Just Believe!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Since this is the season for believing… I wanted to share some of my core beliefs.
I believe that compassion leads to connection, which in turn leads to community.
I believe that we are stronger as a community than we are individually.
I believe that one of the best ways to build community is to reach out in love, and act with kindness and integrity.

Kudos to fellow scribe Helga Cuypers of Belgium for knowing that JUST BELIEVE was the only phrase on my holiday lettering style sheet which I lettered with a Pigma® Micron®. 

I believe that each of us has the ability– and the sacred responsibility– to make the world a better place and I’d like your help in making a difference for others this holiday season.The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, yet statistically it is the time of year when many people feel overwhelmed, lonely or depressed, and I believe that we can each make a difference for someone who has had a rough year. Towards that end, I’m trying to compile a list of simple, creative kindnesses, that are easy and affordable to do. I’m looking on this as a collaborative effort, and hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your ideas by leaving a comment.Believe in yourself Believe in your dreams Believe in your ability to make a difference

In honor of Hanukkah, I wanted to share a FREE downloadable Create, Color, Pattern, Play page from my book L’Chaim: Celebrate Life, Judaic Expressions to Color & Inspire.

HEREI’d love to see what you do with the design, have set up a folder in the Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB group where you can post your lettering creations. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1471158256528576/

For those who are not familiar with the story, Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem two centuries before the time of Christ. The Temple had been desecrated by Antiochus IV’s troops, and when the Jewish people wanted to light the Eternal Lamp which acknowleges God’s holy presence, they discovered that there was only enough oil to keep the lamp lit for one day. The miracle of Hanukkah is that the one day’s worth of oil lasted for eight days— enough time for more oil to be procured.Last week I shared a Christmas-colored “Believe” Dangle design… so this week I want to share a Hanukah Dangle:
And in closing, I wanted to share a tutorial on rainbow metallic lettering, which I filmed earlier this year for the PBS show Scrapbook Soup, hosted by my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Here is a photo of Julie and me on the set:

And here is a photo of the rainbow metallic lettering (done with Sakura’s awesome metallic Gelly Roll® pens) I demonstrate in the episode:

If you’d like to watch, look for Scrapbook Soup episode 511, which will be posted to the Scrapbook Soup website for seven days, starting at noon on Friday, December 11, 2015. I’d love to know what you think!

Stay Zenspired,


6 thoughts on “Just Believe!”

  1. I love your Just Believe phrase it is such a powerful saying and so very true and you are so right about helping others as a community. I am not able to do much but I do what I can and one of the things I do is try to encourage people here in the USA to not forget about our soldiers at this time of year and this sentiment on a card to them would be so perfect. The address to send it to is: A Recovering American Soldier, C.O. Walter Reed, Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington D.C. 20307-5001. I am sure their hearts would jump for joy to receive a lovely card that says Just Believe. I love scrapbook soup and watch it as often as I can and am so happy you are on that show and look forward to watching this episode of lettering thank you so much for posting it and thank you for another beautiful page to color. 🙂

  2. Coloring as therapy: i met with a young mom recently about her troubled marriage and potential divorce. When i asked her what she liked to do to take care of herself, she mentioned cooking and art. As soon as i heard art, I encouraged her to go buy at least one of your coloring books, and new markers or crayons or pens or pencils, or whatever she prefers, Then, when life gets tense at home, which it does, to take out the coloring book and color, as a method to take care of herself.
    Thanks my friend for sharing your art and beautiful self with the world! Happy Hanukah!

  3. Your work (love) is so beautiful.
    I am inspired to add beauty to everything I can doodle (or dangle) on.

  4. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us.

    Blessings to you


  5. Hi Joanne, I am so happy that all my calligraphy lessons paid off ;-). I have been thinking about the same lines myself lately… I really like the initiative of Jennifer McGuire and her "sharing handmade kindness". But that is not really an international thing… I have been thinking about selling some of my colored pieces for charity, but there is not really a market for it here (or maybe anywhere ;-)). The local school organises a christmas bazaar evey year, so I think some of the stuff I made will end up there. Happy Hanukah!

  6. I just watched episode 511 of Scrapbook Soup and really enjoyed your segment. Your lettering is beautiful, and I really appreciate your sharing your talent with others. I've tried calligraphy and haven't had much success, but am trying
    other lettering styles, and am currently in love with zentangle. Thanks for your inspiration! Diane

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