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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I really enjoy hand-lettering special messages for friends and family. As long time blog readers know, I design a LOT of birthday cards. Here are a couple of examples:


I express appreciation with personalized Thank You notes:

Custom design notes to help celebrate milestones such as weddings and anniversaries:

And try to remember those who aren’t feeling well. When it’s a physical illness I make a get well design:

When someone is going through a really challenging time, I send a message to let them know they aren’t alone:

Since I am doing a lot of grief support work these days, I especially try to remember friends who have lost loved ones, and reach out to them on holidays and other special occasions.

Recently, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I’ve been sending a lot of “Praying for You” messages:

I have been looking for a way to make emojis & stickers from my hand-lettered phrases, and am really excited to share the news that I am collaborating with a friend to create a series of Zenspirations® apps for use in texting, e-mail and on FB. I’m trying to come up with several different ‘collections’ of hand-lettered sentiments, and welcome your input… and your suggestions for phrases to letter. Here are examples of some of what I’ve done thus far. These are Emoji Prayer and Healing stickers:

These are some of the Emoji Greetings Stickers I’ve designed:

Here are close ups so you can get a better look:

I’ve been designing these images in Procreate on my iPad pro… and having a blast doing it!

Here are the questions I’m hoping you’ll answer:

  1. How many images do you think should be included in each collection?
  2. Would you prefer a Phrase collection, an icon collection or a combo collection?
  3. Which of these phrase collections would you buy?
    1. Birthday (i.e. Happy Birthday, Time to Celebrate! Birthday Wishes)
    2. Holidays (i.e. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day)
    3. Prayers (i.e. Praying for You, Sending Love & Prayers, You are in my thoughts & prayers)
    4. Encouragement (i.e. Hang in there, You got this!, I believe in you)
    5. Gratitude (i.e. Thank you so much, You are a blessing, I’m so grateful!)
    6. Greetings (i.e. Hi! Hello! Sleep Well)
    7. Love & Friendship (i.e. You are greatly loved, I’m so glad we’re friends, Forever Friends)
    8. Get Well Wishes (i.e. Get Well Soon, Hope you feel better, Take it easy)
    9. Congratulations (i.e. Way to go!, You Did It!, Hooray!, Awesome!)
    10. Support (i.e. I’m so sorry!, Oh No!, Yikes! I’m here for you…)
  4. How much do you think I should charge for each pack? 
  5. What icons or phrases would you like to see included? Please be specific– I am happy to letter things you’d like to say…

As an incentive, I will give everyone who leaves a comment with their thoughts a free sticker pack of their choice when they are ready!

I am really looking forward to everyone’s input.

Stay Zenspired,




79 thoughts on “Zenspirations® Emoji Stickers”

  1. Oh my ! How can I choose my favorite? I love them all !! I think I particularly like the praying for group and I love the encouraging ones ! I thing maybe 6-12 in a pack ? But Im not sure of the size so thats a hard one for me. I like the phrase collection. As always, thanks so much for your wonderful work ! Donna

  2. I eould love the gratitude, encouragement, support and prayer. The rrason is because you dobt see alont if them out in the market already.

    A combo of 20 not sure about pricing.

  3. Whatever is comparable to other paid-for Emoji packages – 50 images?
    Combo collection
    Being from Scotland UK, some spellings and Holidays don’t travel well!
    I like –
    Mixed phrases particularly Happy Christmas, Happy Birthday, Jesus is the Reason, Get Well soon
    Prayers (i.e. Praying for You, Sending Love & Prayers, You are in my thoughts & prayers, Thinking of You)
    Gratitude (i.e. Thank you so much, You are a blessing, I’m so grateful!)
    Greetings (i.e. Hi! Hello! Sleep Well)
    Get Well Soon, Hope you feel better, Take it easy)
    Well Done, Congratulations, You Did It!
    No idea of pricing, given the time it takes for you to make them.
    I would like to see included Christian icons such as Praying Hands and plain or Celtic Cross, and phrases such as The Lord is my Shepherd, Jesus Name above all names

  4. Joanne!
    As always, beautiful designs, fantastic ideas!
    At least two dozen designs per category.
    Combo collection.
    I would buy them all!!! Especially the “prayer” collection!
    I have no idea what the cost should be!
    “Love You!”, “Love You More!”, “Hugs and Kisses!” (These are just a few I could think of….)

