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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Valentine’s Day, a holiday which focuses on L*O*V*E, is fast approaching, and I invite you to join me on a quest to Share the Love… by sharing our creativity.


Love is the most powerful force in the universe. There is a light inside each of us; when we are able to reach out to others in love, that light shines more brightly. Using the talents we’ve been blessed with to make the world a better place is a special form of love. Let love envelop you… Let love flow through you… Let love connect you…Today, let the love in your heart shine forth in all the brilliant colors of the rainbow. 

I want to encourage everyone who is part of the Zenspirations® community to add someone (or several someones!) to your Valentine’s Day list. It could be a family member you haven’t seen in a while; a friend you really enjoy talking to; a colleague who is dealing with health issues, or a neighbor who recently lost a loved one. It could even be someone in the Zenspirations community you’ve always wanted to get to know. The idea is to take a moment and let this person know you are thinking about them. Whether your preferred form of communication is visiting, texting, calling, Skyping, messaging, snap-chatting, e-mailing, or old-fashioned letter writing, reaching out in love is an gift you’ll be glad you gave.

Although a phone call or text will ‘Share the Love’; I’m encouraging each of us to go the extra mile and share our creative gifts, and I’ve made three different cards for everyone to download, print, customize and share. The first says “Valentine’s Day”, and has room for you to draw some dangles or write a message (i.e. Thinking of You, Karen, with love on…) at the top.


The second design has a big open heart which is perfect for decorating, or for writing a message to the person on your “Share the Love” list.


The last design is simply a Dangle frame to inscribe and decorate in whatever way you choose.


Given how busy every is, I thought I’d encourage you to make the time to reach out to others– especially those who may be going through a challenging time– by offering an incentive– a selection of the Zenspirations coloring products which are now in Michaels! I was fortunate to find a store near the airport which had ALL 48 items! As you can see from the photo below, I bought some of each.


So here’s how the contest will work. I will set up a “Share the Love” folder in our Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play FB group, and you can upload whatever designs you create for someone to whom you wouldn’t normally send a Valentine’s Day greeting. You can create your own design, use one or more of the designs I’m sharing tonight, or even use a page from one of my coloring books. This lovely example from my Color Peace book was created by Kristen Zeitler.


The idea is to “Share the Love” by reaching out to someone who has not been on your Valentine’s Day list in previous years. You can enter more than once… if you post three Valentine’s, your name will be entered three times. Next Monday night, February 13th, at midnight Eastern Standard Time, one name will be randomly drawn from among those who have entered. That person will have their choice of 24 of the coloring products. (There are eight different products: gift wrap, gift bags, gift tags, note cards, note books, cups, picture frames, and mini easels, and there are six different designs for each product, for a total of 48 different options.) International entrees are welcome, although I am not sure if I will be able to ship the rolls of wrapping paper overseas because they are quite long– but there are plenty of other products to choose from.

Click below to download:




I can’t wait to see what you create– and I’d love for you to leave a comment letting me know who you plan to put on your “Share the Love” list.

And now I have a favor to ask. I have two calendars coming out in 2018; the first is a 16 month, 12 x 12 calendar, which will retail for $14.95.



The second will be a 12 month, 7 x 7″ calendar, and will retail for $7.99.


I’ve been given the opportunity to place an order for these before they go to press, and I’d like to know how many people would be interested in buying a 2018 Expressions of Faith calendar, so I can decide how many to order. I’m not taking pre-orders, and I’m not asking for a commitment, but if you think you would buy one of these calendars, I’d appreciate your leaving a comment saying which one you’d prefer.

Speaking of pre-ordering things, I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith. I’ve been enjoying all of your comments and positive feedback. It helps to have reviews, and I’d be grateful if you would take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon, especially if you purchased the book from Amazon. For those who pre-ordered from me, I just got more books, so I’ll be signing them tomorrow and sending them out over the next few days.

I’d also like to thank the people who have let me know that the website listed in the book,, doesn’t work. That’s because the book somehow got ‘fast-tracked’, and wound up coming out ahead of schedule… and now I have to get the website up. Please check back later this month.

Before closing tonight, I want to wish my uber-talented friend Gail Beck a very happy birthday. Since Gail is a florist, I made her a card with flowers.


I ‘met’ Gail when she shared some of the awesome pieces she created using my coloring book pages as a starting place, and like her work so much that I have included it in every book I’ve done since. But what I like best about Gail is her giving heart… she is one of the most supportive, caring people I know. Last year Gail came to Florida, and we finally got to meet in person. I’m looking forward to seeing her again when she comes back to Florida next month. Let me know if you’ll be in Central Florida in March and would like to join Gail and me for a Zenspirations ‘play day’. It would be great to get together! Hope you have a wonderful birthday Gail!

