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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Last week I announced the new “Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play” Facebook Group, and invited you to share your Zenspirations Creations. And what a great first week it’s been! We already have 121 members, and I have been both awed and inspired by the fabulous artwork that has been posted. Thank you to those who ‘live in color’ and have been sharing! If you are a Color & Creativity Enthusiast, please take a few minutes to check out the new group and  join the fun:
Part of what makes Zenspirations pages different from those found in other coloring books, is that they are designed as a springboard for your creativity… I’ve been fascinated by how different everyone’s designs are. Each one is impressive on it’s own… but collectively they are even more of a ‘WOW!”.

To celebrate a great first week for the new group, and to encourage those of you who may not have tried this yet, I’m sharing two designs that you can download, print out, and use to create a special piece. The first one is from one of the new books which will be out in October:

Here is a link to download the image: DOWNLOAD
For those who prefer pages without words, or who would prefer to add their own, I’m also posting my one of my favorite pages from Zenspirations® Abstract & Geometric Designs

Click here to download this design.  DOWNLOAD
To make it more fun, I think another contest is in order! You may download these two designs as many times as you want all week… and experiment with different tools, color palettes and embellishments. Feel free to add patterns, lettering, and additional illustrations as well as color, and then post the results in the FB group by Monday at noon EST to be entered into a random drawing for the “Live in Color” prize package. The package includes the three original Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play books:

and some goodies from my two favorite art supply companies– Sakura of America and Strathmore Fine Art Papers.

I can’t wait to see what you create! 

Stay Zenspired,



Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who let me know that the links to the PDFs of the new coloring pages weren’t working yesterday; but they should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience… and to make sure that everyone has enough time to create their designs, I’m going to extend the contest until Saturday, August 8th.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s wonderful work!

Stay Zenspired,


14 thoughts on “Live in Color!”

  1. Can't wait to start colouring. The weather is yucky in the UK at the moment so it's a perfect excuse to stay at home with my pencils!! I love the new Facebook page. It's wonderful to see the different ways artists from around the world interpret Joanne's lovely designs. Kathryn Xx

  2. Hi Joanne, Like Kathryn, I'm suffering from a severe case of English weather so these will brighten my day completely. Thank you for letting us use them, hope I'll do them justice.

  3. I love your art! These are beautiful pages – can't wait to color them!
    My only issue is – Beauty doesn't restore my Faith – Faith restores Beauty in my world. When my Faith is strongest – I open my eyes to see the Beauty in the world. When my Faith is dipping, my world becomes gray and the beauty of God's creation is lost to my vision.
    But…that's just my opinion! 🙂
    Love your work!

  4. I'm unable to download either image Joanne. BTW I agree- what wonderful pieces of artwork have been posted on your new FB page

  5. Hi Joanne, For some reason I'm not seeing the link to download the two designs? I even tried putting the url to this post in another browser. I'd love to take part in coloring these and sharing.


  6. Seeing a number of folks having problems with the links to the downloads – I couldn't find the links either. However, if you right click on the image and select "open in a new tab" (Google Chrome) – you can then print the picture. It worked for me…
    Hope this helps!

  7. Squeeeee! I am so excited about coloring these pages Joanne! You are so generous to share them with us! And I just recently got my Koi Watercolor Markers! This will be good for the soul, which is in need of a boost right now…..thank you my friend!

  8. Hi Joanne,
    Yes, the image Links are missing.
    Meanwhile, as Chris Zar suggests, yes, you can right-click over each image, select “copy image”, then open up your favorite application that you use for images (such as Photoshop), open a new document and paste (the coloring page image you just copied). You can (flatten the image, if necessary,) save and print.
    To Chris Zar, yes, I understand your perspective on Faith Restores Beauty. (I think it can certainly work both ways.) Here's just an idea…you could add “and Faith Restores Beauty” underneath the words Beauty Restores Faith. You could lightly add the words with pencil first, to make sure the words fit the way you want them to, then ink in your words as you creatively desire! That would be very nice. I’d like to see it when you are done.
    Thanks, Joanne, for sharing these Zenspirations ® pages for our “Color & Creativity” fun! Your pages always promote positive artistic thoughts.

  9. Joanne it looks like there is a problem, as there is no link. I did right click and save the image.

  10. The pages look wonderful and I am excited about coloring them but I also cannot download them.

    Thank you a hundred times over for sharing your creativity and inspiring us.

    You are pretty awesome.

  11. Hi,
    I recently signed up for a bible journal class with Kasey Hope and saw she was using one of your Zenspirations . The paper had the words…”Reflect on your Journey” with some designs on the bottom. I have searched Pinterest for the sheet of paper hoping it could be found that way, but I cannot find it. So I was hoping you could help. I wamt to try and do the 2 pages she demonstrated..
    If you can help my email is: [email protected].
    Thank You!
    Cathy Whittemore

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