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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I love to draw, and feel blessed that I can awaken each morning and greet the day with a pen in my hand. I usually put pen to paper before I’m fully awake. Some days I start by lettering a prayer of gratitude; others I Dangle or draw abstract doodles. Occasionally (since I am NOT a morning person) I get more ambitious, and am inspired to draw flowers, leaves, trees and nature scenes. The following images are variations of a design which began as one of my morning doodles. 

In addition to drawing the trees, I had a lot of fun experimenting with different types of embellishments, and different backgrounds treatments. All of the pieces are hand-drawn and/or painted, but some of the composition was done in PhotoShop.

I added birds & butterflies to the design above.

And here is a version that feature Zenspirations Dangles on the right tree trunk.

Last but not least is a line-art version of the design that Impression Obsession is going to introduce as a rubber stamp in January. I call it the ‘Dangle Trees’, and I would love to know what you would create if you had this rubber stamp. So leave me a comment with your idea, and who knows — I may surprise you with a sample stamp!

Stay Zenspired,


31 thoughts on “Dangle Trees”

  1. Beautiful design! I love to doodle as well. I am inspired by the fact that you start your morning with a pen:). These trees would look lovely on the front of blank cards. On thank you or "hello" notes. Or maybe I could put on hand towels an embroider them. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  2. Hey Joanne, I just love this. I love how the trees are joined. I love the fact that it will be a stamp!!!! If I had the stamp, I would make a canvas for my Dad. As you know from our talks, my Mother passed 3 years ago and I would love to make this for him with his name and my Moms name and the date they were married. (they were married 61 years when she died) Then somewhere in the branches, perhaps the names of us kids and the names of the grandkids. To me it's a tree of life. I love it!

  3. I love Tammy's idea of a tree of life. Family is everything to me. I am even painting a tree with family pictures on my wall. I think the stamp would be great for cards. It could be personalized in the middle or even just a greeting. I would love to play with dangles and tangles, it would be spectacular. Thanks for the inspirations Joanne.

  4. Hi Joanne. How exciting for you having your creations made in a stamp. Their stamp quality is just beautiful so cannot wait for when it comes out. I love the idea of making this into an engagement card (hearts entwined) or as an anniversary card. Well done!

  5. I love these beautiful 'Dangle Trees'. I would create a cover for my genealogy books using this rubber stamp. I make family history books for all new additions to our family and this stamp would really add interest to what's inside.

  6. I was thinking of the "Tree of Life", two trees enjoined to make one. Genealogy … starting with the 2 main trees going back as far as my genealogy research and putting the names of the offspring on the branches. The trees are entertained with love.

  7. What to create? Always a dilemma to start with!!! But just starting I can see a card for a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's Day, friendship,………! My son is getting married on Sat. and this would be wonderful to use to make a framed picture for them to remember the day. Maybe their initials on one tree and the date on the other? Just thinking!!!

  8. After my previous post I realized the stamp would not be big enough for the entire genealogy line. So, I would use the stamp to name the trees with my Mother and Daddy's names and put the names of me and my siblings on the branches along with our offspring.

    I would make a larger version of the stamp with my complete genealogy line.

  9. I always love to see what you display!
    I would make anniversary cards with this rubber stamp.
    Congratulations – it's beautiful and you deserve it!

  10. I could see using this as a wedding present. I would personalize each tree, maybe with family names in the leaves. The trees being intertwined, just seem to represent families coming together in marriage. I just love your designs. You are a great artist and inspiration.

  11. This would inspire me to connect all the nations of the world (the tree being the Almighty Creator) branches and
    leaves representing nations and people. Shalom.

  12. I could see these trees being used as a birth announcement. We all talk about family trees. I think this would be perfect way to show it without words. But then having space for names, date and all that info too.

    The images are gorgeous!

    Thanks for all your artwork!