We have two other community birthdays to celebrate this week; on Monday, February 13th, Ardis Ferdig & Connie Denninger will both be celebrating their birthdays. Ardis is one of the original members of our FB group, and Connie, who has been teaching creative ways to express your faith for many years, is a welcome newcomer to our community. Check out Connie’s beautiful work in the gallery section of the new Bible Journaling book.



Happy birthday ladies!

Stay Zenspired,


32 thoughts on “Share the Love!”

  1. Hi Joanne!
    What a great post! I absolutely LOVE your idea, of sending Valentines, to people we don’t normally send to! How awesome! All three designs are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to start working on them. And, oh my gosh, Kristen’s piece is so beautifully done!!!
    I would definitely order the calendars, probably one of each! They look so beautiful!
    I really want to try and come down in March. Let me know the timeframe, that you will be seeing Gail, and I will see if I can get away for a couple days!
    Love always!
    Mary Anne

  2. I will buy at least one of each calendars.
    I live in central Florida and would love to meet and color with you and your coloring family.

  3. I would love to have the 2018 12 x 12 calendar. Beautiful work…May the Lord bless your ministry.❤

  4. I would get one of each calendar – big one for home, small one for office – and perhaps more small ones as gifts for my mentees (3).

  5. Thanks for the Valentine card templates. I don’t usually do Valentine cards however your words have inspired me to do a card and something special for the Clinical Care staff at the Aged Care Facility where I am working. Recently residents rooms were reshuffled and staff hours cut to reduce costs. This has been very stressful for everyone however some workloads have increased markedly adding extra pressure for the staff involved. Though I cannot alter the stress I’d like to do something to brighten their day.
    Also love the 2018 calendars and will probably purchase the believe in miracles one though they are both lovely.

  6. Joanne – Thank you so much for the lovely Valentine’s Day downloads. I’ve been tangling for a long, long time. Love the meditative qualities it gives me for pain relief. Starting to dive into coloring as well. Would you please post some notes about the size cards your downloads will fit best? I will likely cut my own and do not wish to distort the proportions. Thank you. Linda

  7. Hello my dear friend Joanne!
    First things first…..Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and remembering my day! My card is so perfect, with beautiful and bright rainbow colors, which I love! And then the sweetest things you said of me made me teary-eyed. I so needed to hear this today.<3
    Second, your new calendars are amazing and of course, I want both of them in my future! 🙂
    And then, your generous and always giving heart to your Zenspired fans by sharing 3 of your designs with us to color for the contest! I hope I have some spare time to make at least 2 of something before Mon. night's deadline, but I would "Share the Love" with my 2 aunts, Doris and Helen, who are confined to nursing homes and I hope it would show them how fondly I love and care for them so much. <3
    Thanks again for all you do to make our world so much kinder and creative!
    Love and hugs XO

  8. WOW Joanne, what a great contest. It’s perfect for the many who have said they’ve been unable to find your great Zenspirations products from Michael’s.

    I have 2 groups of people to Share the Love with – my Zenspirations family and my Kol Ami Congregation. Without the love and support of many from both of these groups of people I’m not sure I’d have made it through the many challenges that I’ve faced this past year or so. So many people have lovingly touched me in ways they will never really know or are unaware of making; they may seem small to those who do them but huge to me.

    Tomorrow Wed 2/8 I face one more challenge. It’s the 3 year anniversary of my 2nd (of 4) and most severe TBI’s. I’m planning to do something very special for myself. I’ve signed up for a workshop on creative lettering at a local Paper Source store. I know it will not be anywhere as wonderful as if you were here teaching me but… Now lets pray my body allows me to go!

    I’ve also heard through the grapevine my copy of your new Bible Journaling book will arrive in my hot little hands tomorrow! I’m tooooo excited to see the finished product. Will be on Amazon writing a review!

    Love to you and my Zenspirations family,

  9. I would very much like to get a calendar for my home and year. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday so I love the share the love idea. My Dad is now living in a nursing home and he asked me to make him some cards to give the staff, so now I have a better reason to make them Zenspired!

  10. Love the cards and printed all to give to my family! Hopefully will have some time to color them! I’d love to try the contest, but have a Tai Chi workshop for 2 days at the end of this week and am working costumes for 2 shows at the same time! And I have a jewelry show on March 15th! Never bored here 🙂
    Always love your creativity and that of your followers!
    I’d be interested in the 12×12 calendar

  11. I have found your new products at the Lakeland Michaels. Many employees don’t know about them. I would like one of each calendars.

