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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Hi Everyone,

In addition to being prime time for fall foliage, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone knows someone who’s life has been impacted by this disease. Breast Cancer is the diagnosis received by almost 250,000 of the 850,000 women who learn they have cancer each year. Part of raising awareness about Breast Cancer is encouraging our loved ones to get regular check-ups; another part is reaching out to those who are coping with cancer and letting them know they are not alone.

Whether it is a scary diagnosis, a car accident, or the loss of a loved one, it’s during life’s challenges that knowing someone cares really matters. I like my work to be used to make a difference for others, and so I invite you to print and share the free downloadable designs I’ve created for this week’s Zenspirations® blog, and to forward this post to your friends and family and invite them to do the same. Do this for your loved ones who are currently fighting cancer; to celebrate with a survivor in remission, or to honor the memory of someone who’s legacy continues to inspire you.

For those who like to color, I’ve created a strength & courage ribbon:

Color the ribbon pink for Breast Cancer, Teal for Ovarian Cancer, Peach for Uterine Cancer, Purple for All Gynecological Cancers. Click below for your FREE DOWNLOADABLE Strength & Courage coloring card.


I’ve created full color ‘Holding You in my Heart’ card for those who would prefer to have a finished design. You can send this card however you like– e-mail, snail mail, text message– or even post it on Facebook.

Click below for your FREE DOWNLOADABLE Holding You in My Heart card:


I also created a pink ribbon/ heart flower design:

Before closing this week I wanted to thank everyone who shared a Remembrance Ritual on last week’s blog, Love Lives On: https://zenspirations.com/blog/love-lives-on/. So many of them touched my heart… I was inspired to design a cover for the book:

For those who missed last week’s blog, I’m putting together this book in honor of what would have been my husband’s 60th birthday on October 21st. I’m going to pick a name at random from those who leave a comment sharing the ways they commemorate their loved one, and that person will receive a copy  the newly printed When You Lose Someone You Love. Please make sure you post your comment by midnight on Saturday if you’d like to have a chance at winning a copy of the book.

Stay Zenspired,


16 thoughts on “Ribbons & Remembrance Rituals”

  1. On the anniversary of a loved ones death I light a candle in an angel votive holder in my kitchen. I say a prayer for them and light the candle and let it burn out totally. All day long when I pass the candle I think of that person, what they meant to me and how I hope they are in heaven. I think about conversations we’d have now etc.

  2. My Dad would have turned 88 years old on October 20th. He passed away June 10, 2017. Although my sadness is still quite fresh, I remember him by having conversations with him, telling him funny stories or just telling him how much I love him and miss him. I think about “all the good stuff” because it far outweighs the “bad stuff” and that’s how I keep the memories of my “Daddy” alive.

  3. Joanne
    Thank you so much for the newsletter and the beautiful strength and courage ribbon to color. I appreciate your kindness and generousity

  4. I remember my sister who passed in 2006 from 18 years living with a Spinal Cord Injury, by reading good books, eating healthy food and walking in nature because she could not. She inspired me to be a better person, to relish the small joys in life and to live in the present moment. Her strength and spirit live on in me. Thanks you Joanne for all your lovely art and inspiration.

  5. We normally make something that can be left at the cemetery We go to the cemetery on special days – birthdays – holidays -date of passing – and sad days …. we hold hands and pray together.

  6. What a beautiful way to remember your husband Joanne. My father passed away on June 19, 2017and then my mother on September 5, 2017. Both were in their mid 70’s, way too soon for me. I miss them both dearly.

  7. My husband passed away last year. We were together 32 years and it was not nearly ;long enough. I talk to him almost every day and write to him in my journal. I tell him how much I love him and miss him.

  8. Thank you for writing about breast cancer and about the other women’s cancers!

    My remembrance ritual involves finding a favorite piece of jewelry and wearing it for big presentations or just on a regular day. Each fills me with strength and warmth and love that I know the presenter intended when they gifted it to me.

    So excited about the new book! Congratulations!

  9. My Dad lived with us for 8 yrs. It’s been a yr since he passed…. He’ll be in my heart till I see him again.

  10. My 33 yr old son died in 2016. We have a six photo carousel urn for his cremains. Each month his 7 year old daughter paints or draws a new picture for daddy. I have had watercolor postcards for a few years, never knew what I would do with them back then…I’m thinking they were saved for the new “now’s” we have in life. My son was such a great artist, but some of his choices in life took him away from us. I miss him every single day and even more often than that. We celebrate daddy every week when his daughter is here. I try to give her relationship to him more importance than mine, he was her daddy for six short years, but hadn’t see her for the last three. She grows to look like him more and more. Thank you for letting me honor him by ‘talking’ about him. Thank you for your generous heart, May He who never slumbers nor sleeps bless you abundantly.

  11. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful cards to share with those struggling with breast cancer! It seems like every year I have at least one friend dealing with it. You are always so generous with your work Joanne! Thank you for that!

    I didn’t have a chance to respond last week regarding remembrance rituals. The one thing that I have done, in remembrance, was to crochet a blanket. I’ve lost three good friends to breast cancer and thus crocheted a pink and white blanket in their honor. I then donated the blanket to children in S. Africa. Ive also started crocheting a blanket in memory of my Dad who passed two years ago. I’m doing it in green and white, for his University colors. I will donate that as well.
    Doing this helps me in two ways. While I’m working on the blanket I am thinking of all the positive memories I have of that person. I also have the joy of giving it to someone in need and knowing that the loss of someone so special has been turned into something good.
    Have missed you my friend and I look forward to catching up!

    Much love,
    Mary Anne

  12. I commented about my “Remembrance Rituals” last week, along with many other beautiful rituals shared by some beautiful people.

    Thank you foe the Breast Cancer Awareness Cards, as a family member of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer just last month.
    They have started treatment already, & luckily, the Dr’s, & Maggie have a very positive outlook about a good outcome.
    Maggie always likes to paint gifts on plates, so I think I might make this for her on a plate, or mug.
    Thank you for sharing all this with us!

  13. I realize I’m a few months late… We lost my husband’s mother and sister to breast cancer. It was a very tough year.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful card!

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