    What an amazing addition to the digital world with your lovely designs!
    Thanks! :~)

  5. Hi Joanne,
    I especially like the Emoji Greetings.
    Would purchase them all!
    Perhaps adding “Love you!”. I know you have “You are loved <3", but thinking "Love you!" might be a good addition as well.
    Love this all and thank you!

  6. Usually when I buy clipart, there are about 20-25. I would prefer a combo, because I would get a variety. I would buy either the prayer or the support, lately through that with family and friends. Price range is difficult because if it’s too expensive no one would buy it. ($15-20)

  7. I would like WTG! way to go!

    Your designs so far are amazing. I would send them to lots of friends.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  8. I prefer the first set. However, it is difficult to read most of the ones that have a detailed background. The exception is the third one in on the third row (Praying for you). I think both the larger lettering and the fact that the background is white beneath the letters and the color is on the edges is why this one works on a small scale.

  9. All of them are fantastic, I particularly love the really bright no6, no7 and 10 standout, with 10 in each pack would be fabulous. ❤️

  10. Joanne,
    They are all magnificent! Great ideas! I tend to like the designs with the lighter colored backgrounds.
    Maybe divide your ten choices in Half:
    Birthday, holidays, get well, congrats,
    Love & friendship
    Then: prayers, encouragement, greetings, support, and gratitude
    Or would each category be a packet?

    Believe it would sell either way!
    What about adding phrases for grandparents to send?
    As for how much to charge? $20-25?
    Hard to pick out which phrases at this moment!
    You always do wonderful projects Joanne!

  11. I think a combo pack would be wonderful,, but also birthday,, those are the main two I would think of buying,saying that I think they are all wonderful! as for price I would think maybe $5-10 price range.

  12. I love the idea!
    1. This is simply a guess: 20 images in each collection?
    2. I would prefer a combo collection.
    3. I would buy the prayers collection (3).
    4. This is another guess – $10 for 20 images?
    5. Blessings
    Praying for you
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers
    Thankful for you!
    Love and Prayers
    You are a blessing!
    Forever Friends

  13. 5 or 6 images per pack seems like a good idea to me. Too many and they just end up not being used regularly. You could sell a set of 3 at a lower price point, like a lite version, and charge more for a larger set.

    A combo of phrases and icons would be most useful to me.

    Birthday, Encouragement and Support are the themes I would need most often.

    I honestly have no idea about pricing. I currently have only the emojis that come with my phone. I doubt I would pay more than $3 b/c I’m of the age where I also use my phone as a phone and not just for texting. 🙂

    I like peace signs, snowflakes, clocks, globes and butterflies, generally, so I would be more drawn to those than say, hearts or basic geometric shapes. A bit of a flowery touch would work well with many sentiments.

    The following phrases are indicative of what I usually say in text messages:
    You Got This
    Trust Yourself
    I’m Here for You
    No Problem
    Ciao Bella
    Catch Ya Later

  14. I would love to see a smile pack! I love the friends pack. I think 14 that way it will cover two weeks if you were to change the frame they are in evryday. As for prices I am not good at that. 🙂
    Smile it makes people wonder what you have been up to!
    A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out!
    Kim. 🙂

  15. These are lovely! I likenthe prayers one, get well, congratulations, thinking of you. If you could do one that says prayers for a pet that has passed or is sick, that would be good. As for cost, sorry, i have no idea.
    Congrats on this new endeavor!

