Free Zenspirations® Border Designs!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Several people responded to the last blog post by saying that they would love to create their own circular sentiments… so, being in a Zenspired ‘Frame of Mind’–I thought I’d share some circular Zenspirations border designs with you.

These are some of the designs I licensed to Trim-a-Rim, a cool new reversible magnetic whiteboard/mirror, which you can customize with your own art… or some Zenspirations designs like the one in the photo below.

At Trim-a-Rim’s website, Zenspirations friends & fans have FREE access to their choice of downloadable Zenspirations designs (, available in 7-1/2″ and 10-1/4″ diameters.  

And if you’d like to get a Trim-a-Rim to display your favorite design, my friend Philip Fleet, inventor of Trim-a-Rim, is generously offering 40% off all orders (and free shipping on 2 or more units!) placed between now and the end of August, if you use coupon code zen40. You can order at

I’d love to know which border is your favorite— and to see what you letter in them. So please leave me a comment, or better yet, send a photo of what you do to me at [email protected].

Stay Zenspired,


PS Trim-a-Rim is fun for everyone, but it makes a great gift for your favorite student to use on their dorm-room door, or in their locker.

3 thoughts on “Free Zenspirations® Border Designs!”

  1. I love the rings! I really want to learn to draw birds; I can't get the curves quite right. After seeing the rings though, fish are my new goal. They have such wonderful patterning possibilities. Thank you!

  2. My favorite would have to be the birds with the vines. I love the colors and I love the sentiment of Peace and Love that comes off the image of the love birds and vines.

  3. Hands down I love the bubbles. When I saw them the other day on your blog with the "you are amazing'" post I sat mesmerized staring at all the colors. Thank you so much for the downloads and especially because there were the bubbles!!

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