle with having faith in this situations and I so appreciate what you shared

  7. Thank you Joanne for your words of comfort, compassion and encouragement. You are an amazing blessing and inspiration.

  8. Joanne – I am sorry that you and someone you love is going through a tough time right now. Thanks for sharing your encouraging words and amazing journal entries. Know that we care about you and those who are important to you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!

  9. Joanne, I love how you cope with life creatively. Both your faith and creativity are to be admired. Thanks for sharing them with us. -Ev

  10. Thank you for sharing this. Sending hugs and prayers your way. Thank you for sharing the Father’s Day card.

  11. Joanne, I wish I had your way of expressing myself when people are suffering. Your journals are so inspiring,

    1. Hi Quwatha,
      Thanks for your nice note… I just write from the heart… usually I am thinking about someone specific when I write the type of journal entry I shared this week… which, I think, makes what I write seem more real…

  12. Thank you Joanne for sharing,I know it helps a lot of people, including me. Love you

  13. FAITH is like the bird, that sings while the dawn is still dark.

    …a sign on my mother’s wall

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