  16. I just watched an episode of Scrapbook Soup on Create TV in which your beautiful lettering was displayed. I had to pause the show so I could google – I’m so glad to see that you have a blog. I was doing something else while the show was on and immediately stopped and gave my full attention to the segment. In elementary school, I was taking a calligraphy class but, my arm was fractured in an accident. It affected my ability to hold onto the pen with the needed grip. I wound up stopping and then many (many) years passed by. I’m just now beginning to become interested in writing as art again and am hoping my weakened grip won’t still present a problem.

    Anyway, I love the idea of such beautiful stickers because I believe it further adds to the sentiment being expressed when a word has an artistic look. Love and friendship (7.), gratitude (5.), encouragement (4.) and greetings (6.) would be the groupings to which I’d be most greatly drawn. I think it would be terrific to send stunning words for some every day occasions – when people wouldn’t expect to see the lovely writing.

    I think a combo collection would be especially useful because that would provide the buyer with additional leeway in changing or editing the original purpose. I think, if possible, it would be nice to see 2 different size packets – perhaps an option of 6 or 12 per packet. I’ve often times purchased greeting or thank you packets because I was drawn to the look of them but then found either it contained so many that I was left with extras in a drawer or too few.

    Giving buyers the option of a half dozen or a dozen per packet should hopefully expand the number of potential customers. Pricing – I suppose it would be good to have the 12 pack be double the price of the 6 pack minus the individual price of one sentiment. I hope that makes sense. If you make the 12 pack exactly double the price of the 6 pack, the buyer may instead opt to buy 2 of 1 or 1 of the other if they need 12. By reducing the 12 pack by what would be the price of 1 individual sentiment, you might encourage buyers to purchase the 12 pack. As for actual price, that’s a bit more difficult. That would depend on how/where you’d intend to sell them. Some places would provide greater leeway if prices of all products tend to be higher. I do think it should also be dependant of the degree of colors and flourishes per packet. The greater of those two, the more differentiated yours would be from anything else in the same category.

    In terms of phrases, I’d love to see ‘You deserve better,” “I’m with you,” “I believe in you, please believe in yourself,” “I love you more as the days pass,” “Words don’t do justice…,” “You will feel better.”

    I hope this has been useful. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. I know it’ll be beautiful. By the way, while clicking around on your blog, I saw how you had written the name ‘Kim.’ To see the hearts on strings coming off of the letters made me think of some of my very favorite room decorations from when I was growing up – decorations I absolutely loved and haven’t thought about in years. These hung from the ceiling and I wish so much that I held onto some of them. They made me smile and I know that children of my friends and of my brothers would like them as much as we did when we were younger. The way you wrote the name would be so, so good as a piece of art in a teen’s room, as a mobile over an infant’s crib, as a decoration on someone’s desk, etc. I would be thrilled to see a two-dimensional set of items based on that drawing.

  17. I think ten is a great number to have in the packet. I would prefer a combination pack, however, a phrase collection would be nice as well. Knowing me I would end up with all the collections you described but my favorite is encouragement and gratitude. As far as price, no more than $5 a packet. I think including art with the lettering is my favorite. It would be fun if they were transfer (like a tattoo) or stickers that I could put in my journal. Thank you for the beauty you add to the world. You are greatly appreciated!!!!

  18. My thoughts suggest that you should have a set in Spanish….like maybe an all-inclusive of birthday, holiday, thank you, etc.

  19. I love these.
    1- I think 12 – 24 images would be good.
    2- Both phrases and images
    3- 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
    4- I’m not good with pricing, but anywhere from $3 to $6 depending on how many are in the collection
    5- Phrases for any holiday, Happy Birthday, It’s your day, baby phrases,

  20. Love this idea.so often I’m looking for a better emoji to use. 20 looks like a good number in a group. I have no idea about pricing. Your work is so clean crisp! Lee up the great work.

  21. Although I lov all of the above, I absolutely love the prayer emojis and the number of them as you show on your examples above (the prayers) are perfect quantity. I really get stumped when it comes to charging for artwork of any kind and wouldn’t know how to even begin with attaching a dollar amount. I would like your encouragement emojis as well because so many of us do the simple thumbs up or the heart. It would be nice to add to some emojis the word virtual as most often we are sendin via one internet…like, here’s a virtual hug to help you get through your day, or just I’m thinking of you so hold onto this virtual hug..or warm embrace.. my arms surround you with a virtual hug…sort of on that order.

