Go for the Glitter!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I was inspired by all the people who shared the wonderful ways they embellished my new line of Zenspirations® Coloring products, and decided that I wanted to ‘play’, too! I started by using the Koi® Coloring brushes to color one of the frames. I shared this photo with the Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB group, and asked the gang if they thought it could use some glitter and metallic touches.

Two thirds of the respondents said “go for the glitter”, so I got out Sakura’s Stardust and Metallic Gelly Roll Pens, and added bling. Here is a close up of one section. The vertical stripes were colored with Stardust XPGB #738, and I used the metallic pens in rainbow order to fill the spaces between the stripes.

Coloring the frame was so much fun that I decided to embellish some of the other products. On the gift bag I used Koi Coloring brushes, and then blended some of the metallic and glitter Gelly Roll pens to create a shimmery rainbow effect.

Next, I used the same tools to color one of the cups.

Working on a curved surface was a bit challenging, so I went back to the frames. I remembered seeing a work in progress that Color & Creativity Enthusiast Toni Popkin posted in the “Share the Love” album:

This design intrigued me because I recognized the hearts as being from one of the rolls of gift wrap, and realized that Toni had cut them out and collaged them on to the Dangle border. Her creativity inspired me to get out the scissors!

I cut several hearts and taped the ones I liked best onto a piece of black card stock. Then I filled in the borders with red, pink, copper & gold Gelly Rolls pens and put it in a frame. I thought about filling the hearts in with color, but decided I liked just the touch of sparkle around the edges.

Here’s the finished heart collage design, along with the leaf frame I colored. I decided that rather than use the leaves to frame a photo, I would frame a saying. I’ve been asked to do a patterning workshop for twenty-five seventh graders this week (wish me luck!), who’s school motto is “Love wins”, so that’s what I lettered. I used metallic Gelly Rolls, which are opaque, and work well on both dark and light papers.

I colored a few of the other products, but so far the gift bags and frames are my favorites. Below is a photo of my growing collection:

I’m sad that Michaels will only have the product in the stores through March. Several people have written to say they haven’t been able to find the designs in their local Michaels, and I checked with the company and found out that it was shipped to ALL Michaels stores… and that whatever is there is all that will be there… which means another trip to Michaels in my future! I’m sorry that I can’t order these, so I won’t be able to sell them in the Zenspirations shop. Hope you will be able to find what you want before they are no longer available.

In the first comment on last week’s blog, Dianne Klabechek asked if I was going to post a February calendar page. Glad you liked the January page Dianne! Here is the February design:

Click below to download your free printable version:


And, since March is around the corner, I thought I’d go ahead and share the March calendar page, too:

Click below to download your free March Calendar printable:

Zenspirations®_by_Joanne_Fink_Blog_March_Calendar copy

While we are on the subject of calendars, I’ve been thinking about coming up with a calendar to plan some of my blog posts in advance. In April it will be three years that I’ve been blogging every Monday night– and, believe it or not, I write the entire blog, and create at least some of the art, each Monday night. Some weeks I have no idea what I’m going to write about until I sit down at the computer! I’d like to be a little more intentional about the blog moving forward, and would appreciate your help. Please leave a comment letting me know what interests you, and what you’d like to see me include in upcoming blog posts. As an incentive, I will pick one name at random from everyone who is kind enough to leave a comment helping me plan future blog posts, and I will send that person a signed copy of any of the books which are available in the Zenspirations Shop. Thanks, in advance, for letting me know what has resonated with you in the past, and what you’d like to see in the future.

Stay Zenspired,




32 thoughts on “Go for the Glitter!”

  1. Hi Joanne.. I’m in love with your work and with everything in zenspirations…. I would like to see more blogs with your hand lettering and your works with in-progress photos and more tutorials. Thank you.

