Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hi Everyone,
It’s hard to imagine, but my next two Zenspirations® Color, Create, Pattern Play books –Birds & Butterflies and Expressions of Faith– are due to the publisher July 15th… and will be in the stores in October! I’m really excited about the additional full color pages that will be added to the front of the books. If you are one of the coloring enthusiasts who volunteered to create inspiration pages for possible inclusion in the new books, you should have received instructions from me, along with pdfs of the four designs below.IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED THEM, it’s because I didn’t have (or couldn’t find) your e-mail address.If you’d still like to participate, please e-mail me at[email protected], and put “COLORING ENTHUSIAST NEEDS ART” in the subject line, and I’ll send them to you.

As a reminder I am looking for people who enjoy patterning as well as coloring, and want to showcase a variety of dry media (color pencils, markers, gel pens, crayons, etc.). Since I always like opening doors for young talent, I’d be happy for you to share this info with any promising art students you know– especially ones who would like to have their work published. If the timing doesn’t work out for these two books, my next two books –Trees & Leaves and Heartfelt Expressions– are due mid October, so there will be another opportunity. This is going to be a big week for me… as my Kickstarter supporters already know, I was finally able to send my new book,When You Lose Someone You Love, to the printer last month. Although I’ve written many books, this is my first foray into self-publishing, and I’m praying that everything goes smoothly when I attend the press run on Thursday. I have put my heart and soul into this book, and hope it will bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one. I’m gearing up to ship more than 400 packages to my Kickstarter supporters next month… ordering boxes and shipping materials, and making sure I have the rest of the rewards ready. One of the rewards was a choice of Facebook banners, and I wanted to share the four I created with you:

I’d love to know which is your favorite, whether you’d be interested in a Zenspirations banner for your Facebook page, and if there is a theme you’d like me to do. Please leave a comment to let me know– who knows, I may surprise you with your own customized Zenspirations banner!
I don’t like it when part of a design gets hidden behind the photo, so I designed the banners to work around Facebook’s standard template. To test it I uploaded the top one to the When You Lose Someone You Love Facebook page. Here’s what it looks like:

If you are on Facebook, I’d appreciate your ‘liking’ the new When You Lose Someone You Love Facebook page:

Since Americans celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought I’d close this week by sharing a couple Father’s Day card designs, in hopes that it will inspire you to make a card for someone you think is an excellent dad. I created the card below for someone who has made a big difference in my son’s life. It’s pretty simple to do– a background wash, three Dangle Monograms and a few heartfelt words.

If you like to Dangle, you could try a design like the one below, which I did for my greeting card licensee, Design Design. It was printed on iridescent paper, embossed and embellished with glitter and gems.

I’m looking forward to seeing your card and coloring creations… if you share on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, please use the #zenspirations, so I can see what you do.
Wishing you all a colorful and creative week.
Stay Zenspired,

13 thoughts on “Imagine”

  1. Joanne, all of your work is so beautiful. You are such an inspiration. Today, I am drawn to the Imagine banner. I think maybe because that's the particular part of my journey I am on right now.
    God Bless You.

  2. Each of the banners is wonderful, of course, but for me, the "imagine" one is the best.

    Best of luck with your book! You've done all you can to make it a blessing to all, and that is what matters most. ;-}

  3. About the banners: I like "Imagine" best.

    About the print run of your very special book: I spent years designing and producing commercial printing. I always showed up at the press for the make-ready, approval, and start of the run. Day or night, I was there even for the least important work. My goal was "best possible". I wanted the pressman to know that this was my work and that I cared. I let the people in the pressroom know that I was grateful for their skills and attention. I was upbeat, never took myself too seriously.

    What an amazing gift you are giving to the world!

  4. Hi Joanne, we recently suffered the unexpected death of my sister in law. I think your 'one step at a time, one breath at a time' is especially poignant, with the road going on before us, to let us know that we can survive. My brother, being a retired Marine, is frustrated by what he sees as a weakness when he is overcome with grief, and this message speaks to the fact that the process is sometimes painstakingly slow. Thank you for your inspirational art!

  5. Your work is such a beautiful calming moment in a crazy world.
    Thank you.

  6. I'm such a big fan, Joanne. Eileen Hull turned me onto what you do. Your new banner, "When you lose someone you love . . . " is so comforting.

  7. Joanne, I really love the rose/tangerine/yellow coloring of the Imagine banner. I think that's what draws me to it. Of course, I always love the ocean colors, too! I love the power of words and I love color!! I'd love to see what you would do with other words or phrases, such as, "Be Still, and Know" or simply "Joy". Your work is incredibly beautiful. Thank you!!

  8. Greetings Joanne, Each of your banners are lovely. My favorite is the 3rd one – "One DAY at a time, One STEP at a time, One BREATH at a time, and One PRAYER at a time. The curving road you placed in the design gives the impression of a challenging road (or time period) that a person who lost a loved one needs to travel before their grieving time comes to an end.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pieces of art.
    May you also have a blessed summer.

  9. LOVE your work and the banners! My favorite is "Imagine" because of the colors, but the "You carry their memory in your heart forever" speaks volumes for me because I lost a dear friend in Jan and sharing the memories we had together helps heal my heart and soul. Thank you for what you do and sharing your talents. It is truly a gift from God.

    Also, excited to be participating in the coloring the inspiration pages! <3

  10. I just found your work and I absolutely LOVE it! I like “Imagine” the best, but was wondering if you’ve ever thought of doing ones for people who have the ONE WORD for each year. My word this year is “present” –being present with the Lord and present with those I come in contact with, friends, family. whoever. Your work is just beautiful, Congrats on your new book!

  11. Joanne,

    I just found your site, and I absolutely LOVE everything you do! I didn’t realize it, but I bought one of your books from a friend, who had several. Haven’t had time to use it yet, but I will next week! Can hardly wait. I love all your banners, but I resonate with the houses since the main scripture you use, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” is a testimony to our home, our family, even our extended family. We have multiple pastors, etc, in our family, and some who are great laypeople!

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