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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hi Everyone,

A little knowledge is an empowering thing! Last week my teenage son patiently taught me how to create a video, so I could share Leitha’s beautiful Reflect on Your Journey Journal with you. A lightbulb immediately went off in my head, and I thought “Wow! I could film myself lettering!” I’ve never tried to master the art of the ‘selfie’, but I must admit that I have had a lot of fun this week taking videos of myself lettering inspiring words, and sharing them on Instagram. Here are the words I’ve posted thus far:


I’ve lettered all the words with Sakura’s awesome Koi Coloring Brush pen on an 11 x 17 sheet of paper. I’ve been posting a new video to Instagram every day, so if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, my name is Zenspirations. For those who aren’t on Instagram, I’ve uploaded a few of the videos to my YouTube Channel.

Here is the AWAKEN video:

You can watch me letter the word Blessed here:

There are several other ‘demo’ videos on YouTube (including those that are more than a minute, and therefore aren’t on Instagram), along with the more in-depth tutorials I’ve been doing for Sakura of America for the past several years. I’m calling the new video series Flourished Brush Lettering, and ultimately hope to letter at least one word which begins with every letter of the alphabet. I’m open to suggestions for uplifting, inspiring words, so please leave a comment if there is a word you’d like to see lettered in this style.

I letter in different styles with different types of tools; here is a photo that was taken at The National Stationery Show last month, of me with some of my new greeting cards. The photo is kind of small, but I hope you can see the range of lettering styles I used.


Lettering is a great way to express what is in your heart in a creative way, and I try to have the lettering I do enhance the meaning of the words I write.

I’ve had so many people tell me that they would love to learn to letter, that I’m going to start offering some lettering tips and techniques to go along with all the lettering videos on YouTube. Please leave a comment if you are interested in participating, and I’ll send you information on what tools you’ll need and which videos to watch, along with some practice exercises. We’ll be starting with a basic italic, which was the first style I learned 30+ years ago. Hope you’ll join me in this new adventure!

Stay Zenspired,






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  1. I am so excited that you’re going to be offering lettering tips! I would love to join and follow along. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration!

  2. Hi Joanne!
    I would love to learn more about lettering! Your work is always amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your videos, time and talent with us!


  3. I would love to learn about lettering. I love your work – it’s beautiful!! Thank you!

  4. I would love to join! May be I am going to be a bad pupil though, as I haven’t got much spare time (any more) ;-).

  5. You are always so generous about sharing with others… I am excited about lettering with you in this way! So much to learn and opportunities to practice… Very exciting! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joanne.

  6. Yes Joanne, please include me on this refresher journey with your lettering styles on YouTube videos! Can’t wait!

  7. I would love to learn to letter! I can dangle, but I go to my computer fonts for lettering & it just is not the same. I love watching your videos! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Joanne,

    I, too, was taught calligraphy 30+ years ago (1978) as a HS freshman. I’m a little rusty as I don’t practice as often as I need to and am looking forward to joining this group! Thank you for your generous heart!

  9. Oh wow! I want to try this! Thank you for the opportunity!
    I look forward to learning from you! The warm and friendly style that you have, both in your art and your presentations, makes me feel like I am learning from a long-time friend!
    Thank you for sharing your talent so freely!

  10. Good morning Joanne, I would like to be a part of the lettering group. Thanks for sharing your talents and your inspirations.

  11. I am very interested in learning lettering. I’m so excited that you are offering this. Count me in.

  12. I would love to learn more about lettering. Your work is so beautiful.

  13. I would love to be a part of this journey if learning how to letter!! Your work is beautiful.

  14. Hi Joanne!, I’m so excited to learn something new! I can’t wait to get started! Then I can fill one of your beautiful journals with my favorite quotes and sayings! I am Zenspired!!

  15. I would love to learn lettering from you Joanne!! Please count me in!!


  16. I’m very interested in your lettering videos , actually anything to do with your lettering! Thanks for your artistic generousity!!

  17. Joanne, I love all of your lettering and would love to learn how you do it! Thanks so much for this! !

  18. I am so excited To hear about the lethe ring tips and techniques! I truly enjoy watching your videos. How about the word Jehovah?

  19. I am interested in learning lettering. I appreciate the time you take to teach us your wonderful, inspiring techniques.

  20. I’m looking forward to learning how to letter properly Joanne! That’s the reason why I don’t do a lot of lettering when I’m doing a CCPP page. I can’t think of a better teacher and am actually looking forward to homework!!!!
    Thank you for doing this (along with everything else you’re doing!).


  21. Please include me. I’ve just retired and now have time to play and be in joy!

    Thank you for your gentle, loving and generous spirit. Thank you for sharing your light and awakening the love-light in others. NAMASTÈ.

  22. Oui, oui, des explications pour vos lettrages, je serai heureuse d’apprendre. Thank you. Marie

  23. Joanne, I would love to participate in this. I did Italic calligraphy for years addressing wedding invites and haven’t been able to do it for several years now because my hand is not steady but would love to try again. I have lots of your books but especially love “Inspirations” – especially “trust Your Heart, it already knows the way. I appreciate your wonderful talent and that you share so willingly.