  22. what a great idea!
    How many images do you think should be included in each collection?4-6
    2.Would you prefer a Phrase collection, an icon collection or a combo collection? combo
    3.Which of these phrase collections would you buy? 1.Birthday) 5.Gratitude 7.Love & Friendship 10.Support
    4.How much do you think I should charge for each pack? – I have no idea is it a reusable sticker or a one time sticker?
    5.What icons or phrases would you like to see included? Please be specific– I am happy to letter things you’d like to say…
    for birthday- I am so glad you were born-yeah!, for friendship – you are so dear to me, I would love a sticker to sign my name with-Elizabeth . I would be willing to pay more for that . My favorite one is the holding you in my heart one .
    What a fun new niche of creativity and design!

  23. Joanne,
    I love your rainbow greetings and emojis! Your emails always brighten my day!!
    1. I think 4 to 6 images per pack would be nice.
    2. A combo would be great. All three options would be terrific.
    3. Birthday, get well, encouragement, prayers, and support would be my first choices.
    4. I’m not good at pricing. You’ve done well so far.
    5. Some Random ideas: “Rainbows of Love”, “Rainbow Hugs” , “Rainbows of Wishes”, “Hugs of Love”, “Make Music from your Heart”. “Hugging you in my Prayers”, “You warm my Heart”, “Shine On”? Or just the word “Shine”, “Hugs”, “Sweet”, “Praise” ? Just some random ideas for you.

  24. Joanne, these are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the completed sets.
    How about including something such as ‘So Very Happy for You!’ ? Sometimes there are situations that just aren’t covered by a standard ‘congratulations’. Oh, and an encouragement note – ‘Keep up the good work’ or ‘So proud of you’ And of course, a simple ‘I Love You’ would always come in handy!

    I love your artwork and always look forward to your e-mails

  25. I love the Love and Friendship one the best. Support and gratitude are near the top of my list. This is a great idea. I have no idea how much to charge but incentive pricing would be attractive. Buy two receive a discount on the third. Along those lines.

  26. I admire your work so much and I send out lots of Random Acts of Mail and Love Notes and Love Notes Fairy cards. I do not have nor use a Smart phone so emoji apps aren’t really useful to me however I know so many people who would love and use these on their phones. Bless you for all your grief support work you are doing. Creative Bliss…<3

  27. 1. 8 images, 2 of each
    2. Phrases
    3. Birthday & prayers
    4. $2
    5. If wishes could make you well, you’d be better already.

  28. I love emojis for just a quick sentiment. I’d love to see both phrases and icons, as I use both. Common phrases like thanks, you’re welcome, wow, are nice Happy Birthday is always handy. “Feel better” and “Prayers” are also handy phrases. All holidays are fun!

  29. if i had to choose just one or two collections of Emoji – I’d select Encouragement and Support. THese are hard to find on line – other than the almost obnoxious cartoon images of praying hands and others which are more silly than inspiring.
    Since i don’t know anything at all about how to buy emojis, i will need some help with downloading and using them. Yours are very beautiful

  30. Love this idea! Would buy Birthdays, Prayers, Greetings, and Gratitude. Like ALL of them. I do not have an opinion on number or price (depends on number). I like icons and messages.

  31. I would love a set of Jewish holiday stickers and Jewish phrases emoji! Its impossible to find an “Oy gevalt ” when you need it! Procreate has become my absolute favorite!

  32. Hi Joanne! Here are my thoughts on the qbove:
    #1. No more than 20
    #2. I would pick a phrase collection
    #4. Depends on how many are in each pack, i.e. – 5/pk. – $1.99 each
    #5. BBL – be back later
    BRB – be right back
    SMH – shakin my heard
    ROFL – rolling on floor laughing

    Hope this helps

  33. I think a variety pack would be good. It seems most of these apps offer free and then .99 cent upgrades. They are beautiful. Holiday and well wishes are great.