  13. I really like these trees ! I think they would make a wonderful expanded family tree like the family tree of a married couple. One tree is her family and the other is his family and both trees together in unity make up one happy family. There's so many leaves on the trees that there's plenty of room for family additions and newcomers to be added to the tree. I really like it alot.

  14. "Only God can make a tree ..", but your Dangle Trees are a beautiful attempt! They will make a lovely stamp. Being a tree hugger at heart, I'd use them in many ways – a place to hang dangle designs and as the focal point in a landscape Zentangle tile with wavy string lines under, beside,around and above to fill in with various patterns.

  15. I love the design and to me, it is ideal to use for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary card or gift. I love the way the two trees are intertwined at the middle top and the way the leaves on the two trees are each unique. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I will stamp and color the design to my preference, surround it with a hand drawn frame, mat and frame it, with the words, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" between the two trees in Hebrew. It's not very original but it's exactly what I'll be doing as soon as the stamp is available to purchase and I have it. You could not have known it but this design with the two trees entangled has personal significance for me and my husband, he'll love this. Once framed its going on the side table in our bedroom or on the wall above it, depending on its finished size. After that, I'm making several note card sets for friends and family who have been supportive of our marriage through the years, as a way of saying thank you. I love it when a plan comes together. I'm excited just thinking about these projects to come!

  17. Joanne,
    My first thought is cards…anniversary, wedding, engagement, love and friendship.

    My second thought is journaling … Gratitude page of those special people in my life…..artfully expressing the reasons they are special to me….. And of course using the trees on the page, with the name of the friend within, between, above or below…..(would have to experiment ☺️)

  18. I just started to create with you Zenspiration method and I LOVE IT!!! Your creativity and work reflects such joy for life and everything that is good about humanity. Thank you for giving me new inspiration to create. Many blessings!

  19. Hi Joanne, no matter how often I look at your work, I can always see something new and interesting. I'm about to "borrow" and combine two of your original ideas to make a Christmas card. You'll be able to see it on my blog if you like, maybe in a couple of days. I promise you will get the credit – if it's any good, that is. If not, don't worry, I'll keep your name out of it! Your work has given me ways to create that I never knew about. Thank you.

  20. If I had this rubber stamp, which is AWESOME by the way!., my first thought when I seen this post, was a wall piece for my daughter and her fiance. I see, growth, strength, and compassion in this stamp…alot of which relate to my daughter at this time in her life. Love it!

  21. I would use the tree stamp to make a family tree for my daughter with a copy for each of her five children. I would make labels that are attached to the branches with each of the names written in calligraphy.

  22. I love this drawing. I would use it for a valentine's card for my sweetie. I think a wedding card for an older couple. The fact that the trees are mature trees suggest an anniversary card for a 25th or higher anniversary.

  23. Joanna, I usually fall asleep with the pen in my hand. I love to draw before I go to sleep…maybe that is why I sleep so soundly. The trees are great! Thanks for sharing. They would be fun to use for the 4 seasons, snowcapped trees, bare trees for the fall, little buds in the spring and full leaves for summer.
    Have a great life.

  24. Oh I love stamps. And I love your artwork, Joanne.
    Wouldn't mixed media be fun with this stamp? Some colored tissue paper leaves. Some gem stones in the dangles. Perhaps even some wire wrapping in the dangles. I see pretty cards with this stamp.
    Let me know when they go on sale. I am glad to purchase one!
    Hugs my friend.

  25. It took awhile to see these as we were on vacation. The various wi-fi available couldn't handle the download. They are stunning and I am so glad to see them. I think I would make an anniversary card (married on Valentines Day!) for my hubby with the stamp. Thanks so much for all of your books and posts. Jane

  26. I love the trees. Would love to see a tutorial on drawing trees! Yours are perfect!

  27. I love to scroll through your blog section and explore all the creative things you've made! The images are really beautiful and I love your work.Keep at it! I'm excited for new updates.

  28. I would love to stamp this on some old barn wood, then watercolor it and hang it in my bedroom. It is a beautiful way to tell a beautiful love story.

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