  2. I loved this blog. It was very inspiring to learn how you created certain aspects of your art.

  3. I was trying to think of what I might be interested in reading. I have to say I’m always interested in your posts. Perhaps we could have ideas of how to share your work with others. For instance I was thinking of making bookmarks to leave in my library.
    It’s a couple months away but does anyone remember the custom of leaving flowers anonymously on May Day? Maybe we could do some sort of small acts of kindness.

  4. Hi Joanne,

    I feel so honored that you were inspired by my “Share the Love” card to step out of your comfort zone and use my method making a beautiful design for the middle of one of the frames! I loved what you did!

    I know you’ll do great with the 7th graders…be yourself. Your bubbly personally will win them over!

    I agree, the curved cups were a challenge to color, they probably are my least favorite of all of the items. I also love the gift bags, have gone back to get more and probably will make another trip today. I like the gift tags also a lot – not only can I use them on the gift bags but by slightly trimming and removing the tag they are ready to enclose in many things I just want to put a quick note with. (Another quick idea for you to try! – I’ll post one in the group pics). I like the gift wrap more for other craft projects! I found it is a lot to color if I’m going to wrap something unless it’s really small.

    I’m glad you are thinking ahead for upcoming blogs. I’ve been rewatching some of your videos from the link on your website. My favorites are the ones you do on how to draw dangles, make monogram letters and dangle monogram letters. Your other techniques are also very helpful to go back and watch. I’d LOVE to see some blogs on how to do’s… I know you have it in books but there are many in the group unable to get a book of yours for one reason or another. Also I’m sure there is a lot you could teach us not yet on a video or in a book! An example that comes to mind is in today’s blog you said that you “On the gift bag I used Koi Coloring brushes, and then blended some of the metallic and glitter Gelly Roll pens to create a shimmery rainbow effect”; my idea would be an entire blog on how you did this one thing!

    Sorry for such a long response to your blog. You had a lot in it.


  5. Yes! Calendars, planners…those are my other passion and Blog stuff always intrigues me! You r Monday creativity is amazing!!

  6. Thank you so much” for doing the calendar pages!!! I was hoping you would do more!! I was using them as a “positivity” journal for each day.


  7. Love these calendar pages. I didn’t know about them in January. Hope I don’t miss anymore.

    Thanks for sharing your talents.

    1. Sherrie, you can always go back to any of Joanne’s old blogs to print something you missed or reread something of interest. I do it all of the time.

  8. First of all, you are always so generous!! Second, I love the “grateful” calendar pages. I even made my own calendar page for February! I intend to keep this spirit of thankfulness in written form going throughout 2017. I’m wondering if you ever do things with totem pole themes? I love your work and look forward to your blogs!! Thank you!!

  9. I love how on your blog you combine creativity with your Zenspirations philosophy. So for “share the love” you suggested people make a Valentine for someone they had never considered giving to before. Then it was wonderful to see what everyone came up with as well as your beautiful designs. I would love you to consider a periodic ( monthly or seasonal) group challenge to create meaningful pieces like that. (call it art with a heart or artful activism or something) Thanks for the tutorial this week and the dedication to sitting down every Monday night and writing this blog. It makes Tuesday morning such a joy to look forward too.

  10. Hi Joanne. I always love all of your blog posts. What I would like to see more of is lettering/calligraphy and incorporating it into your art. Would love to have more tutorials/videos. Love the calendar pages and would enjoy seeing something for smaller planners. Thanks for all you do…..Linda E.

  11. Thank you for sharing the calendar pages – they are just beautiful. I am going to do something with them – not sure yet but I know I love them.

  12. Love the ideas for frames and calendar pages. My daughter is getting married in May, so I am hoping to come up with some picture frame ideas. Would also love to see some patriotic designs too.

  13. Joanne –
    I always enjoy hearing about your design process and lettering. I’ve been working with white lettering. Perhaps that would be an interesting topic for a future blog.

