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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Zenspirations® is much more than simply doing a drawing and pairing it with an inspirational text or scripture; it is an approach to spiritual growth and creative expression which is designed to enable each of us to dig into our hearts, discover our core truths and share them with the world in an uplifting way. For me, greeting the day with a pen in my hand, and journaling and/or doodling before I’m really awake helps me not only stay grounded in gratitude, but is a way of praying and connecting with God.

Often times my morning journal entries spark the design of a Zenspirations piece… especially when I am thinking about someone in particular. This week  I’d like to share two pieces that I created with members of the Zenspirations community in mind. The first is a card for Kristen Zeitler, who will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday.


Kristen shares my love of bright colors, so I tried to do something in her favorite tones. Hope you have a ‘Zenspirational’ birthday Kristen!

The second piece was designed for two special people in the Zenspirations community; Mary Anne, who was experiencing severe sciatica, and asked for prayers to help her heal, and Chris, who wrote last week saying “I love your sentiments and am amazed at how often it feels as if you were talking to me personally!”, and went on to share some of the challenges she’s been facing the past few years. I’m keeping you both in my prayers… Chris I’m glad that you often feel a connection to what I write, and hope you’ll especially enjoy this one, because it IS for you!


If you know someone in need of prayers and encouragement, you are welcome to share this design with them.

And now I’d like to share the results of the voting on how to best celebrate the 2nd Zenspirations® ‘Blog-iversary’. Here are the six options that were voted on:

  1. Do a ‘raffle’ give-away of some of my my new coloring (and other!) products, and include some of my favorite tools from Sakura of America.
  2. Host a ‘live-stream’ get together on Facebook, where I could fill you in on some of the things I’ve been working on, and you can all ask me (and each other) questions.
  3. Post new Create, Color, Pattern, Play™ designs for you to download and enjoy.
  4. Post an inspirational print that you could download, print and display.
  5. Post a set of ‘watercolor-colorables’ for you to download, print on watercolor paper and paint.   
  6. Post something from my new Bible Journaling Jumpstart collection that you can download and either color or trace into your bible. 

Number 6, posting something from my new Bible Journaling Jumpstart collection got the most votes, so I created a special 8.5 x 11 sheet and filled it with scrolls and scriptures designed to fit into the two inch margins found in most journaling bibles.


Click here to download a pdf of this page: Zenspirations®_Bible_Journaling_Jumpstart_scrolls_300 copy. You can print the page out, and either trace the parts you like into your bible, or color the sheet and cut out the individual designs and then paste into your bible. You can also turn them into bookmarks.

The next most votes was for a livestream conversation, which I am REALLY excited about. I will look into how to do it, and would appreciate your sharing your thoughts as to the best method for us all to connect.

The next highest votes was for a give-away… but I realized that in a give-away only one person would ‘win’, and I wanted to celebrate this milestone with the entire group. And so, as one of my gifts to you, I am going to share an inspirational 8 x 10 Zenspirations piece which you can download here: Zenspirations_by_Joanne_Fink_Masterpiece.


I wrote this piece a few years ago with my daughter in mind, and was thrilled when she painted it for me.

For those who would prefer a page to color– or watercolor– here is another ‘Blog-iversary’ gift:


You can get this 8.5 x 11 page here: Zenspirations_Free_Download_Flower_Coloring

I hope you all enjoy the gifts… and I hope you’ll post what you do with them in the Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB Group. I am continually inspired by the variety of creative interpretations, and am especially excited to see some Bible Journaling pages, as I’ve just started working on a new book, Bible Journaling Jumpstart. I’ll be looking for inspiration samples for the book in a couple of months, and will be posting more free downloads, so if you like bible journaling, stay tuned!

Before closing this week I wanted to share a gift that I am enjoying tremendously. Last weekend I filmed some new videos, and was thrilled that my uber-talented friend Jennifer Priest, who is a master crafter and social media guru, was in town for the filming. I thought it would be great to film a video together, and Jennifer suggested that we focus on the Dangle designs, and offered to make a beaded, 3-dimensional version of one of my Dangles. Here is a photo of us right before we filmed:


And here is the beautiful beaded Dangle sculpture Jennifer made, which is now hanging on the wall in my living room:


I cherish this gift not just because it is beautiful and brings my Dangles to life, but because it was made by someone I love. It will be a while before the filmmaker finishes editing, but I’ll let you know when it’s been posted.

