Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hi Everyone,

When I first started designing the Zenspirations® Care-Moji Stickers, I based them on the messages I post on my friends’ Facebook pages. I’m really excited to share that after months in the making, I finally have a new version of the IOS Care-Moji App ready for Beta Testing! In addition to being able to text the Stickers, the new App lets you choose how to use them. You can e-mail, text, tweet or share them on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to test the App, please leave a comment letting me know, or send an e-mail to [email protected] with Care-Moji Beta Tester Volunteer in the subject.  

Beta Testers will not only get to test the App functionality, but will also get to test the new collection I’ve been working: Message Mojis.

In anticipation of being able to put the Care-Mojis on Facebook, I’ve been lettering all the things I frequently write in the comment sections of my friends’ posts. Here are a few examples:

I’ve also taken ‘Message Requests’, such as Lookin’ Good:

and Hysterical:

Hysterical was the first Care-Moji I lettered on a black background. I thought it looked so striking that I did a few more with black backgrounds:

If you read last week’s blog, you know that I’ve been having lots of fun with the iOrnament App. I used it to get the metallic effect on the Have Fun lettering.

One of the things that I’ll be asking the Beta Testers is to help me pick which 25 of the sticker designs below should be included in the collection when it launches. Here are the designs which will be in the Beta Test version:

I’m open to suggestions– so if there is a message you like to write– and you think others would like it, too– leave a comment letting me know what it is, and I’ll try to include it in an upcoming collection.

Before closing tonight, I wanted to reach out to those who use the Android version of the App to let you know that the Android App developer is trying to get the Android version to work as well as the iPhone one does. I know that some of you have had challenges getting the App to open on your phone, and I hope to have an update on this next month.

Stay Zenspired,








40 thoughts on “Message_Mojis”

  1. Sign me up -I would love to be a beta tester ! These look perfect and an so excited to be able to use with email and Facebook

  2. I love these! I don’t have an iPad but I have an iPod Touch. Will they work on that? It’s basically a mini iPad. I love the metallic look of the “have fun” care moji. It looks just like those scratch off pages where you scratch a design into the black and the rainbow colors show through!

  3. I LOVE them!! These will be so awesome Joanne….your talent and creativity are so inspiring!
    I would be very happy to help with the testing. I use my other Moji’s All the time! It will be hard to narrow down your list, they are all gorgeous.
    Sending love and blessings,
    Mary Anne

  4. Love these! I’ve been waiting for more. I use the others ALL the time. My intentions for this year are to daily Grow, be Grateful and Give. Your emoji’s are one of the ways I give. When I send one of your messages is touches peoples hearts in a miraculous way. If you still need beta testers, I’m your girl!

    Thanks again for choosing joy over pain and sharing your love with the world. You are a blessing,
    WendyV – Happiness Coach & Healthy Aging Mentor

  5. “Angels are watching over you.”
    I use your mojis all the time…would be happy to be a beta tester.

  6. Hi Joanne, exciting work! I would like to be one of the beta testers. I have an iPhone 8. Thanks.Janice

  7. Your apps are perfect. I’m quite often sending your butterflies and other beautiful additions to my texts. Sadly, I’ve never been able to figure out the interactive possibilities. I have an iPhone, but don’t see any blue prompts on the screen. Anyway, keep up the great wonderful work that you do. I’m an avid fan, but I don’t DO the social media platforms.

  8. I would be glad to beta test the app – I’m beta testing IOS 12 now so it would be good to know how it works with thee newest version.

  9. Hi Joanne – I will be glad to be a Care-Moji Beta Tester Volunteer. They are all just beautiful

  10. These are beautiful. I am not understanding how they work? You load an app and then how do you attach them to the text or facebook comment? Is it different than the stickers that come up automatically on my iphone when I text? I have always wanted a hair on fire emoji for my work IM. There are many of those days LOL!

  11. Joanne, I have had no trouble with getting the App to open on my Android…my problem is sending it to an Apple does not send at all. Android to Android works fine for me.

  12. Care-Moji Beta Tester Volunteer. I would love to Beta test your collection !! I havethe past app already and use the stickers regularly. Thanks so much for this opportunity !!Be Blessed. Donna

  13. Hi
    I’d love to be a beta tester. Please, may I?

    I always want an emoji for a great big question mark. It could mean, huh. It could mean questionable. I’d find it useful for many of the political posts these days.

  14. You are so incredibly talented! I would love to see stickers that those of us in direct sales businesses could use. Like, thanks for your order, I’ll be in touch, happy you like it, as well as gorgeous, stunning, amazing, you rock, adorable, prayers, I’m so sorry, so cute, great pics.

  15. YES!!! I’d LOVE to test the Care-Moji’s for FB and email. I’ve been wanting to be able to use them for that since I purchased the 1st set. I now have 5 and love using all of them.

    My suggestion for a future set is Animal Paws and sayings.
    I “Paws-itivly” look forward to your Care-Moji’s coming live on FB, e-mail, etc!

    Love you,
    Toni and Bud (who did great today on his Public Access Recertification Test)

  16. If you still need more beta testers, I’d love to. People really seem to enjoy the emoji’s from your first product line! They are stunning!

  17. I would absolutely love to be one of your beta testers! I have you on Facebook & Twitter. And as you can see I subscribe to your blog. I have an iPhone X.

  18. Add me to the list of those of us who are volunteering to be a beta tester. I have ALL your other emoli’s and use them every chance I get. I have an iPad and an iPhone 7 but rarely use social media if that is necessary for true testing. Either way, I know I will be adding the new collection to mine as soon as it is available.

  19. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be a beta tester. I have most of your caremojis already. I would love to see one “Praying for You!” and “Praying” Sometimes that is all someone needs to know. We have been doing a ladies study on “Life-Changing Prayer” by Jim Cymbala and it is AMAZING! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go deeper in their prayer life.

    Praying your day is Blessed! (That would be another good one!)

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