Zenspirations® Community 2017 Word of the Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Wow! I am delighted and inspired by all of the wonderful words which have been proposed as the 2017 Word of the Year for the Zenspirations® Community. I tried to letter them all in one of my journals:



Of all the words which were suggested, the one which resonates for me on a personal level (not necessarily as our group’s word) is BEYOND. It suggests something just out of reach that is worth striving for. I anticipate 2017 being a year of transition for my family; both of my children will be graduating and embarking on new adventures, and I don’t know what lies beyond the bend for me. Some of the other words I’m considering are FOCUS, NAVIGATE, and RENEW. What words are on your list?

I feel a profound connection to the many kindred spirits I’ve encountered on this amazing journey I call Zenspirations, and have been trying to think of a word which embodies the primary attributes I use to describe our community– kind, supportive, creative, caring, and compassionate. Is possible to communicate these values in one word? I’m not sure… but if it is, the word hasn’t presented itself to me yet! I started to play with acronyms, in hopes that I could imbue ‘extra’ meaning into a single word. For example, here’s what I came up with for GRACE:


My friend Penny helped me come up with an acronym for ACCESS, which I really like, in part because it rhymes, and in part because it lists many of the attributes I see in our community:

*Appreciate* *Connect* *Care* *Encourage* *Support* *Share*


While I like the acronym, I’m not sure the word ACCESS feels quite right. I tried

UNITED: *Understand* *Nurture* *Imagine* *Teach* *Emerge* *Discover*; and

HEALING: *Hope* *Empathy* *Artistry* *Love* *Inspire* *Nurture* *Grow*;

My friend Deena says that TOGETHER WE SPARKLE, and suggested this acronym:


*Support* *Play* *Appreciate* *Rejoice* *Kindle* *Learn* *Embrace*


So now it’s time for the group to vote…


To make this easier, I’ve narrowed the list to:











Please leave a comment letting everyone know which one of these words you’d like to see as our Zenspirations® 2017 Word of the Year. Feel free to suggest an acronym for any of these, or another word which you think would better represent our group. As I promised last week, I will letter the group word, as well as the personal 2017 word of whoever first suggested the word we collectively select. Since this will be a community word, please take a moment to read the other comments, in case you want to reference what someone else shares.

Before closing tonight, I have two exciting pieces of news. The first is that my new book is going to press on Friday!!! This is the last piece I created for the book:


It will be on the opening spread of the Tools & Techniques section. I am BEYOND excited to see the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel!

And, for everyone who has expressed interest in my daughter’s music, Sam is going to be sharing some of songs she’s written for her new album, Listen, on Facebook Live, Tuesday night at 7:00 pm eastern time. She announced her upcoming ‘mini-concert’ in a short ‘cup song’ tonight, which I thought was so cool that I wanted to share it with you.

So tune in Tuesday night at 7:00, on Samantha Trattner’s FB page, or I’ll post the link on my Zenspirations by Joanne Fink Facebook page. This is the first time anyone in our family is doing Facebook Live; positive thoughts would be appreciated!

Sam’s Kickstarter campaign is starting to pick up steam. She asked me to thank everyone who has shared and supported her. Right now she is 42% of the way to her goal:


Since there are only 7 days left, I will be able to let you know next week whether or not she’s been successful. Thanks for helping me cheer her on!

Stay Zenspired,


105 thoughts on “Zenspirations® Community 2017 Word of the Year!”

  1. My vote is for healing. That’s what I have been doing for 9 months following the sudden death of my husband. I expect 2017 will be a better time of healing than 2016 was.

  2. My vote is for Transform as it represents so many areas in lifes journey on earth. Most important to me is the Transformation of my life when Jesus saved me. Transform in this Christmas season is extra special as Mary was transformed into a mother by the Holy Spirit. Her baby was transformed to the Son of Man, Jesus, The most High. Jesus was transformed to live and die for our sins and transformed in that toumb when he rose from the dead. Jesus can and will Transform anyone who calls his name and asks for this transformation(to be saved) and each of us will be Transformed when we pass. Merry Christmas Joanne and all of my Senspiration friends !

