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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hi Everyone,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for the past three years I’ve posted cards from the Zenspirations® ‘Pink Ribbon’ collection for ‘color & creativity enthusiasts’ to share with those they love. I’m thinking about creating some new art this year, to give encouragement, hope and support to cancer patients and their care-givers, friends & family, and am wondering how many of you would be interested in sending (either physically or digitally) a card in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Your responses will help me decide whether or not to spend time creating these new designs, and if so, what type of designs to create.


Would you prefer an inspirational message such as ‘Keep Hope in Your Heart’;


a faith-based message, such as ‘Praying for You Today’;


a compassionate message such as ‘Holding You in My Heart’;


or a different type of message that I didn’t list?

Would you prefer a card like the one on the left, which you can color yourself, or a card which is ready to send, like the one on the right?


Below are two of the designs I shared last year, which feature words like Strength, Survivor, Hope, Love, Courage, Believe, and Imagine. Are there specific words or phrases you’d like me to incorporate into this year’s designs?


Thank you in advance for your input. You can leave me a note in the comment section of the blog, or just cut and paste these questions into the comment section and add your reply.

  1. I’d like a card to send to: __________________________________________________.
  2. I’d like the message to say: ________________________________________________.
  3. I’d like the design to include the word(s) _________________________________.
  4. Please check one:
    1. I’d like a card to color:  _______
    2. I’d like a ready-to send card:   _______

As a thank you for sharing your thoughts, I will randomly select one of the comments, and will write the name of the person who will be receiving the card, as well as the name of the person who leaves the comment.

Before closing tonight, a reminder that October 21st is National Mammography Day. Early detection saves lives; please make your appointment today, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Stay Zenspired,



18 thoughts on “Think Pink!”

  1. My Aunt Joanne. I would like the Message to say Breathe keep your faith and remain strong. God Heals. I would like a card to color

  2. As a breast cancer survivor, I’m not a big fan of the “pink washing” that occurs every October. So I like the pink heat that says holding you in my heart. I also like the keep hope in your heart and you are not alone. The later 2 I like fir coloring because then it doesn’t have to focus on “pink” only.

  3. I’d like to send a card to Linda, I’d like a verse from the Bible about hope like Romans 5,5a “Hoffnung lässt nicht zuschanden werden” (German text, “Hope does not put us to shame” (ESV)- in the German Version there is not as much shame involved but more not being destroyed or being overpowered by the enemy- maybe there is a translation that conveys this hope). oder Ps 62,5-6: “For God alone, o my Soul, wait in silence, for my hope si from him. He only is my Rock and my salvation, my frotress; I shall not be shaken.” Feel free to use a different Bible version from mine, and perhaps condense the second one somewhat. Main word hope, perhaps also strength. I’d rather color it myself, because that’s so much fun! Some free space would be good so I can add some German lettering.

  4. Hi Joanne! I love all your work but for the think pink card for this year I really love the message of the third one, holding you in my heart. But I personally would like it to be brighter more like the first one. The message works for all those going thru treatment but also can cover people who fought the brave fight but did not win it here on earth and are now finally at peace but their loved ones need the encouragement now.
    Just my thoughts.
    Xo Nancy Clare

  5. L’Shana Tova and Mazel Tov, what a wonderful way to begin our New Year by completing the book. I pray you have a year filled with sweetness, good health, and much love surrounding you.
    For cancer awareness I believe although Oct is Breast Cancer Awareness month there is a missing niche for general cancer awareness. Everything is pink. I found when both my Dad and Bud this past year had cancer I could find a lot of pink ribbon but nothing more generic. I’d love to see a coloring ribbon card like the one on the right you did last year that can be used for any type cancer. I think some of the words around the outside may need to be changed, not sure to what.
    For question 4 I love both! Happily I can say at this moment I have no one I need to send a cancer card to and pray it stays that way.