  34. 1 12 to 16
    2 Combo collection
    3 All of them
    4 $10 – $15
    5 Faith it til you make it.; Be encouraged; This too shall pass

  35. HI Joanne!
    LOVE your cards you always make, no matter what the occasion!!
    Tickled you are going to have emoji’s for us to buy. As for price, $!.00 is good! Maybe 16- 20 of each collection based on the ones I use on my phone and computer.
    Love the rainbow Greetings and Healing and Prayers,
    As for others to choose from the list above: 4 – 10.
    I would like to see your butterflies, dragon flies, lady bugs and of course flowers too! 🙂 Variations of your dangled hearts maybe too.
    Are you able to make any of them to move? For example: butterflies, bees and dragonflies wings moving. I like and use “My Thoughts and Prayers are with you” and “YOU GO GIRL!” OR “GIRL POWER!” and “Awe”
    Good luck on deciding and I will be sure to buy them whatever you decide. <3

  36. I think it is especially important to send encouragement and support to those going through rough times. But, all of the categories would be welcome ‘gifts’ to anyone they would be sent to. You are amazing.

  37. I would like a combo of words and images. I think 12 emojies per pack would be a good number. The ones I would use most are 1 2, 7 & 10. I would keep the price reasonable, like 4.95 ish. You work is so wonderful and I just love this idea.

  38. Love this idea. I would pay $5.95 for a dozen images. I’m partial to the words of encouragement. Here are my thoughts on more phrases:

    Ciao Bella (girls)
    Ciao Bello (boys)
    Hey Gorgeous
    Hello Beautiful
    Hey superstar
    Be a hero
    Luv ya, Gorgeous
    Luv ya Handsome
    < (Christian fish)
    Be God's.

    All the best to you, Linda.

  39. I love this idea! I would use these for sure! I use an app called bitmoji send encouragement and comments to all of my friends via Facebook or text. I was trying to think of which ones I use the most and I would probably say it’s the birthday ones, encouragement, prayer and get well messages. I love the rainbow greetings as well as drawings like butterflies and flowers! I would think maybe 15 to 20 per pack? As far as cost I’m really not sure but trust you will make a great price! I’ll buy some!!

  40. Love this idea!
    1. 6-12
    3.Birthday, Holidays, Encouragement, Love & Friendship, Get Well Wishes, Support
    4.$5 – $10
    5.Pet Phrases (ie. Congrats on your new dog/cat, Pet loss/sympathy/illness)

  41. I love them all! I would probably purchase #1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10. My suggestions would be “Yay!”, “Super Cute”, “You are my Sunshine”, “Flourish!”
    Thanks for being so creative!


  42. I love the Prayers set. But I would love even more Scripture, because your art is so beautiful and sets off Scripture perfectly. I think a set of 12 would be great. As for the price, I couldn’t even guess. I really like phrases over images, but your words are art.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I love your work.

  43. How many images do you think should be included in each collection? 32 (4 columns x 8 rows)
    Would you prefer a Phrase collection, an icon collection or a combo collection? Combo
    Which of these phrase collections would you buy?
    It would depend on the price. I’d love to have Prayers, Encouragement, Congratulations, and Support.
    How much do you think I should charge for each pack? $0.99
    What icons or phrases would you like to see included? Please be specific– I am happy to letter things you’d like to say…
    Praying for you
    God’s got this!
    You can do hard things.
    I’m so happy for you!
    God is good!
    I love you!
    You have my heart.
    Trusting God.
    God is faithful.

    Icons: flowers, tangles, tears, heart, hearts, one flower, sword, shield, Bible, candle, hug

  44. I would suggest positive everyday sayings. “Make today great”, “Have a great day”, “Rock It”, “You can do it!”

  45. 1. At least 20 images with each collection.
    2. A combo collection would be nice.
    3. I would buy any of them. Perhaps mix them up. Put Holidays with Birthday. Greetings with encouragement etc.
    4. Not sure on the going rate for something like this.
    5. I like the quick text emojis like: LOL, ROFL, TY etc.

