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Monday, February 17, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Today is the international Random Acts of Kindness Day, and since kindness is one of my core values it seemed like a good day to go back to blogging. I haven’t blogged since my spinal fusion surgery almost a year ago– so there’s a lot to catch up on!

In addition to healing (and LOTS of physical therapy!) I’ve been working on a lot of cool projects that I’ll share with you soon. But for now I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at a new style I’m working on, and share a couple of pieces of new art. The first is called Grow in Love:

The second is called On Your Journey:

I’m thinking of adding these to my ZenspirationsDesigns Etsy Shop, and would appreciate your letting me know if you like the new look.

As a thank you (and one of my random acts of kindness!), I will send a signed copy of my kindness print to someone who comments on this blog post.

So leave a comment– you can share a random act of kindness, tell me what you think of the new style and/or share some of the creative projects you’ve undertaken recently. At the end of the month I will randomly select a name from everyone who is kind enough to leave a message.

I have truly missed connecting with you and look forward to hearing your news!

Stay Zenspired,


37 thoughts on “Grow in Love”

  1. Wow!! As always amazing artwork, Joanne!! I really, really love your Random Acts of Kindness artwork! I’m so thrilled that you’re feeling up to writing your blogs again and reaching out to many of us with your beautiful and inspiring words and art!!
    I’m mostly preparing new art lessons nearly every day. But I’m also trying to do some new portraits to enter in some art exhibitions this spring. I have a very detailed 50th anniversary celebration collage that I meed to do for my close friends, too, so I’m planning to get that done soon, as well.

  2. Sharing your art and philosphy to inspire others is always appreciated. Kindness, love and compassion will never go out of style.

  3. I’m very grateful you reminded us of International Kindness day. My teenage son and I have been at odds lately. However frustrating he can be to me, he is a very kindhearted and generous person. I am going to propose that we spend the day doing random acts of kindness then celebrate with a nice dinner out.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. We ended up spending the day creating “kindness” packs for homeless folks and going to where they hang out and passing them out. It was am awesome ise of oir holiday amd got is back on track. Thanks again.

  4. Dear Joanne,
    I have always been inspired by your faith and generous heart. I love the simplicity and elegance of the new style. I suspect there was a lot of behind 5he scenes work to envision and develop it. I pray for your continued healing and success.
    Sister Edith

  5. So glad to see you back and that your recovery went well! I just left a random act of Zentangle on a table this morning. I love the new look too. Take care and thanks for your inspiration. It truly helps me in my life travels.

  6. So happy for your return after such an extensive recuperation time. What a wonderful day to return. Enjoy your artwork immensely and so glad that we will now get to see more of it again. Thank you for the artwork/sentiment download – a good way to start the day. Hoping to see more very soon and that you continue your healthful journey.

  7. Joanne,
    SO Glad to see you blogging again!
    I love the new designs you have & absolutely think they should be in your Zenspirations Etsy Shop.
    They are Beautiful & Inspiring.

    My Random Act of Kindness yesterday was to take my friend’s 7th grade grandson to the 9-11 Memorial we have here in Rockland County, NY because it is something he is learning about in school & feels very deeply for all the people that perished. There is a piece of the wreckage, and a wall with the names of those from the county that died. He can now have a personal experience to write about for his report at school.

    Again, glad to see you back here,
    With Love,

  8. Love the new art and it is nice to see and hear from you again! I really like the Grow in Love one. Glad you are healing well and getting back to creating!!

  9. Glad you are blogging again Joanne! Your work continues to amaze me and I am so so glad David and I were able to spend quality time with you and see your art filled home! Wish I could see you more often! Maybe we could FaceTime! Continue inspiring all of us!
    Love, Janice

  10. More than pleased to read you at last and to have the privilege to see your new style! Love it! Goes right to the point.


  11. Such a nice surprise to see a post from you again! I have missed your inspirational messages and beautiful artwork! I’m so happy to hear you are well!!

  12. I love that your work is simple, but so powerful! When I say simple, I mean it as a compliment. It tells us all that we don’t have to create something complicated to express our thoughts. Less is always more. Blessings for your continued healing.