    My copy of your new book just arrived today and I will, indeed, pondering each page with delight! Thank you so much. Linda

  14. Lately I have seen a lot about bullet journaling. I would like to see what you might have to say about that and what your ideas might be on how to proceed with keeping a bullet journal.

  15. I like everything that you have posted. My favorites are the dangles & printable pages that I can color. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  16. Joanne – thank you for all that you do for every one of us. I would love to see a blog or video showing how you do your colouring, creating etc. your work. I would have some confidence if I could see you do your art in progress. I do not have the artistic experience of just reading the words and knowing the technique. There must be other visual learners out there as well! Having said that there are many talented artists sharing their work so perhaps my request is too basic for your audience.

  17. Dear Joanne,
    I love your blog, your books, and your tutorials! I would ❤love to see more tutorials on just how you use your Koi watercolor brushes….blending, lettering….any way you use them! I have a set that my Mom sent o me, but I seem at a loss. Would this be a Monday night blog possibility??
    Thank you again for ALL you share!! Loving the calendars, and I’m LOVING the Bible Journaling book!!
    Carol Horlock

  18. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for the calendar pages. I love that they are just the month and the days so they can be used over and over again. As far as future blog posts – I would love more videos on how to blend with koi and glitter pens but of course anything you present will be awesome because you are awesome! Thanks as always for your generosity and your inspiration!

  19. I love your blog and every single book you have on your website! I’m very appreciative for any free items you post!

    Something close to my heart is how many people are dying from drugs. Could you please do motivational sayings for all those trying so hard to get Recovery and Rehab? In my area since January, just to heroine, 100 overdoses and 25 deaths. One who died was the son I never had, Walker Rhodes…27 years old, leaving his Mom, Dad, brother, 8 year old son and other family and loved ones devastated. Jail and prison do nothing to help addicts recover.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart; it’s still healing…Dee

    1. Dee, I too like the idea of something incorporating motivational sayings. Maybe including ideas of how to pay them forward to help others.

  20. Thank you for the calendars, I am working on combining my journal and planner these will be a great help. I would like to see posts on ideas of combining these two with area for art.

  21. Hi Joanne!
    I lov all your blog posts, but I especially enjoy seeing, how you take an idea from your journal, to fruition.i would love to see more of that. I also love anything that encourages kindness and giving. So, maybe some ideas on ways to share our art with others, in meaningful ways.
    I’m looking forward to all the beautiful art that will be Zenspired this year!
    Love and blessings,
    Mary Anne

  22. Thank you so very much for the calendars and all you do. I love reading the blog and your full of inspiration for being creative. I thank you for that! I’d love to see bookmark ideas as I have so many friends who read and I would love to make them bookmarks. Thank you again for all you do and sharing your gifts with us.

  23. I LOVE your art style! You inspire me to be more creative. I have until now only seen you on pinterest. Today I subscribed to your blog. I’m excited to be more often inspired now!

  24. Hello Joanne
    Thank you for your generosity.
    I will down load the calendar …… I missed January .
    Gook luck to you and your family

  25. I’m so extremely grateful to Joanne for all that u do & for just doing you! And in doing that, you have helped me do me, Better! Anyway, I’ve recently started researching painting with actual paintbrushes & I know that u prefer the brush markers, but I’m wondering if maybe u have considered doing a post about lettering with an actual paint brush & ur choice of media…. I’m struggling with how to use a brush & paint and making those Smooth edges like the markers. I’m currently working on a scripture on canvas, for my son. Thank u 4 any help, or tips, in advance,

  26. I love the calendar pages! Journal promps! Coloring pages! Lettering! Cards! Examples of different pens, paints and such!

  27. Do you know what size photos fit in the photo mat? I bought some at Michaels- LOVE!- but kids threw out the paper inserts with the photo size. It’s measuring funky with a measuring tape so thought I’d check with you before printing wrong size photos!

  28. Love your work! Found your page on pinterest. Quick question, your calender pages only started September 2017?

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