  6. I’d like a card to send to: _friend_________________________________________________.
    I’d like the message to say: _Thinking of You_______________________________________________.
    I’d like the design to include the word(s) _____Holding You in My Heart____________________________.
    Please check one:

    I’d like a card to color: _______
    I’d like a ready-to send card: ___x____

    – See more at:

  7. I like them all, my favorite is the hope one, and to color one, my friend Marilyn has survived cancer 10 years now but if it’s OK to give her one,i would chose praying ,as we pray every day does not return, thank you for always thinking of others and always giving those around you encouragement and inspiration, blessings Sue

  8. its really bad but id love all of the above option which I know is far from helpful!
    I love the faith ones.but obviously some people don’t have that belief system. but I always think they are wonderful and show so much power and love for could give them to anyone
    I love the idea of a child maybe being able to colour a card for their mum or something,i think that could help both sides,perhas help younger people have something to do and help feel they are doing something,a healing too a bit in colouring for a loved one in pain, but they are good for adults too because there is so much need and want for adult colouring at the moment.
    I love the flower one already coloured,wo that roots on the bottom of all the things keeping you going made me tear up a little.i think that a very power card.
    id send your designs to anyone suffering.they are apt for all most definitely.
    I love your words. they don’t beat around the bush and pretend things might or might not be ok but they reach out to the strength,the hope and the ability to just hold on.i love how you do your words in all your designs and pieces.
    I know this is of no help haha.but I would get all of thee on here for people.

  9. I’d like a card to send to: __________________________________________________.
    I’d like the message to say: ________________________________________________.
    I’d like the design to include the word(s) ___________________________holding you in my heart______.
    Please check one:
    I’d like a card to color: ____x___
    I’d like a ready-to send card:
    – See more at:

  10. Everything you make is lovely! I like being able to color myself as it is ‘giving’ a little of myself to the person that it’s for.

  11. Joanne
    I love all three of your card designs! I have a dear friend who just lost her daughter in law to breast cancer. I would like cards already colored for me that send. The words you have chosen are wonderful. Others: beauty, stillness, listen, strength, courage, silence, ask. “Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?” Sol 8:5

  12. Joanne,
    They are all wonderful.
    I’m particularly drawn to the hope one, the one you presented first.
    I have to agree with another review that last card, “holding you in my heart”, seems to be a little
    washed out especially when compared with the other cards you have done but I love the sentiment. Taking yet another viewers suggestion about transcending to bright colors that are not pink that could be used for any person that is going through a rough time in any way, be it illness or life circumstances would be well received.
    I like that you offer the option to color a card yourself, very thoughtful!
    How about a card specifically for kids who are ill and also for a child to color?
    I really love all your work and thank you for continuing to think of others.
    You are a blessing.
    Thank you,

  13. Hi Joanne, It is hard to choose a favorite!!! The third picture is just so unique!!! I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor and love to see all the pink during the month of October. Thanks for reminding everyone reading your blog to get their mammogram; that is how my cancer was detected. I would suggest a mix of cards for survivors and current patients with a mix of some colored and some to color; that way you may be encouraging new artists. Thanks you for blessing us with your work!

  14. I’d like a card to send to: ____________Lanette______________________________________.
    I’d like the message to say: ____________________________Praying for you today____________________.
    I’d like the design to include the word(s) _________________________________.
    Please check one:
    I’d like a card to color: _______
    I’d like a ready-to send card: ___x____
    – See more at:

    My sister-in-law lost her first husband, and a few years ago lost her second husband, my brother who died from cancer throughout his body at 57 years old. Now she is suffering from cancer herself and is all alone. I would be truly honored to have a card made by you to share with her. I also have my cousins wife, Kathy, who has a very rare form of breast cancer which has now spread to her bones throughout her body. I’ve never seen anyone so positive when she speaks of her illness. She has made it a mission of hers to change her diet to foods that help in keeping new cells from growing. She’s told me her Bible is a book called “anti- Cancer, a new way of Life by David Servan-Schreiban MD PH.D.

  15. I love the Hope card and Holding you in our hearts. Love the words – family, friends and faith included in the You are not alone card. They are all beautiful. The Breathe card resonates with me as I often say “The most important thing is to keep breathing, everything else can be sorted out”. I would like a card for my Sister to send to Jan, her colleague who has just been diagnosed with aggressive cancer in multiple areas of her body. I would like the card to feature a birds nest held carefully in two hands with words along the lines of “Secure in God’s hands” or “Held in His grip.” I’d prefer a card to color which adds a personal touch.

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