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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a blast at the Craft & Hobby Show in Anaheim, California, and wanted to share photos from the ‘Make-it, Take-it’ project I led for Sakura this weekend. I provided pre-printed Zenspirationsimages, and I showed how to color them with the awesome Koi® Coloring Brushes. Below is a montage of the lovely piece that Johnna Moore from Scrappy Camper Sisters did.

And here is one by Jackie Cyr:

My friend, renowned decorative painter Debbie Cole,  tackled a star design:

And here are step-by-step photos of one of the demo pieces I did. Notice the glitter accents in the top left photo.

Best of all has been getting to visit with some of my creative friends:

Attending CHA is a creative dream… although there are so many things to see, and so many people to connect with, that it is hard to know what to do first! CHA is an amazing place to discover new things– not just the latest design trends (coloring books and paper flowers are huge!), but new ways to connect creatively. For example, last year at CHA, social media guru Jennifer Priest introduced me to Instagram… and this year Jennifer’s uber-talented daughter Katie introduced me to Canva, and helped me create the photo-montages that I’ve shared tonight (thanks, Katie!).

Through Instagram I have connected with fellow creatives all over the world– and find the images and photos they share to be an endless source of inspiration. I try to post a photo of something I’m working on once or twice a week… so if you are on Instagram, follow Zenspirations to see what I’m up to. If you aren’t on Instagram yet, I’d recommend giving it a try… like Pinterest, it is a visual feast for the creative soul.

Stay Zenspired,


11 thoughts on “Creative Connections”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time renewing friendships. Interested in Canva. Is it for phone or computer or both? Can't wait for your new additions and would love to see some pocket pal sizes in the future. thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm missing CHA this year. Took your class last year and loved it. You are such an inspiration. I've made several monograms with dangles over the past year….such a joy to make them. So much fun and so relaxing. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Looks like a great success! Your craft offerings look so beautiful Joanne. <3

    I love seeing all these photos of mutual friends. Can't wait to catch up in Atlanta.

  4. What kind of pens are they you and friends are using. They look like they would be great to work with because of the fine tip.

  5. CHA looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your experiences by images and with Canva. (I'm exploring!) Would love to get my hands on some of those Koi Coloring Brushes! Hoping to see the New Products being introduced. Thank you for for the inspiration and information.

  6. Hello Joanne,
    I've just fallen in love with the blue, pinks and orange flower design that is on your blog and are wondering does it come in a book or could I possibly purchase a copy of a black and white drawing of it???You see I am a quilter and are on the lookout for flower designs for a quilt that I have in mind to make in the next few years. So I am wondering if you ever give permission to someone who would like to use a design of yours on a quilt providing they document you as the designer of the flower and anything else! I really do love the flower design and are looking to make a floral (many different flowers) arrangement not entirely sure of whether it will be in a vase or an all over effect and then arrange it onto a quilt. I guess in a roundabout way I am asking your permission to whether I could do this! Of course I would also need to obtain a copy of the flower providing you were in agreement. I would promise I would not give the flower design to anyone, nor would I fail to quote you as the source/owner of that design. Plus I promise I would show you my quilt and the quilt label on the back of the quilt prior to it ever being displayed anywhere. So that you were entirely sure I was genuine and not out to plagiarize any of your work. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Julie Beard Adelaide South Australia [email protected]

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