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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hi Everyone,

For most children October means Halloween– costumes & candy. For most women October has come to mean Breast Cancer awareness month. While it is important to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, and encourage women to get regular check-ups, I think it is also important to reach out to those who are dealing with cancer and the challenges it brings. It always makes a difference to know that others care, especially when you are facing a life-threatening illness. 

I have several friends who are fighting valiant battles against the disease; whose strength, grace and courage continually inspire me. So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and these amazing women, I created some Zenspirations(R) Pink Ribbon art that you can download, print, color, and share with those who are facing the cancer challenge head-on.

Click here to download the Zenspirations(R) Think Pink Printable Card to color. When you get to the page, right click the image to save a copy.

Click here to download the Zenspirations(R) Pink Ribbon Printable Coloring Page. When you get to the page, right click the image to save a copy. 

There are a number of ways you can color and embellish the art… here’s another example:

I’d love to see how your Pink Ribbon creations turn out… and to know who you created yours for. If you send me a photo I’ll put it on one of my Pinterest boards. 

Stay Zenspired,


7 thoughts on “Think Pink! Free Downloadable Coloring Pages!”

  1. Thanks for providing the ribbon printouts. I'm doing a "pink" art journal page and was casting about for something to put on that page for breast cancer awareness and the ribbons are the perfect thing! I'm going to print them out and color them up to put on the page!

  2. Love the ribbons but I'm going to make mine purple for my daily fight against Fibromyalgia.

    Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Thank you, Joanne. they are, of course, intrinsically lovely but the association makes them precious. My best college friend, from a thousand years ago, has, we hope won her battle, at least this round, and I will colour mine for her. I don't think I will send it to her, she'll think I've gone all sentimental on her, but it will go on my study wall to remind me to think of her every day.

  4. Thank you Joanne for all the lovely art work! As one who is going through breast cancer chemo, it is heart warming to know that we are not alone. A wonderful balm for the heart & soul!

  5. As a breast cancer survivor (11 years, 9 months), I am delighted to find such a beautiful set of designs for sharing the savage joy of winning the individual fight and fighting to win the battle against breast cancer. Thank you for sharing your lovely art.

  6. Joanne- I love your work and love learning from you! I would love to see you do one like this but that is Teal instead of pink. Teal is the color used to represent gynecological cancers and the month for that is September. Gynecological cancers are often over looked and under promoted! I would love to see a coloring sheet like this one to promote TEAL IS THE REAL DEAL!! Thanks!! (btw- I am a 2 time Gyno Cancer survivor!)

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