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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Last week I drove back to South Florida to attend the press run for the reprinting of my Kickstarter book, When You Lose Someone You Love. (In case you missed the last update, the first printing went well but the books were ruined in the bindery, so we had to reprint). I’m pleased to report that the press run went well the second time… and even happier to report that the printer has agreed to out-source the binding to the company which did an excellent job binding the prototypes. I’m hoping it will be smoother sailing from here. I know some of you are awaiting their arrival as eagerly as I am… and I will let you know when they arrive.

While I was on the road I had some internet challenges, and discovered (much to my dismay!) late Tuesday night that the pdf links for the pages I tried to post weren’t working. Since I wasn’t able to get that fixed until Wednesday, I posted an update saying that I was going to extend the contest deadline until Saturday, August 8th, to make sure that everyone had time to Create, Color, Pattern & Play with their designs. I know some of you didn’t see the update, and posted your designs already… no worries, they will be entered into the drawing. And, for those who either didn’t get to participate, or who did both pages and want more… keep reading– I’m sharing two more designs in tonight’s blog!

I also wanted to share the title page for the new Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern & Play series. I had fun adding color into the counterspaces of the letters. Hope to see some of you try the technique.

As it turns out, I’m not sure that extending the deadline was necessary, because the new Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play” Facebook Group has had a LOT of activity in the past week. In two short weeks we have grown to more than 400 members, representing at least 10 different countries! This is a dream-come-true for me, because I’ve been longing for a community of people who are drawn to incorporate inspiration into their creative endeavors. I feel blessed to be collaborating with so many talented artists… thank you to everyone who has been sharing designs! I’d love to see this group become a forum where people can share their work, their hearts, and where we can support and inspire each other.
While there are many people who shared work this week, there is one person who has totally blown me away both by the number, and by the beauty of the designs she shared. Terri Byrket Brown and I both gravitate towards a bright color palette, and I love her work (and all the sharing she’s done) so much that I made her a Dangle Thank You as a surprise:

Terri kindly gave me permission to share some of her incredible work. These are just a few of the designs she has posted:
If you are interested in seeing more of the truly awesome work that Terri and other Color & Creative Enthusiasts are posting, please take a few minutes to check out the new Facebook group:  Hope you will want to join the fun.
For those of you who have already downloaded the designs I posted last week and would like something new to work on, my editor has once again given me permission to share two more designs. This one is from the new Zenspirations® Birds & Butterflies book, which will be released in October:

You can download it by clicking the link HERE:
For those who prefer pages without words, or who would prefer to add their own, here is one of my favorite pages from Zenspirations® Flowers.

You can download it by clicking the link HERE:
That gives you four different designs to choose from– two from last week’s blog and two from this week’s blog. Every time you post one of these four designs, your name will be entered into a random drawing to win a set of the first three Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play books, PLUS pens from Sakura and paper from Strathmore. (There are photos of the prizes in last week’s blog). The more pieces you enter, the better your chance to win. Please make sure that your pieces are posted by midnight Eastern time on Saturday, August 8th.
I look forward to seeing what you create!
Stay Zenspired,

9 thoughts on “Create, Color, Pattern & Play!”

  1. Thank you Joanne for being so generous with your books and asking for coloring help from your fans and supporters. I really just wanted to say a heartfelt Thank You!!
    Big Hugs!!

  2. Joanne, thank you for two more of your complimentary coloring pages. I see you have a new coloring book coming out soon called, When You Lose Someone You Love.i just lost my brother July 3. Three weeks before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which was misdiagnosed two months prior. His wife broke her leg during this time period and I look forward to purchasing it for her.. Thanks for touching our hearts with your beautiful words, dangles, and drawings.

  3. I am so excited about the Facebook page and have enjoyed everyone's coloring so much! I too love Terri's work; it is delightful, and I can't help hoping that she wins the raffle! Maybe you could give an entry for every item shared? 🙂
    I LOVE bright colors and I LOVE butterflies….so I am really looking forward to coloring the new page you have shared!

    Thank you Joanne, for all of your amazing and inspirational work! You are a gem!
    God bless,

    Mary Anne

  4. Oh my gosh, I should have read your post more fully. I see that you ARE giving an entry for every picture completely!
    Cool…. 🙂

  5. I am a total newbie. I love the water color backgrounds I see with the Zentangles. How is that look accomplished?

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