Love is Transformational!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Love is more than a feeling—it is a way of being. Love is kindness personified.

  • When you look with love, youll see the best in everyone you meet.
  • When you listen with love, you’ll hear the melody of someone’s heart.
  • When you reach out in love, you’ll discover the spark of holiness in someone’s soul.
  • When you give with love, hearts are healed.
  • When you create with love, miracles happen.
  • When you act with love, you become a light into the world.

A single loving act can change the world.


Years ago a friend left a post-it note on my computer which said “You are loved by the very Creator of the Universe!” This absolutely blew me away… I’ve always considered myself a loving and caring person, but until that moment I didn’t really understand that I had intrinsic value and was truly worthy of being loved. Knowing that you are loved makes a huge difference in your life. It gives you confidence, security, and ignites the ability to reach out to others in love. And love is what connects us to one another. 

Let the love in your heart permeate every fiber of your being… and connect you to the flow of the most powerful force in the universe. Won’t you join me in setting an intention to make LOVE the way you choose to interact with the world?

Love is transformational!

Let love, hope, gratitude and compassion fill your heart; let them flow through you, inside you and around you. Let all you do come from a place of love.

I had fun creating the image for this week’s blog, and enjoyed experiment with some new color techniques. I’d love to know which version of the design is your favorite. Please leave a comment to let me know which one you like best.

Stay Zenspired,


PS If you colored any of the Valentine’s Day cards or coloring sheets from last week’s blog, I’d REALLY appreciate your sharing how they turned out. You can e-mail photos to me at [email protected]. THANKS!

20 thoughts on “Love is Transformational!”

  1. I like the first one. You want to be able to read the words and they are very predominant in white. Gorgeous!

  2. I love the last one as it looks more complete.
    1 John 3:1 tells us as believers in Christ, He loves us so much that He has made us "children of God". I find that amazing that the creator of all made me one of His children. Wow! If that doesn't give you energy, hope, and strength, I don't know what will.

  3. I like the first one the best but they are all lovely. I am so glad to have found you through another persons blog. You are so inspiring.

  4. The first one is my favorite, the white against the colors is a wonderful contrast.
    I am one of your new followers, and just bought a Dangle Designs book………………LOVE IT!
    I did my first Dangle Design for Valentine's Day and posted it on my blog, and to the journal groups I belong to on Face Book. I received hundreds of "Likes" and more comments on Face Book than I have EVER had before.
    Thank you for sharing this heart design, LOVE does really say it all, in every language!

    Here is where I posted my first Dangle Design:
    I would love YOUR feed back, as it is my first.

  5. Hello Joanne. Everyone of these is lovely, but I do like the first one best. I love the way the white words stand out against the colorful background. I'm so in love with your artwork. Thanks for your willingness to share, not only your artwork, but your heartfelt thoughts. Have a great week……Linda E.

  6. Joanne, you make it SO difficult to choose! The first one catches my heart! The second one, the words stand out more, so that's good; the last one in living color, oh that does it! xox

  7. They are all beautiful, but my personal favorite is the first one. It is simply the most pleasing to my eye, and to me, reads the best. Thank you for sharing yourself, your art, your journey! I get so excited when I see an email from you!!

  8. I like the first one. It has two rainbows and the world needs more rainbows to make us smile 🙂

  9. I just love your work and have watched many of your videos but could I please ask that sometimes you post some info on how you coloured or created some of your posts? I would find this so very useful.


  10. These are all beautiful!! My personal preference is for the color-on-color rainbow one that is last (but not least!)

    This post helped remind me that I am loved not only by the benevolent Universe some call God, but by family and friends.
    And that I love so much in return!!

  11. Hard decision when they are all so lovely. I think the order I viewed them in, top 1st middle 2nd bottom 3rd

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