Stay Zenspired,


26 thoughts on “Masterpiece in Progress”

  1. Good morning Joanne,

    Your Dangles sculpture is beautiful. I know it’s something I too would treasure. It’s beautiful. I’m excited to hear you are working on a Livestream conversation. While I know there will be a lot of logical issues it’s going to be exciting.
    In the meantime thanks so much for the gifts of more of your coloring work. I especially appreciate HOPE as I’m working on a gift right now for Bud’s oncologist and the theme is HOPE. The name of the vet practice is Hope Advanced Vetnaria Center. We are going to see her next week as yesterday was his last chemo treatment! Truly something special I’m grateful for. I’d like to add how much I appreciate all of the support I received from our group when I first found out he needed chemo.

    Have a good week my friend

  2. I love your dangles and to see a live, beaded Dangle is a beauty to behold! Jennifer is a talent.

    Thank you for your free coloring downloads — I think that I will be using the last one in my Happy Planner for a weekly layout (along with one of the Bible scrolls) for a Joanne Fink week! [and maybe I’ll add a dangle to a couple of the boxes, too!]

  3. Thanks!! I really need to see ” you are a Master Pice.” As an Adult with ADD, I sometimes forget that God has created me with His creative Hand , an He makes no Mistakes!!! Even in those times when I ask Why? Because He is working in Me !
    For His Glordly!!
    Now have a great Day in Him!!!
    Donna Miller p.s. My e-mail is not in all caps
    That is the only way it was showing.

  4. Wow! My heart skipped a beat when I read my name in your blog Joanne! What an incredible and beautiful surprise! Yes, your words are always an inspiration to me – and I often take them quite personal. I believe that is the mark of a fine artist…to cause a personal reaction in those that view your art. I also believe in the power of prayer and I think “I’m praying for you” is one of the sweetest sentiments you can say to a fellow human! Thank you so much – I do feel so very honored!

  5. I am so excited for your “Bible Journaling Jumpstart”! Please keep us informed of your progress. You are so talented and truly an inspiration!

    Joanne, thank you for all the free downloads this week! They are beautiful and great! I am going to use the Bible journaling page in the new Wellspring journal I am working on. And I can’t wait to print off the flowers to watercolor them! I am going to use this for a challenge with the class I teach. 🙂
    And lastly, I absolutely LOVE the 3-D dangled sculpture! I really want to try to make one of these!!
    Have a great week! XO

  7. Love the bible journaling PDF, thank you for that! The beaded dangle that Jennifer made you is amazing!

  8. This week’s blog is wonderful and Jennifer’s dangle takes the cake!!! Congrats to both of. Now I’ll have another raft project. 3-D dangle design s. As usual, sending love

  9. Joanne, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us. So inspiring! Would you please pray for my friend Mickey? She has brain cancer. And is going thru chemo & radiation treatments for it. She’s been thru a lot. Thank you. And please keep zenspiring us! 🙂


  10. Joanne,
    Thank you so much for all these gifts!
    I am so looking forward to seeing the videos you made.
    The piece that Jennifer made for you is outstanding!
    I wish I knew you liked beading & wiring… I will send you pictures some things that I have made. Very Similar to that Jenn does, but also very different.
    I am so happy to have “stumbled upon you”, as you have made mine (&I’m sure many others) life a much happier one!
    In Gratitude,

  11. Joanne – Thank you so much for my incredible Birthday card! Reading your blog just made my day and brought me so much joy! Thank you for remembering me and my love for bright colors!!!

    In gratitude,


  12. Thank you for your works I have discovered! Everyday a smile and something to try.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful downloads!! What a wonderful surprise!
    Also, absolutely love your dangle-come-to-life piece! Beautiful!
    You just bless! Thank- you again!
    Carol in OK

  14. Thank you so very much. Love your beaded dangles. I’m sure you love them, too.

  15. i needed to tell you thank you again. you were so helpful last week and i must say that i wasn’t expecting a reply on your part. Thank you again. You’re a living proof of human kindness

  16. Thank you for giving us a part of you, your God given talent and hard work. Also for teaching us how to do what you do. Teaching is truly extending love. There is no better way to show us real love than by sharing your work and soul with us. God is watching you and smiling. I can hear through the clouds and the sunshine, “Good work, Joanne, thank you for being my disciple of Love”

  17. Thank you very much for the free downloads. I love your pages. Seeing the dangle in 3-D is amazing.

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