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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hi Everyone,
One of the things I like best about Social Media is that it facilitates connections with people the world over who share your passions. For example, I am connected on Facebook with hundreds of calligraphers from more than two dozen countries. Some I’ve known for years, some I know by reputation; others I had no idea existed until they sent me a friend request… yet they are all part of my calligraphic family. It doesn’t matter whether or not we’ve ever met; whether we prefer to letter with a brush or a pen; whether we have been lettering for decades or are new to the craft: our mutual passion for lettering binds us together no matter where we happen to live or what language we happen to speak.

Joining Instagram earlier this year has made me realize that Zenspirations® is going global. People are posting Zenspirations cards they’ve created, dangles they’ve designed, and completed pages from one of my ‘Color, Create, Pattern & Play’ books. It’s exciting to be part of a growing worldwide community of people who follow the Zenspirations® blog or practice Zenspirations® as an art form, a meditative style of journaling, a spiritual philosophy and/or way to write from the heart and inspire others to fly. That’s what inspired me to create this piece… I hope you enjoy it. It’s just a rough, but below are some close up photos so you can get a better idea of the concept.

For those who are interested in trying the technique, I used Koi Coloring Brushes (and a water brush) to create the color border, and then used an 01 Pigma Micron to letter the text.

I invite you to celebrate Zenspirations by connecting with others who share your passion. I also invite you to connect with me on Instagram at
Another thing which made me realize Zenspirations is going global, is that I got a copy of my first Zenspirations book, Zenspirations Letters & Patterning, which had been translated into French! Below is a photo of both versions.
Here is a side-by-side showing how the French version is laid out.

And here is another sample page:

The same week I got the sample of the French version, the delightful and talented Anna Coll wrote to let me know that she’s been asked to translate the book into Spanish, and to find out if I could redo the hand-lettered text in Spanish. Although I won’t be able to reletter everything, I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start. These are the Spanish words which will replace the English messages shown on these pages:

It’s really exciting to know that Zenspirations is being translated into other languages… and even more exciting to be part of a growing community. I’d love to know where Zenspirations is being practiced, and how popular it is outside America– and therefore have a favor to ask. If you are based outside the US, I’d be grateful if you would leave a comment letting me know how you heard about Zenspirations, how long you’ve been doing it, and anything else you think I should know. I will draw a name from those who leave a comment, and that lucky person will recieve a digital download of their name (or the name of their choice), along with a Color, Create, Pattern & Play page, and fully colored Zenspirations design.
I look forward to discovering where the Zenspirations community is growing!
Stay Zenspired,

13 thoughts on “The Global Connection”

  1. Hi I'm Michelle from NSW. Australia. I stumbled upon Zenspirations on Pinterest when I was searching for lettering. I then spent the next few days oohing and ahhhhing over your work. I have just ordered and received my first stencil and book which I have had to order from overseas as I couldn't find anyone who stocks your products in Australia.

    I would love to have someone local to purchase from, as the postage is terribly high, if I could save more money to spend on my very large Zenspirations wish list!

    I've been a stamper for 20+ years and have also found your range of beautiful stamps which I would love to add to my collection.

    So over the past few months since discovering you, I have started practicing my own hand lettering and doodling. I have a long way to go. But with all of the beautiful ideas you share on your blog I am enjoying ever minute!

    With hugs
    Michelle x

  2. Hi Joanne

    I'm Fiona from the UK. I've been interested for about 9 months, (though I wouldn't say I've been active for that time!). I'm trying to create some give away cards which contain encouragement and also are good to look at.

    Love your blog.


  3. Hi Joanne I only found your blog last week and I have had great fun trying out some simple Zenspirations in my journal pages.
    I have spent days looking through all your work, it's so inspiring. I even had my first go this week at hand lettering in my journal and I was really pleased how it came out! Thanks for all your creativity and I am an avid follower here now. I am from the UK.

  4. How fun for you to be going global with your books! I've only been at it for a month but am completely addicted!!! Looking forward to more and love your newest creation.. I guess I better add Koi Coloring brushes to my wish list.. I wonder if my hubby will let me get them for HIS birthday?? lol

  5. I am brand spanking new to your cute doodle tanglings work! I am intrigued by the Adult Coloring book craze and tangling books that are becoming more available. I am from BC, Canada and there was a story on our local news about the coloring books being a great stress reliever so…I started but so did everyone else and for now those type of books are impossible to get our hands on!

  6. Hola, yo soy de México y estoy feliz que esten traduciendo Zenspirations a Español, ansio comprar tu libro.

    Hace 2 semanas dí con tu blog por Pinterest, soy tu aficionada.


  7. Congratulations on all your new successes!!!! the book you show is one of the first ones of yours that i bought. do you know what book you are going to be sending me to replace the duplicated one we talked about???

    thanks for continuing to inspire–i have a large presentation board (with 2 wings) that i have to do a "This Is Your Life" project on for an ongoing project i am heading up at our church and i have done Zentangle all over the top and down both sides and it looks great!!! will let you know the responses when it is on display in June.

    Jo Anne Eggers

  8. Dear Joanne,

    This post is such an amazing surprise for me! Thank you so much for you kind words.

    Your precious messages written in my mothers language really touched my heart.

    I'm so happy to be part of your community. Being the first CZT in Spain and calligraphy lover, Zenspirations is for me a perfect combination.

    ¡Feliz día! (I wish you all a happy day)

    Anna Coll

  9. Thanks for sharing about your global calligraphy connections and about the French and Spanish translations of your books. The words, anyway…… Your flowing lines and ways with color need no translation!! Sometimes, with the way the word seems to be going, it's good to focus on good news and happy connections and heartfelt creativity. Long live art and artists ;-} ~Susan

  10. This is so exciting for you! I pass the artwork that you made for us years ago everyday in my studio. It used to hand in Kelly's room when she was young – now it's MINE!!!
    Continued success-

  11. Hi Joanne

    From sunny (although winter now) South Africa. I have been doing doodles for years and zenspirations even before I new they had a specific name. Colourful pens and paints have always been part of my art. Found your blog when I was looking for some word art awhile ago. Love your stuff. Stay inspired.


  12. Hi Joanne,

    A while ago I received your zenspirations workbook from a friend in a care package. Things have been a bit tough for me for a while and art/creativity always energizes me. Some weeks ago I finally got a chance to 'play' with the zendoodles and blogged about it here

    It was a wonderful afternoon spent crafting, making these doodles really helped me relax. So thank you for the inspiration and I plan on doing more zenspirational activities in the future 🙂

    Namaste, Tarah

    PS; I am from The Netherlands and my friend who sent it to me is from Germany 🙂 Another global connection 🙂

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