  46. Hi Joanne
    I love your designs. They are so bright and cheerful. I would be using them in my planner journal for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your talent. Fantastic.

  47. I like the birthday one, Hi ,Lol, and You are loved. I like the personalized greetings the best. I prefer the healing and prayers stickers.

  48. All are beautiful. Will love the prayers collection, package should be maybe 10. The phrases image are amazing. All that you do you put a special touch that is lovely all around. No idea price range so I cannot help in that. Thank you for your beautiful work.

  49. Hi Joanne
    I like everything that you so it’s hard to pick. I think some general greetings would be good as well as some emoji of smiles, frowns, laughs, etc. 12-20 per pack and $1.99 for the pack. Thank you so much for the beauty that you share with the world. Many blessings.

  50. How many images? 10-12
    Phrase collection, icon collection or a combo collection? both
    Which of these phrase collections would you buy? birthday, encouragement, love/friendship, support
    Price $10-$12, depending on size. If a large sticker, double that. Sorry but I’m not clear on whether these would be virtual or actual stickers. “Actual” meaning tangible items one would place on snail mail cards and letters.
    What icons or phrases would you like to see included? Sometimes slightly risque words are very effective as emojis or shorthand, such as OMG!, and WTF?! also, TMI More: I carry you in my heart; Let the foootprints in the sand be mine; I’m a safe harbor; Crying isn’t weakness; it’s healing; You are important to me; Seriously? You rock! BFF, We’ll be friends til we’re blue in the hair.

    You’re incredibly talented–your art makes my head smile and your character makes my heart smile. Thank yo for sharing your light with us!

  51. I like to sign my emails with Be Blessed or Have a Blessed Day or simply Blessings. I also signed one recently using ” I am honored to serve alongside you.” How about “Count your blessings”.

  52. 1. 20 in a pack
    2. Combo Collection
    3. I like all 10 phrase sets
    4. $5.00 a pack
    5. Icons like hearts, butterflies, crosses, praying hands

  53. It’s great you are asking for our opinions. Your art work and words are inspiring, so a collection of both would be something I’d buy for my use. I like all the ideas you offered and can hope with time more may be produced. A collection of 20 would make for a useful amount. I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring us.

  54. It’s great you are asking for our opinions. Your art work and words are inspiring, so a collection of both would be something I’d hope to,have. I like all the ideas you offered and can hope with time more may be produced. A collection of 20 would make for a useful amount. I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring us.

  55. I think 12 to 15 is a good number. I would go for a generic collection of positive short phrases first and probably a birthday collection second. Your work is amazing.

  56. Love this idea….a package of 24…I like the prayer, greetings, love and friendship theme idea. Prefer holidays and birthdays as separate packages. Stickers would be awesome, priced $3-5. Computer emojis.. An interesting thought. I would use on my stationary and cards. Love this idea
    Also using encouraging quotes would be delightful. .. Love the quote Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away

  57. How many images do you think should be included in each collection? 10/
    Would you prefer a Phrase collection, an icon collection or a combo collection? Combo collection
    Which of these phrase collections would you buy? Prayers, Birthday, Encouragement
    Gratitude, Love & Friendship, Congratulations, Support

    How much do you think I should charge for each pack? $15.00

  58. 1. 18-12 per set (maybe 9 -12 per sticky page) and include two stickers in each pack…
    2. Maybe match the collections to your coloring book themes? and add a few… Gratitude…. Faith….
    3. My definite for sure purchases are: 2-4-5-7-10
    4. 4.95 per pack?
    5. Gratitude, support is huge on my list: I am thankful for….; I am grateful for….. I’m holding you in my heart…. I am praying for you, I love you, Give thanks, Hang on tight, MY FAVORITE: ONE DAY AT A TIME…., Make lemonade out of lemons, I appreciate you, I love how you….., I will never forget ….. Dance in the Rain, Don’t ever stop loving…. If I think of more, I’ll continue in a another post! I love this idea!!!!

