Love is Eternal

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hi Everyone,
At some point in our lives, most of us will experience the loss of someone we love and will have to deal with that loss in order to move on with our life’s journey. It was my turn in August of 2011 when my husband died unexpectedly. It took me quite a while to realize that the life I loved had ended… that it wasn’t possible to pick up the shattered pieces of my old life and glue them back together… that I somehow had to figure out how to create a meaningful new life on my own.

I’ve learned a lot over the past three years; from the practical (how to pay bills) to the spiritual (discovering that love is a force so powerful that it transcends death). I know that I’m a much more compassionate person now than I was before my husband died. I have been transformed by my grief journey– and am growing into the person I’m striving to become.
Andy would have celebrated his 57th birthday today; and for the fourth time without him I will commemorate his birthday as a way of honoring the wonderful man he was. I am committed to keeping his legacy alive– and have decided that the best way to do that is to weave the love I still feel for him, and the memories which I cherish, into the tapestry of my new life.

I believe that the soul lives on, that love is eternal… and that I can celebrate Andy’s life and make his death more meaningful by using what I’ve learned on my grief journey to make a difference in the world.

If any of you are on your own grief journey’s I hope you will take a moment to share how you commemorate special days without your loved one.

Stay Zenspired,


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  1. If we let negative feelings of hate, blame, anger, anxiety, fear, etc consume us, then death wins. If we let positive feelings of love, memories, life, compassion, song, strength, perseverance, admiration, etc. enter our soul, then LOVE WINS.
    I am so sorry for your loss, Joanne, and I can see he left a great void. I admire and thank you for filling that void with love. It inspires me and others I am sure. Have a blessed day! I love your art and sentiments!

  2. There are no coincidences! Just this morning, as what would have been my mother's 100th birthday approaches, I was thinking about ways I might honor her centennial. She's been gone nearly 20 years and I miss her every day – not in an unhealthy way, I just miss her!

    Your words and art brought me a measure of peace today and I appreciate so much your willingness to share yourself in this way. Blessings to you and yours……


  3. Dearest friend Joanne—-As I let you know, I am SO very proud of what you have done with your hurt. You have transformed it into a way of helping others——-Not everyone is in touch with their ability to do so–altho everyone IS able– Our honored sages have said it best and in this particular quote from Chassidic Masters I found my own solice and comfort…"There is nothing as Whole as a Broken Heart"……………..Mazel tov on your project being funded……and Happy Birthday to Andy——I know you will have a meaningful day….Sending love as always,dear friend. Marla

  4. my dad died on October 13th, just last week. For 4 years I was his caregiver, meaning a non stop job, 24/7/365. Not only do I miss him horribly but I am trying to figure out what my purpose in life is now. I am working through my grief, allowing my time to mourn, but I am also allowing God to speak to me and let me know that what I have learned these last 4 years has another purpose. I became an awesome advocate with his care workers, doctors and others who were in place to help him. I made many life long friends, even if I never see them again. I am trying to find my way into a world without my dad and I believe what I have learned will go on to another purpose, to help others. Right now it's time to mourn and go through his stuff. Thank you for your words, they touch my heart deeply, which is quite raw right now. Looking forward to your book coming out. God bless you.

  5. I lost my soul mate in June 2010, I miss him everyday. I agree with you Joanne that love transends dealth and that we can try to make a path forward honouring those whom we have lost. I like to buy F. a present at Christmas and on his birthday – I find a worthy cause/charity and make a donation in his name. Happy Birthday Andy and God bless you Joanne. C x

  6. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Joanne.
    I am going to send the images along to my kid brother, who is battling a very nasty lymphoma right now.
    This Thursday is his wife's 59th birthday. She was taken from us by metastatic breast cancer 4 years ago on the 3rd of November, 11 days after her 55th birthday.
    Every blessing, always …

  7. As Eric always says "It is a new normal" Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us. Andy is greatly missed. Our love to you and the kids.

  8. it's been about 14 years since my husband divorced me, and I was devastated. it took me many years to get over it–I was like a walking dead person. all I know is God carried me thru. I had previously memorized the 23rd psalm, but when I finally got better, I could have written it–He truly restored my soul. I had many fine years with Rick, but then something happened. It almost doesn't seem like my life now. God is good–I loved Him before but I came to know Him so much better and drew so much closer to Him, and that has only increased since then. Thank God for God!

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