Crossroads 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hi Everyone,
Life hands each of us challenges that we’d rather not face… and yet it is these very challenges which often cause the greatest spiritual growth. I wrote the piece below for the many people I care about who have been facing serious challenges this past year, in the hopes that it will make the next stage of their journey a little easier. If you know someone who has been going through a rough time recently, please feel free to share this piece with them… I call it “CROSSROADS“.

As the New Year approaches, I try to take time to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned in the year past so I can greet the year ahead with hope in my heart. This year I have learned that I am NOT in control of anything except my attitude… and that when I am grounded in gratitude it is easier for me to have a positive attitude. I knew this on some level before… but 2014 was the year that I learned to live it.
I’d love to know what lessons you learned this past year that you feel are important… so please take a few minutes to reflect, and then share from your heart. I will send a print of the piece above to one (or possibly more!) of the people who leave a comment.

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful, healthy, and ‘Zenspiring’ New Year.

Stay Zenspired,


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  1. Thank you for this sentiment Joanne. I have recently received very mind numbing news that has nearly crushed my spirit. This has helped to lighten my heart. Again, thank you. I hope you have a happy and prosperous 2015.


  2. wow! I love your work! Your piece crossroads is so true and inspiring! I would love to be entered in the drawing for a print.

  3. This is so fitting to this last year, for my family and me. I think the best thing I have learned this year is to sit back and let the bad apples in the pack show their true colors. You can't really make a person believe that another person is doing bad things. They have to and need to see it for themselves. I believe that if you are going to lie about something you will eventually be seen for your true colors. I hope this makes sense and isn't too negative.

  4. your work is amazing… and this "poem" thought what ever is amazing.. This is a face of love. A sacred journey… AMEN

  5. I've been blessed with a good year and special friends and family. I've been able to use your blessings/gifts JoAnne, to help others whose lives have been rocked by pain. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and spirit so that I can pass it along to others who may need a 'shot' of our combined love. May you be blessed with only good in 2015!

  6. Joanne, this is the perfect message for me to remember as I go into 2015. 2014 brought many blows to my already challenged life. I love your work, find peace in your Zinspirations Inspirations coloring book, and often share your work on my FB page as well as at my synagogue. Thank you for the gift of your blog. I wish you a Happy and Health 2015.

  7. You are so very generous to share your beautiful work and caring heart with us!! I think my lesson this yr is that it is really ok for me to do for me–doesn't mean being selfish-just taking care of me—

  8. I would love to have this print, not for me, but for my best friend. During the past two years she has been faced with so many challenges. Her mother had a stroke and although self-employed, my friend was barely able to work because she was working with the hospitals, the insurance, the nursing homes, all of that. She suffered severe financial setbacks that she is just now starting to recover from. I would love for her to be able to see your beautiful work every day and be comforted and inspired by it.

  9. This year brought a crazy amount of challenges. 3 family members were diagnosed with cancer in a months time. Two months later, my father in law was found dead from overdose. I developed shingles from the stress/depression. I continually cried out to God in a broken & depressed voice. He sent friends from unlikely places to go through the darkness with me. I have learned 1) God's love for me is HUGE and limitless. 2) I am so blessed with what I have right now. 3) To say I love you every day. 4) To slow down & look around. Notice the smells, watch the ants scurry by, feel individual raindrops on my head. Really feel a hug from someone….. Boy, what a year. Thank you Joanne for suggesting we reflect & find these invaluable lessons:)

  10. I learned that you should never take ANYTHING for granted and to be grateful for what abilities you have. In October of 2013, I lost the ability to walk and went from being able to letter to not being able to read my signature. On January 27th, I stood on my own without the help of a machine and 3 days later, I took my first steps with an Eva walker and the help of 4 people. I am grateful that I am home and can walk with a walker and am slowly being able to do more things around the house. I am extremely grateful that I can get in my art room and am able to make cards and journal. I need to keep practicing my calligraphy to get back to where I was before I had my flu vaccine.

  11. Your words and art work really speaks to my heart. In May, my husband faced a life altering health event. You are so right, we are not in control of anything except our attitude.

  12. My life as I knew it crashed and burned almost five years ago. Since then my burns have mostly healed (in my heart) and I have grown in so many unexpected says – through His grace. Life DOES go on, though at times it seems such a burden to have to carry on alone. But He is with me always and carries me in His loving arms, and I am at peace.

    My life shattered almost 5 years ago, and I was sure there would be no more happy days in store for me. Thanks to a loving God and my exceptional family – I have and do survive and go on to a life I never envisioned before. His grace carries me through down times. The Before and After don't seem compible, but I can see the connecting threads at work in my life as it is now – and I am deeply grateful.

  13. Diagnosed in recent months with cancer and going through treatment, I have been thinking this as a "bump" in the road. I love your work and have your books. This "Crossroads" is speaking to me now and I do believe this is not a "bump" but a crossroad to a better me.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  14. Dear Joanne, do you know, you are a counselor of sorts? Isn't it amazing the way God uses your talents to bless others in so many ways?