  59. Luv the thought of an app to use to text, email and to post on FB. I would prefer combo packets with both phrases and emoji stickers. Would buy all your listed categories, but particularly luv Get Well, Birthdays, Gratitude, Encouragement, Greetings and Support. Minimum 15/Maximum 20 images per packet at a download price of no more than $3.00/packet. (you want people to buy several packets and I don’t think they would if more than this amount). Images I’d like to see–“You Make a World of Difference”, “Living the Good Life”, “Hang in There”, “Embrace Today”. Really excited about this idea, Joanne ❤️

  60. As I get older, I find myself comforting and giving support, so those are my favorites. I also like the ones who remind us of the joy in the world. Scripture references always touch me. As for how many for how much I think it depends on how many on a sheet.
    I have been doing funeral and celebration of life booklets for families- to give to them a year later. I attend the service, take notes and record comments. The families have responded amazingly.

  61. I love all of the heart that shines in your words and art!! Here are some ideas for emojis :
    Live simply, laugh joyfully, love deeply
    Gratitude turns what you have into enough
    Follow your heart but take your brain with you
    Start each day with a grateful heart
    Scatter kindness
    And life goes on
    See the world with grateful eyes. It will never look the same again!
    Peace, prayers and blessings

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  62. I most often use emojis with friends and family, so Love & Friendship would be most applicable. Phrases like, “I love you to the moon and back!” “You mean the world to me,” and “That’s what friends are for!” Are sentiments I would want to share.

    Your colors and Dangle designs are so inspiring and fun!

    1. Joanne, First I hope you are safe after our visit from IRMA. I love the stickers, emojis. I would say 12 to a sent and 2 sheets of each per pack. I love encouragement, gratitude, friendship, the virtual hugs.
      I watch a video or visit your page just for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  63. Dear Joanne, These are all so beautiful!! I’ve been called the emoji queen, and to have your gorgeous handiwork would be extraordinary!1 I especially love the ones that have to do with Prayers, Encouragement, Holidays. Birthdays, Anniversary, Get Well, etc. It would be nice to a mixed package, too, especially if you have to charge quite a bit for each package. But, if the price is more like $1-2 per theme then I would probably buy several packages. I love your calligraphy, your creativity, your colors, the fun, and the heart and soul that you’ve put into these wonderful stickers and emojis!! Just like you do with all of your other artwork, books, cards and designs. You are always so inspiring and encouraging!! (Wow! It’s so much easier to comment on your blog from our computer!! Doing it from my phone was so, so difficult!!)

  64. I like both sets. However, your Emoji Greetings stand out. They are an impressive blend of trendy and classic. I’d buy all of them. As far as pricing, I’m terrible at deciding on prices for my project. I hope someone can help you with that.

  65. Prayer and encouragement. Add fonts from Bible text collections, ancient and reproduction. Your art style wonderful. Themes you have now excellent. And I see u standing above normal

  66. I love this! I would like a group that has one of each so you have a variety and a sticker for every occasion. It would be hard to choose because they are all great but that means each variety pack would be awesome.

  67. Gosh, they are all beautiful!!! For starters i would get the Birthday, Prayers, Gratitude, and Congratulations phrase collections…probably would end up buy all of them eventually! Probably not more than $5 a collection…not sure how the pricing is for something like this. Offering a variety collection as well as the individual phrase collections separately would be great. Love your work!! Lynne

  68. I love your designs. They have lifted me up with an encouraging word when I needed to be reminded of God’s presence.

    I would like the words of encouragement in a ready to frame print 8 x 10 or 8 x 8. Emojis in encouragement would be great to use when someone else needs a pick me up.

    $4.99 would be a fair price for a package.

    I would not use the letters or names as much.

  69. What a great way to give someone a beautiful word of love or encouragement! I can’t wait to get these stickers online!!!!

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