Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I love fireworks! Tonight, while I was watching our neighborhood fireworks display, I realized that some of my Dangle Designs look like fireworks. So in honor of the 4th of July, I created a Zenspirations ‘Fireworks Dangle’. 

In the midst of today’s festivities, please take a moment to appreciate the incredible blessing it is to live in a land where the freedom to make choices is considered an inalienable right. 

Happy Birthday America!

Stay Zenspired,


9 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. That is spectacular! Really looks like a fireworks explosion in the sky – colors just "pop" on the blue. We do have much to be thankful for. Happy Fourth y'all!

  2. This post is marvelous, Joanne. Your beauty, inside and out, shines and sparkles just as the fireworks. Thank you for the sharing of yourself with all of us. XO

  3. Joanne, you did it again! this captures the essence of fireworks wonderfully! I can feel the same rush I get when I watch them bursting in air! Happy Birthday America! God bless America! xox

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Your sentiments are always so touching… your art is always beautiful and inspiring! God bless America and YOU! 🙂

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