  24. Hey Joanne – You are so amazing and I have been following you for several years. I have many of your books including the lettering one and I would love to be included in your series on YouTube. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent and art with us.

  25. I would love to learn from you. I started about a month ago and would love some good instruction. Your work is lovely and inspiring. Also if you have any tips for lefties I’d be very grateful.

    A word I’d like to see you do is delight


    1. Thank you for being so generous with your skills & inspiration, I look forward to your posts though I don’t manage to leave a comment very often. Thanks again for all you do & the way you cause me to smile reminding me of His influences in our everyday lives.

  26. Joanne, I am definitely interested in the lettering tips and techniques. Thank you!

  27. I am interested in learning your lettering tips and techniques. Please send me the necessary information on the tools needed and videos to watch. Thank you.


    I love your work. I live in the UK. Are your cards available here in the UK?
    If so which company stocks them?

    You are truly an inspiration. God bless you, and may He give yiu many more ideas.

    Kind regards


  29. Absolutely. I love learning new things from you. Not only are you a wonderful artist and calligrapher but also a wonderful teacher.
    Where do they sell your cards or can they only be purchased on line.
    ((Hugs)) and a tail wag
    Toni and Bud

  30. Joanne, the grace with which you do your lettering is so amazing. It is stunning. I will be with you as you take us through this new adventure! Thank you for sharing your talents.

  31. You are so amazing. I have been learning some lettering, but it’s been slow going. I would very much like to have some help!!! Thanks so much for all you do.

  32. I absolutely LOVE your lettering. I love seeing how you do it with such ease. I have a hard time with adding the flourishing scrolls to letters, like I’m not sure where I’m going and I hesitate in the middle and then you can tell where I started and stopped. Your hand moves with such ease. I guess I need a lot of practice.

  33. I would love to learn to letter as beautifully as you do!! You are a gift to the world Joanne!!

  34. Yes! Please include me. By the way your work is amazing and you are so generous to share with everyone. God bless you.

  35. definitely interested! You’re one of my favorite current artists and I love your creativity and your heart attitude.

  36. I definitely want to tske part in your llessons. Please dign me up. Becky Walker

  37. Joanne,

    I would love to participate in your lettering group. You are such an inspiration! Janet

  38. Absolutely interest d! I am consistent amazed how you achieve such smooth lines with the clean color brushes. I love them but I get varying lines! Looking forward to a class. Thanks!

  39. I want to join all of you so please let me know details. I know i will LOVE it!

    Nancy Miller

  40. I would love to be included. Thank you for your generosity of sharing.

  41. Wow Joanne. I love the idea of receiving your tips about lettering/calligraphy. I’m not new to this, but I sure can use some major brushing up and influence from another calligrapher. Thank you for doing this and being so generous with your knowledge. I love the videos of the words you showed and your cards. I look forward to receiving all the details/information for this. Once again, thank you.

  42. Thanks for taking the time to help us learn! I’m definitely interested.

  43. I can’t wait to be a part of the Lettering Group. Just let us know when and where to sign up because I’m in. Thank you so very much foe all you do for us, and thank you for passing your Gift from God onto us. You are truly a remarkable, kind-hearted woman

  44. Thanks again, Joanne! I haven’t used calligraphy for quite some time, looking forward to the videos and your suggestions on the best tools.

  45. Yes, I would love to continue to learn by your instruction!
    I’m looking forward to it!!

  46. Yes I am definitely interested in learning lettering from you!
    And how about the word HARMONY or PEACE!

  47. Thanks for being so generous. I would really enjoy some lettering tips.

  48. YAY! I am so excited to start lettering 🙂 I am definitely interested and would love to have the information 🙂 Thank you Joanne! 🙂

  49. I would love to join your lettering group. What a blessing and opportunity to learn from the very best. I love all that you do !!! Thank you

  50. Hi. I would love to learn to start lettering. I have been intrigued by it for some time now. Please count me in!! Thankyou

  51. Joanne, I would LOVE to learn from you! You are such an accomplished calligrapher and the sweetest person I ever hope to meet. When is our first virtual lesson? 😉

  52. I would love to join you. I want to learn more about lettering. Thanks you for your generosity.

  53. Yes I am interested in learning lettering from you 🙂 Then I can add things in my new journal that look more professional or even on the coloring pages from your books too!!.
    I would like you to do the word(s) Faith, Grateful or Serenity please if possible.
    Loving all the videos!!
    You always Zenspire me!

  54. I would love to be part of your lettering adventure! Can’t wait to learn more!

  55. I am so excited about your upcoming lettering segments . Please add me to your list! ✍

  56. My last comment doesn’t appear here Joanne….I wanted to say I would LOVE to do this . Hugs xx

  57. I just discovered Joanne’s work and I absolutely love it!! I would love to join your lettering class. Please include me.

  58. Yes ! I would love to be part of your lettering adventure! Sign me up!

  59. I have wanted to learn lettering for quite a while. I am interested in any group you may start. Thank you.

  60. I would love to learn lettering. I have been practicing a bit of Copper plating and Spencerian script but lack your flare.
    I am looking forward to learning and participating in this new forum,
    Thank you and bless you for your kindness in sharing your talent.

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