  13. I’ve missed your inspiration! Welcome back! The print is beautiful and very inspirational!
    I try to find kindness daily in our lives, and it’s there, despite what the media is telling us and leading us to believe!
    Welcome back!

  14. Hi Joanne! So good to have you back! And you have been busy, it seems. I love the new designs – they reflect a peacefulness that compliments the sentiments you chose. Would love to see them in the shop. And I am looking forward to the new book, as well.

  15. Blessings to you, dear Joanne,
    It’s great to hear from you and know that you are healing. Your post comes at a perfect time. I am resuming my practice of journal writing after realizing that I really need to focus on inner peace. Your theme of kindness and light resonate deeply with me. Throughout the month of February my church is focusing on the Beatitudes with light as a central theme. Being a light in this world, particularly by showing kindness, is going to be a much needed message for healing in the aftermath of the Trump presidency. I know I can’t share light & peace without being it so you are helping me immensely.
    I love your new artwork. Have you thought about creating a wall calendar? Your creations are just the thing I like to keep at the fore of my attention for focus and intention. Plus, they’re beautiful and a joy to behold!

  16. Hi Joanne,

    It’s so great to hear from you and see what you’ve been working on! I love the new art work, especially the colors and the simplicity. When I try to download any of the items from your blog, I get a different image than the one displayed. I don’t know if anyone else is having that problem.

    I’ve been so busy running the calligraphy guild that I haven’t had much time to do my own artwork! Our latest project is doing after-school calligraphy workshops at local middle schools.

    Hope you continue to feel better and better!

  17. Welcome back to us!
    The new designs are gorgeous and inspirational. Your words remind us of the beauty of the world and how we can use those words and that beauty to encourage not only ourselves but each person who touches our world daily.

  18. So nice to hear from you again! Your art work in this blog entry is beautiful and inspiring as always.

  19. So happy you are BACK! Last night, I left a container of homemade soup on a neighbor’s doorstep. He knew it was from me because we had talked about soup in the elevator earlier. He sent me a lovely text thank you. Random Acts of Kindness give as much to the giver as to the receiver.

  20. I first saw your work about the time my mother died about 6 years ago. Now I am going to buy your new book to give to a good friend who lost someone she loved about 2 years ago. She is still grieving because she doesn’t feel she can open up to others. But I think your book will speak to her. Thank you so much for your labor of love. And I really like your new art work and poems. You are gifted in so many ways! Healing prayers for you!! Beverly

  21. The new look is very simple and beautiful! Keep creating and many blessings to you. Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. I’ve always been a fan, Joanne. The new look is both modern and refreshing. Lovely!

  22. Glad to read from you again and see you are doing well. I love your first 2 pages, the 3rd one a bit less. I admit I am really fond of your letterings.
    Thank you so much for your natural kindness
    hope my Engilsh sounds good enough, I am French

  23. Oh Joanne,
    Has it really been 40 years of wandering in the desert and they are up??? i was so very glad to see your post!! Thank you for being there and inspiring me yesterday. I love your work and am so thankful for your kind heart and inspirations. You are truly a gift to me and I’m very thankful!!!

  24. I love your new work!! I have your new book My Spiritual Journey and I also have a copy to each of my adult girls for Valentine’s Day. We are going to go through it together to encourage each other to really dig deep into our souls.
    Welcome back!!

  25. I’ve always loved your work, but I REALLY like the new look. The colors are so deep and rick. It’s. Beautiful. The message on the kindness poster really resonates. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to be kind. Now we need it more than ever.Thank you!

  26. The new work is lovely – thank you for sharing it with all of us. Praying for continued healing.

  27. So lovely! I’m so sorry you had to have a fusion. I had a cervical fusion many years ago and it was a huge success. Praying yours is as well.

  28. I am so happy to see you back. I have missed your thoughts. I am thankful that your surgery went well and you are back!

  29. I really love the simplicity of your new artwork. Its clean simple lines and also the colour pallet are lovely.

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