  12. I love your “Share the Love” idea. We just moved into a new house in November and I can think of a few of my new neighbors who could use a little extra love. I think I’ll print the cards and let my kids help me make something for our neighbors to brighten their day.

    I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a calendar of your designs. I would buy one if it were available.

  13. Hi Joanne – I love your artwork and your inspirational messages. I would totally be interested in one of those calendars. The 12×12 could definitely be framed after the year is up. Thanks for the beautiful share love cards – it is a great idea and I will be coloring some this weekend to share with some teacher friends next week! Thanks for all you do and congratulations again on the bible journaling book and the items at MIchaels.

  14. Wow! This is an awesome share…when u asked us to think of someone we usually would not send a valentine I thought of my brother. We are very distnt…and his wife and kids…I would so much like to be part of his family. You have encouraged me to reach out to them. I would order both calendars for sure!!

  15. Hi Joanne, thanks so much for remembering my birthday with such a beautiful card! Birthday wishes go out to Gail and Connie…hope you both have a wonderful day and many more birthdays we can share.

    Joanne, I would be interested in both calendars…I could see buying several of each for friends and family.

  16. I love your new book Complete book of bible journaling It is so awesome. I would order the small calendar or the big one it is just so hard to say I love them both . I love all your work and inspirations

  17. Hi Joanne.
    I thank you for this weeks blog & all how great it is to know that you share your appreciation for those who also show they care & are supportive so that those people Can feel they make a difference in this world, & most likely continue to because as shown, it feels good to be recognized for your efforts to make people comfortable & happy.

    Also, as I’m sure you know from 2015, I would definitely order your calendars! I thank you for sending me the one you found since they were no longer available, & letting me know that you’d bee sending me one this year.
    Just so you know, I order many calendars (for each room) , so already I had ordered one for this year as soon as I saw it available.
    I would love (& Will order} 2 of each size for 2018! I hope that feedback helps you somewhat in your quantity when ordering.

    I hope that I can get time in to participate in the contest now that I am eligible.
    Because so many were unable to get your items from Michael’s, I have bought & am shipping some to them. I had to take out of my own supply, but that’s ok since I always try to get more than one of each item.

    All the birthday cards are beautiful! And I all hope the birthdays this week are great ones.

    I will be making a card to Philip Fleet as my person that has surprised with his generosity of understanding without understanding. (if that makes sense), but not at all dismissing & actually reaching out in friendship & concern knowing people with any type of mental illness is no different than someone with diabetes & doesn’t disregard my feelings, which actually helps people to not feel worse, but actually better!.

  18. I would order the 12×12 calendar. The cards are beautiful. I will make one for our departing Pastor and one for our new Pastor.

  19. Thanks for sharing the cards.I might send a Valentine Card to my sister, who is living almost 800 km from me. We don’t write that often, and see each other only every few years. And I’d buy one or both of the calendars for myself, perhaps giving two or three of the small ones to family/friends. But only if I can get them via Amazon Germany.

  20. What a wonderful gift. I will be printing the V-cards and sending some to my Aunts who live two provinces away and to a friend in England who is dying of cancer and will probably not see another V-day. Would also try to give one to the residents on my floor in the seniors only apartment where I live. Thank you for the super idea. A new way to let God’s light of love shine on others. Bless you for your generosity.

  21. We would buy calendars! One of each please! Thank you for the downloads! Love them!

    Kristen and Aliyah

  22. I love everything about hearts, so this is awesome! In regards to the calendar, I like big calendars to put on my fridge, so the 12×12 would be perfect!

    Love and hugs,

  23. I make a special family oriented large calendar but would love the small one.

    Thank you for the downloads. I am already using another of your downloads for a Valentine’s Day Card and will use this one to make a special one for my hubby. Know that isn’t 3 but I’m a little late due to the bug that is ricocheting around our little town.

  24. My Birthday is Friday the 17th! I so appreciated your rendition of my name last year! Thanks again!!!

  25. I would order the 16 month calendar for myself and 6 of the 12 month calendars for friends and family.

    I’d love to get together with a group for a play day but I can’t get to Florida. Would it be possible to have a play day in our local areas?

  26. I want two or three of each size pretty please? I’m glad I caught up on your blog!

    With gratitude and love, Dee

  27. Tho I’m rather late in commenting since I just today stumbled upon your blog, I ❤️love❤️ both your calendars! And all your work actually! It’s been such a blessing scrolling thru the pages of your blog this morning! Praying for God’s abundant blessings to rain down upon you and your ministry of love!

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