    I have had a very good year in 2014–the most delightful and surprising thing for me is that I have gotten into painting and sketching, mostly onsite which is my favorite. God is giving me creative ideas, helping me execute them, and opening doors. I have calligraphed some Bible verses and the local Christian bookstore has taken them on consignment. My desire is that my work will get into people's homes and be a blessing to them every day. As I look ahead to 2015, I thot back on 2014, and how I would never have expected this; certainly did not plan for it at all.

    So I look forward to whatever interesting things God has in store for me in 2015–the main thing is, I know He is in control! and He loves me!!

    love to you my dear sister, sandy 🙂

  15. Thank you for your inspiration. 2014 has been a year of wonderful and delicious events, sprinkled with moments of struggle…grateful for all.

  16. Hi JoAnne,
    Beautiful design and message. I am sitting w my Mom who is in kidney failure at the hospital. This may be the last time I see her. It is so sad.

    Honestly, the words are hard to trust. I've been through some rough stuff. Knowing your journey, I do believe you. G-d bless you and the kids. Happy New Year.

  17. Thank you everyone, for your comments… for sharing your struggles, and what you've learned from them… Your courage and grace in the face of adversity inspires me to keep doing what I do.

    We all reach crossroads throughout our lives… I've discovered that connecting with others on similar journeys makes our own journey more meaningful… and makes it easier to stand at a major Crossroad in your life and decide which direction to go… so thank you for the soul connections!

    Stay Zenspired,

  18. I have learned that with loss comes gratitude. It seems that I could only truly appreciate what I have once I had lost something really important.

  19. This was a very nice post to end the year 2014. I enjoyed following you and getting to know you a bit. I enjoyed supporting your new book and I look forward to my copy coming in January 2015/ I also pray for your continued success and ask that the lord bless you in all that you do. Blessings to you and your entire family.

    Big Hugs!!

  20. I really love following you! everything I read from your site, has planted a seed in my soul and helped me to become a better human being and I am nearly ending the year with a positive and grateful attitude!!!
    Lots of love.
    Eri 🙂

  21. I truly love this! There are so many people in my life that are going through some pretty devastating events in their lives and I will definitely be sharing with them as well as all my other friends and family. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  22. Joanne,

    How could you know those words would touch my heart so deeply! I always try to stay positive and upbeat but this last year has given me some zingers! I appreciate the kind words and sharing your deep feelings in such a way they gave me the lift I needed. I will work hard at staying happy and upbeat but allowing myself to grow!
    Thanks for the chance to win such an inspirational and lovely piece of your heart.

  23. You do such profound and heartfelt work Joanne, i always look forward to seeing your new pieces. I have learned only recently to end 2014 that I need to save some of me for me. It has been a year of challenges and difficulties for alot of people around me, and I have been able to be there for them in many ways. But the unierse is telling me now that I need to stop giving all of me away and preserve and ground myself. This was a tough lesson but one I plan to make my resolution for 2015! Blessings and Peace to all!

  24. I have learned to be "still" this year… really stop everything and allow stillness to wash over me. I have given myself permission to miss my twin sister everyday and know that I do not ever have to get over the loss of her in my life.

  25. This is as if you have been in my head. Like you, Gratitude is what helped me travel through this year. Thank you for all your uplifting posts during 2014 and may you and your family enjoy a wonderful 2015

  26. As always your work is beautiful and profound. 2014 saw me move from wanting to leave the world, to realising that I ama special part of many others worlds and that I really do matter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. x

  27. Thanks for the beautiful words. My sister lost her husband of 30 years unexpectedly about the same time as you. She's been going thru a very difficult 2 years and is in the middle of her own transformation. This makes me think she will come thru it an even better person. All the best to you in 2015.

  28. To be very honest with you…since Sept of this last year, I'd been in a low spot emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some life events one after the other caused me to re-assess certain situations…and I'm still working through them. One of the catalysts that has helped get my creative spark flowing is watching your youtube presentations, following you on FB and searching Pinterest. And I won't settle for anyone else, if' it's not you, I don't watch. I'm not completely out of this shadow, but having a desire to create zenspirations and dangles and toppers, oh my, I am feeling a spark that I thought had since died. Thank you for helping me get out of this valley of shadows….I do see an horizon before me. The words thank you seem too weak to express my gratitude; but I will post them anyway……..thank you for creating a spark that will help light the torch for me to find my way back.

  29. Joanne, I have just found your site on Pinterest.
    Beautiful work and your words are real.

    Do you give classes in the northeast?

  30. Thank you so much, Joanne! Since my husband died in April 2011, I have been floundering without definite focus, and it is impossible for me to know what will happen next. I am finally discovering that God really cares and will not leave me all alone. I credit you with shining a flashlight for me in my path, so that I don't lose my way. I look forward to your messages!

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