  3. Its hard to see that faint type when posting to this blog and I didnt see that I had misspelled Zenspiration before I posted. I am now Transforming my typo to a correct spelling ! Zenspirations !!

  4. HOPE….because although I pray, I also Hope. I hope that this year my family grows closer, my health improves, my sons grow closer to Him, our finances improve, my faith grows stronger, our country unifies, HOPE…. its all we have….

  5. Right on Deena! TOGETHER we SPARKLE! What a great way to kick off the new year, by clearing our “personal palates” and moving forward rejoicing and embracing 2017 with lots of celebration and sparkle!✨ ✨ Whether learning something new or embracing our spirituality within our Zenspiration community, our Glitter pens and Koi brushes are ready to create… Let’s play together!

  6. For me it’s a tie between grace and kindness. I think it’s important to show grace and kindness to others especially those we don’t know because we never know what struggles people are going through.

  7. Grace is my choice – ithe state of grace includes so many of the other words…grow, hope, inspire, kindness…I strive for grace everyday, and often fall short.
    Also, grace would be one of the first words I would use to describe you Joanne!
    My personal word is “simplify” – my husband and I are slowing down, and making major changes with the focus on simplifying our life this year.
    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration you bring to us!

  8. I think United is a great word for this year to be. We will all need to congnizant of each persons special attributes and come together in our group in a totally united way.

  9. I vote for connect. When we find ways to connect to each other, we avoid misunderstandings and conflict. When we connect, we find our similarities and appreciate our differences.

  10. My vote is for HOPE – 2016 jas been a horrible year from the start for us and i know of several other families that have had a rough time too.

  11. Inspire….your words, your work, this community, inspires me and so many others! Thank you for this inspiration!!!

  12. I like healing.i thiknk you could do many thinga on this one,for this one both on words,qoetes,lessons and lettering. t can mean so much and especially the year weve all had together and seemingly in our own families.there lots to heal but a community can do it together.

  13. Every one of these words is a winner; full of meaning. For me, the word Grace is key to achieving goals that are God centered and what I am striving to express more in my daily life.

  14. It is s three way tie –
    Kindness – I believe that is what makes the world go round!!!
    Grace – and – Healing.

  15. Healing seems appropriate to me as our country picks up the pieces and goes forward . There is always Healing after a storm, a death, a tragedy,, an illness, a surgery, a disaster, a trial, a disappointment, a murder…………………………..God knows we have certaintly had all of these things happen this year so there is nothing left but to HEAL our people and our nation.

  16. Transform. As i learn to transform my thoughts, feelings and beliefs that do not serve me or the world well – all things fall into a greater place of love.

  17. TRANSFORM – 2008 Obama said he will fundamentally TRANSFORM our country. By grace of God, our country will TRANSFORM to be the great country for all its people starting in 2017.

  18. Transform – I love this word as it is what Christ followers are constantly doing.

    *Trust *reflect *applaud *Neighborly *safe *Fearless *obedient *spiritual *respectful *magnificent

  19. From your list I will pick kindness. For me personally it is responsibility. I feel if more people would take responsibility for their own actions and adopt a decision to work, in their own small way, to help someone it could make a positive difference in a wide scale.

    Thank you Joanne for your continuous inspiration.

  20. I love all you do. You are sooo talented and such a gentle spirit about you.
    I love the word Grace because it reminds that I don’t need to do anything but accept God as my Lord and Savior. By His Grace I will go to heaven. Not by my good works but by God’s Grace.

    Hugs and Blessings

  21. hard to choose one single word of the year when there are so many. since i have to choose from the list i will say INSPIRE. simply because when you inspire yourself or others it allows you to achieve all of the other words. (i.e. when you inspire you transform, you give hope, you encourage healing, it allows you or others to grow, and connect. i could go on and on but i will leave it to my vote for INSPIRE for the 2017 zenspirations word of the year. and just to add an end note. THANK YOU joanne for inspiring me with your amazing talents that have made me a better person and artist.

