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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to my World! It’s a world of Color, Creativity & Connection where artistic exploration is encouraged, shared and celebrated. For those of you who are newcomers to the blog, Zenspirations® is a combination of my personal philosophy and art style. I try to pair my drawings with scripture, or with my own hand-lettered messages and I teach the techniques I’ve developed and share my designs in hopes that others will use them as a springboard for their own artistic expression.

You don’t have to be a professional artist or crafter to enjoy Zenspirations®; double-stroking images and adding patterns and uplifting text is something everyone can do. I encourage you to experiment with color, pattern, and hand-lettering as a way of developing your own creative voice. For those of you who are spiritual seekers like me, I’d recommend practicing Zenspirations® as a form of drawing meditation. I try to wake up each morning with a pen in my hand, and begin the day with a gratitude filled prayer-drawing like this one.


I’ve discovered that when practiced regularly and meditatively, Zenspirations® can lead to opening our hearts and minds to our own limitless creative potential. For me, the practice starts with an intention to stay grounded in gratitude and to make a difference in the world, and I try to let the lines and words flow through me as I journal.



Sometimes I go back and create a finished piece of art from one of my journal pieces. For example, this Color, Create, Pattern, Play page from my Expressions of Faith book


began as a spread in my morning journal.


I am especially proud of way Zenspirations® has grown into a worldwide community of kind-hearted souls who share a love of creative arts and inspiring thoughts. . At last count there are people in almost 50 countries are being ‘Zenspired’, and hopefully inspiring others. If you’d like to become part of this global community, I invite you to join our Zenspirations® Create, Color, Pattern, Play Facebook Group, where you can share your ‘Zenspired’ work, seek help with tools and techniques, and enjoy the amazing creations that are posted. Click here for the link.

For more Zenspirations®, you can follow me on Instagram or ‘like’ Zenspirations by Joanne Fink on FB. And if you love to color, please check out the Miracles from Heaven Coloring Contest; there are two Coloring Pages available as FREE Downloads, and some wonderful prizes.


I look forward to seeing your creativity shine!

Stay Zenspired,


13 thoughts on “Welcome to My World!”

  1. You continue to inspire! Thank you Joanne for your kindness in sharing your soul and art with us all. We love you!


  2. Joanne,
    Thank You for all you do…
    So happy that wonderful things are happening for you, & totally admire the way you share all the good there is in this world with everyone else!
    You are truly inspiring!
    Much love,



  4. Joanne, thanks for your Zenspiration in our lives, in our art and ourselves. I look forward to your blog on Tuesdays, feels like i am having a cup of coffee with a friend i have known for ages.

    Have an artful day,

  5. Joanne,
    Oh how I love those pages! Simple. Thoughtful Flowing. I know I would write my thoughts of blessing on the page. My favortie is with the “old city”. Once you’ve been there, it becomes a part of you.
    I’m using it as inspiration. thank you!

  6. Thanks for all that you do joanne, you are so INSPIRATIONAL (sorry this is All in CAPITALS but I cannot change it! Is anyone else STRUGGLING to leave a comment too?) Hugs xx

  7. Beautiful rainbow of color.
    Our covenant reminder, smile.
    more words to live by,
    thank you,


  8. Joanne, i am VEry new to zEntangle, so i am pleased as punch to find you! You are such a sweet inspiration! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  9. My sincere thanks to you Joanne!
    I eagerly await your weekly posts!
    Love your new WEBSITE!
    gOD bLESS YOU.
    mARY lYNNE, sR.csjb

  10. Joanne ~
    The following is what I posted on the FB site for all to see, hoping particularly that YOU would be aware, but also letting the world know my true feelings. Thank you for adding so much to my life!

    Thank you for adding me as a member. Previously, I had checked in and made a couple of comments, but from now on, all can be “official”.
    I’m a longtime user of Internet graphic offerings in order to glean the needed help to make personalized greeting cards. It has only been quite recently that I found Joanne Fink. Having found many talented artists over the years as I searched for help in finding “just right” graphics, until Joanne Fink, I’d never found one with such a joyful spirit of generosity. Not only her designs but also her attitude, have brought a combination of the sparkle of bling and glitter along with a multitude of colors that cheerfully call out, “And look here! Here’s another one you’re really going to like! Ooh! A dream come true ~ she has made that inspirational one into a coloring page as well!”
    A million thanks won’t cover all the treasure you have put in my heart, Joanne, but since a long journey begins with a single step, I’ll start with two words”Thank you.”
    M Sue

  11. I love your color pages.I have actually found one of your color books locally. thank you so very much. we put page protectors over them and hang them around the house.

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