The Discovery of LOVE

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hi Everyone,

What a delight to be able to get feedback on a design-in-progress! I feel blessed that so many of you took the time to look for LOVE, and to let me know which version of the design you like best. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts, especially to Pamela, who commented that she liked the way “the word ‘discovery’ acts like highway supports on life’s journey“.  

This was the effect I had hoped to achieve; although I actually wanted to share the concept that the strength we need on our life’s journey comes from LOVE… which is why I put the word LOVE in the middle of the word DISCOVERY (the ‘C’ becomes the ‘L’).

Based on your comments I realized that LOVE was not noticeable enough, so I made it a brighter color. Then, because I wanted to underscore the message that love is what makes our life’s journey worthwhile, I added color to the the word life to create a visual connection between LIFE and LOVE. Do these changes help? Is the word LOVE too noticible now? As always, I invite and appreciate your thoughts…

May you Discover Love in unexpected places this week… and may you feel supported by those you love every step of your journey. 

Stay Zenspired,


14 thoughts on “The Discovery of LOVE”

  1. Oh wow! How could I have possibly struggled to find it! I love it! Definitely more obvious now. Beautiful and so well done. Thanks for sharing your art x

  2. Joanne this is such a great message and you made it look just right. The "love" in red givesis prefect- enough so you notice but not so bright it takes away from anything else going on. LOVE it!

  3. This third one is my favourite of all three. Absolutely beautiful work. I like how LOVE is more clear and that 'Life' has colour, too now; although I didn't realize colour was missing from it yesterday!

  4. Hi Joanne
    Merci de nous consacrer autant de temps pour rechercher toujours le mieux.
    Maintenant je vois le mot LOVE. Merci. I tried to find it . But i couldd not find it before.
    It's the first time, I try to write in English (soory for my bad English) but I wante to say to you how I love your work.
    Work or plesure ?
    Tkanks to share

  5. It is very pretty, I would have never found the word LOVE embedded within the word DISCOVER, I thought the L was part of the structure to the left of and below the heart and the heart was the O, couldn't find the V and E….

    I love your work and appreciate the time and effort you take to share your wonderful work with all of us, and especially the video tutorials, I look forward to those the most 🙂

  6. Now I see the word love and it is perfect because I still see the word discovery. Just perfect and beautiful and inspiring. Thanks.

  7. After I submitted my comment the other day, I looked at your drawing again and wondered….hmmm….could "love" be in the word "discovery"? I L-O-V-E your new coloring of this piece and the connection between "Life" and "Love". Absolutely brilliant. YOU are a genuine inspiration to me. Thank you!!!!!

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