  22. Sparkle! In this current environment, I feel we need to let the world know that it is okay to sparkle with good things!

  23. I am voting for HOPE. That was my first word I thought of from the beginning.
    Prayers continued for Sam and her Kickstarter and of course, YOU as you come to the end of the book to head to the publishers. <3 (((HUG)))

  24. I like 2 sprakel and access It was hard to chose but acces describes the group so well I think

  25. I think we have to transform in 2017, so much change is coming to the US and the world that to just change is not enough. Everyone will be impacted. “Transformation”

  26. Inspire
    If you inspire someone you have made a GRACEful CONNECTion with them, helping them to GROW, and HEAL and giving them HOPE. Inspiration is an act of KINDNESS bringing a SPARKLE to someone’s life and TRANSFORMing them into a state of peacefulness.

  27. I Vote for GRACE
    I believe it embodies many of the other words and some on this list.
    Oh, and I LOVE the word Beyond for yourself, I may just have to borrow it for myself. I also think it would pair well with GRACE .
    Big Hugs!! Reeah.

  28. I love the word BEYOND. It describes so many possibilities that lie just ahead of us. Our lives are made up of past, present, and future moments. The present moment we’re all in now so suddenly becomes the past, and likewise the moment just beyond so suddenly become our new present moment. It’s an ever-changing circle of life. “Beyond” moments are filled with great potential and mystery. I love the idea of focusing on our “beyond” moments and await with great anticipation the surprises that will test, strengthen, teach, grow, humble, and change me in large or small ways to be all I was created to be. What lies BEYOND?!…

  29. All the words are great but since I am choosing one, my choice is: Transform. I love Karin’s acronym above “Trust Respect Accept Nurture Seek Forgive Observe Receive Magical”.Yes, the magic of transformation – that definitely has a sparkly feel to it!

    (While I was writing this – the word, Radiance, came to mind. In our efforts to be lights in our world, “Radiance” is certainly a great word, too.)

  30. Transform. 2017 is a “1” year in numerology. Meaning new beginnings. What better way to start anew than to “transform” into the Love that we truly are?


  31. I’m in love with SPARKLE….on so many levels…that word encapsulates what this Zenspirations group means to me!

  32. KINDNESS makes the world go round and it seems we do not have enough of it in today’s world.n

  33. I pick transform because that is the word I need for this coming year. I’m seeking for God to transform my life. I love the word you chose for you “Beyond “is what our family and ministry is going. Thank you

  34. I like ” sparkle” because it reminds me of the Zenspiration dangles and it implies creativity and illumination.

  35. Transform is the word that is calling to me as 2017 is going to be a beginning and a continuation for me. I like the many words associated with this word that you have presented and will use them to stay focused.

  36. I like kindness and also grace. In our church the pastor always says be kind to one another because you don’t know what battles that person is fighting. Another word I thought of is awaken, to awaken to the beauty and goodness that surrounds us and we don’t always see.

  37. I like transform because that is what drew me to this group. Joanne was so generous in sharing her work and inviting others to transform her ideas into their own creations. It is great to start with a coloring page and transform it with my own colors and patterns. Adding our own unique creativity and sharing it with each other transforms the world.

  38. I’m still going to say “Kindess” because from kindness, EVERYTHING else comes. You can’t have grace
    without kindness; you can’t have hope without kindness, etc…..Kindness will take us Beyond…
    Thanks everyone for being and acting kind. Joyce Gauss

  39. I like the word Kindness. It is a beautiful word and we need more of it to spread to others.

  40. I vote for INSPIRE, it is what God wants us to do for one another. We are to inspire each other to bring out the best in each one of us, our purpose that God placed in us. I want to INSPIRE as many as I can!!! I also love being INSPIRED by each on of you when I see those awesome works of art you post!!!!

