Seek, Savor, Sanctify

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

The beginning of every year is a good time to do some soul-searching, and I have come to the conclusion that rather than trying to DO more, I’m better off when I do less, but am more MINDFUL. When I take time to connect with those I love, make time to create (which keeps me whole), and try to break myself of the habit of filling every moment of every day with busy-ness. 

Often, in my attempts to get things done, I forget to slow down enough to Seek, Savor and Sanctify, which is something I hope to rectify this year. I’m also trying to answer the question:

 “If life is a gift, who or what are you giving yours to?”

Have you thought about this? If so, please leave a comment letting me know what is in your heart.

Stay Zenspired,


7 thoughts on “Seek, Savor, Sanctify”

  1. Sometimes it is the moments that I spend in true appreciation of life – blowing the wisps of a dandelion – looking at the center of a flower – watching my son in pure wonder – that makes me realize just how awesome life really is.

  2. When I watch my 3 year old granddaughter, I am just in awe of the sparkle in her eyes when she makes a new discovery, how she can take an ordinary ball of yarn and make it a basket ball, a soccer ball, a hockey puck and when taped to the top of a paper cup it can be an ice cream cone or a microphone. Her inventiveness and imagination just consumes me. I am able to see in her things I may have missed when raising my own children, because of work and responsibilities. Some people say they've never seen a miracle … well, I have seen untold numbers of miracles … like when my children were born, how they grew physically and spiritually, with every breath and heartbeat there is a miracle. I could go on and on but space and time hinder me.
    So, I say, "Wake up every morning, and be thankful that you have a new day to discover God's awesome miracles."

  3. Thanks Joanne! I agree! Taking time to create is like meditation . . . slows me down and I forget all about what is niggling at my mind!

  4. My family is always put first above everything else I do — it's my hope they will have fond and wonderful memories of a close knit family like i grew up with. We enjoy playing games, I am homeschooling my 13 yr old as of this year, and there are always lots of creative activities with many types of arts and crafts — freedom to make a mess and have fun is a given around here.

  5. Joanne you are a gift in my life! I just love all of your creations …
    I just finished a 21 days fast and my biggest assignment from God was
    BE STILL in my presence… I learned that when you quiet your body and mind
    you become aware of your SPIRIT & SOUL and how you are
    A part of your creator and SAVIOR…
    At the end I heard His voice saying: " WHEN YOU LOOK UP; YOU
    But when I look down to the earth, I SMILE BECAUSE MY LIGHT

  6. You know…you hit this right on the head! We do not have to move at supersonic speed and I suspect that what was there before will still be there waiting to be taken care of if it is truly importance! My word to focus on this year is "intention" and I think this has a lot to do with where I focus my time and my energy. I want to be more intentional about how I live my life and make sure that I am enjoying the journey and not just trying to get to the end destination. You have so many words of wisdom…I love coming here to your blog and just lurking around sometimes…gives my soul food for thought! Thank you Joanne! Hoping we can make some time soon!

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