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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I had a nice surprise this week… a box arrived from Impression Obsession with samples of some of my new rubber stamp designs, and there are a few I REALLY love. The photo below shows some of the craft themed stamps, and I’m sure you can guess which ones are my favorites.

As a calligrapher I’m naturally drawn to the quills, pens & brushes… below is the original drawing of the pen & brush stamp.

Here is a painted version of two of the brushes.

I love color, and have been delighted to see the vibrant and varied colors, and the creative designs, which are being shared in our new Facebook Group, Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play. As promised, there are now albums of the four free downloadable pages I posted in the blog the past two weeks, which makes it easy to see how different artists use color and pattern to create a unique design. THANK YOU to everyone who has shared their work, and to those who have ‘liked’ their designs and left supportive and encouraging comments. I’m honored and inspired to be part of this growing community.
Here’s a screen shot of some of the images in the Architectural Flowers album.

And here is a screenshot of the ‘Beauty restores Faith’ page from my soon-to-be-released Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play: Expressions of Faith book:

You can get a better look at these wonderful designs, and see who did them, by visiting the group and scrolling through the albums. Hope you’ll all join the fun, and please invite other creativity and color enthusiasts to join the group and post their work. And if you haven’t been bitten by the coloring bug, or aren’t quite ready to share yet, please take a few minutes to encourage those who are posting– especially those who are sharing their art for the first time. Kind comments can really make someone’s day!

Although I haven’t made a rubber stamp out of Beauty restores Faith (yet!), quite a number of the new stamps are scripture/faith based. As you can see, some scriptures are designed in long vertical strips so they can be used for Bible Journaling. 

The new Zenspirations® Expressions of Faith book also has scriptures in long skinny columns that you can color & pattern, then cut and paste into your bible. I don’t know how many of you are interested in Bible journaling, but if you’d like to see the Bible journaling designs I drew, please leave a comment letting me know. If a lot of people are interested I’ll ask my editor if I can post another free download next week. If you’d rather see a full page illustration from Expressions of Faith, or something from Birds & Butterflies, please leave that as a comment. I’ll ask to post whatever gets the most votes.

In case you missed last week’s blog, the new books are available for pre-order on Amazon. I’d be grateful if you could help me spread the word. Here are the links: Zenspirations Expressions of Faith
Zenspirations Birds and Butterflies

Before closing tonight, I wanted to share a note I got today from Erica McPhee, founder of The Flourish Forum, and editor of the awesome Dasherie Magazine.

Congratulations Judy! And thank you Erica! The magazine is GORGEOUS, and I’m thrilled to be featured in the summer issue, and know that Judy will enjoy getting a copy.
Until next week,

Stay Zenspired,

14 thoughts on “Creativity Abounds!”

  1. Hi Joanne!

    These stamps are beautiful! I also love your faith based stamps. I do Bible Journaling and would love to see more of your work that goes with the journaling! I'm definitely going to get some of your stamps. Awesome as always!


  2. I am not a stamper, but I do love the ones that say the words family, memories, faith, etc. and the Faith based ones are nice too. 🙂

    Like the new albums in the group page the see the variance of each design!

    I would like a new design from Expressions of Faith please.

  3. Hi Joanne! I absolutely love your new stamps! My favorites are the quills and scripture. I haven't gotten into bible journaling but am inspired by those that do and can't wait to see more of your designs. Thanks for the new group and free downloads!!

  4. I really like your stamps. I love stamping and making cards and the bible expressions would be some nice new additions to my card making. I would like to see more from the Birds and Butterflies book too. Thanks

  5. I'd LOVE to see more of your bible expressions!!! I love all of your designs….you are amazingly talented.

  6. Joanne! I love all of your work! I have used your cross stamps for a Christian retreat project. They turned out beautiful! Keep making the religious stamps and books! I would love to see more of the Bible journaling ideas! Thanks!

  7. Oh wow Joanne, I just love the pen/brush stamps and the feathers..they are brilliant. Your sentiments are fabulous too as you are the queen of calligraphy. I could use all of those in my art journalling. I really hope these will be available in the UK…I would have so many uses for them. Gorgeous! I would love to see more from the birds and butterflies book too. Crafty hugs xx

  8. I've seriously considered lately starting a bible journal. I would love to see what you have done! I have been watching some YT content creators and they are doing some fabulous things in the area of bible journaling. Please share whatever you have, I would love to see it 🙂
    Big Hugs!!

  9. Hi Joanne,
    Your stamps are beautiful.
    Yes we use your designs for Bible journaling and artwork.

    Thanks, Letitia

  10. I can't decide which I would prefer to see, so I'll be happy with whatever gets decided.
    I love your artwork and have ordered a number of your stamps!
    Thank you!

  11. Hi Joanne. I am so excited to see your work in stamps. I am big on rubber stamping and bible journaling, so I would love to see more of your stamps for that. Thanks for sharing the work that everyone is doing with your pages. They are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations too regardless of what it may be……..Linda E.

  12. I do journaling–Bible and my own journal of It's My Life–the Good, the Bad and the Ugly–all in God's Plan. I would like to be able to add color and stamping! Carry On!!

  13. Joanne, I'm so excited to see your work made into stamps! I do bible journaling, and I'd love being able to use some of your stamps in my bible. I especially love the smaller designs, images or single words that can be used in multiple ways, as opposed to an entire verse or one large saying. Excited to see where this goes!

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