  41. My favorite is CONNECT. If we don’t do a better job of connecting with others we don’t have a prayer of doing the rest. Over the past few years the inhabitants of earth have lost this ability; instead we see intolerance for differences of opinion, race, creed, gender, and age. We cannot depend on technology to CONNECT for us. We must not lose humanity to impersonalization. My prayer for 2017 is that we all see the blessings of each other and work together, one to one to one.

    1. This is the word for me-CONNECT. Connectivity is what
      required to reveal the meanings of the other words. Thank you Joanne, for inviting us to connect with you and each other in this dialogue.

  42. I like HOPE . My heart is filled with hope that this group gives to me. Hope is something we should share. I also love acronyms and when I think of HOPE these words come to my mind.


  43. I believe the word for 2017 should be HOPE. It is something we all need. Hope that this world will unite and be a better place for out children and grandchildren to grow up in. Hope that all will learn patients, compassion and understanding.
    God Bless you and all you are doing Joanne.

  44. HEALiNG because we need to be healed from our brokenness and negativities before we can welcome the positive and move on. I giess everyone will be looking forward to this every year, and I personally will be living the word throughout the year and forever.
    I miss the group, i have been busy with other commitments.
    I cant wait for the journaling book. Impromose to contribute more:)

  45. HOPE
    I’ve been thinking a lot about HOPE lately as our family faces uncertain times, yet, like with every last person on earth, we need hope to face a new tomorrow.

    Handing Over Present Expectations
    Healing Oceans Pour Everything-I-Need

    Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a HOPE.

  46. I have been thinking a lot about this all week before weighing in. My word is HOPE also.
    I love the acronym someone had for it.
    H – healing
    O – optimism
    P – positivity
    E – encouragement
    To me it speaks to both what I personally HOPE for as well as I truly believe the members in this group find healing and optimism during hard times from one another and there is always positively and encouragement among everyone.

  47. All the words that are up for a vote are wonderful., yet,
    I’d like to submit the word “Spirit” for our group for 2017.
    This word helps us to reflect on each person’s spiritual life as well as the spiritual well being as a supportive group. It also helps us focus on the middle of the word: Zenspirations.
    Possible acronym: * Supportive* * Play* *Iconography* * Rejoice* *Integral* *Transform*
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  48. Hope for a better year, Heal the past wounds and inspire us to be a better person,creative,Peace for the world too, Pray for the new President and Bless him. for he will have his hands full.Merry Christmas to all and especially you Joanne.

  49. Hi Joanne!
    I’ve been thinking about this all week! Of the words you shared above, I think my favorite is the word, and especially the acronym, for GRACE! The acronym seems to embody everything we believe in, and strive for, through Zenspirations.
    I hope everything went well, with finishing up your book editing! I’ve been hesitant to call, because of everything you had going on, but I will try to get with you this weekend!
    Love always,
    Mary Anne

  50. All the words are great, but KINDNESS is the one word that creates all the others. You can personally have hope, grow, sparkle, inspire, etc., BUT those are words for our insides. For me kindness implies looking outside of myself towards others. Right now we simply do not have enough connection, hope, inspiration, etc., in our society. Instead we have lack of kindness with plenty of selfishness, blame, panic, narcissism, entitlement (lots of something for nothing), fear, exclusion of anyone different than us, and self-centered thinking. In my opinion, kindness is the bridge to others; and is about stepping outside of ourselves. It’s about creating community and reaching out to others, past our own fears and discomfort. Kindness gets us out of our mindset and into other communities which helps with growth, healing and connection, as well as creating hope, grace of spirit, and inspiration for ourselves and others. When we share kindness we also sparkle with the light of love. Kindness. It is all the others combined.

  51. I’m late to comment Joanne. I have been pretty quiet over here and on FB recently as I’ve been so busy but I do read everything. I would like to vote for the word grow as it is such a positive word for the whole year. Thanks for all.your amazing work and inspiration. You are such a positive light for the group. Hugs xxx

  52. Although it is not popular in the list yet CONNECT sums up the group mission the best as we connect with ourselves abd each other abd God/the Univetse//our Higher Power/our faith community

    I alao like the word SPARKLE as that sums up the work you do and pass on to us.

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