Zenspirations® Joins The Paper Trail!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I was delighted when my friend Eileen Hull invited Zenspirations to be part of the third Paper Trail adventure (#paprtrail3). Eileen and her vintage camper Scotty are on a two month cross country journey, stopping to give workshops and demos at craft stores all over America. Our friend Cheryl Boglioli also joined The Paper Trial, and these two amazing crafters got to my place after midnight on Wednesday. Thursday morning Eileen surprised Cheryl and me with beautiful boxes holding lovely hand-made Paper Trail necklaces by ‘Card Monkey Jarvis’.

After opening our gifts the three of us set off for She Scrapbooks in The Villages. 

We each did a demo and had a lot of fun chatting with old and new friends. I especially enjoyed meeting the talented Yvonne Stephens Blair, manager/Creative Instigator at She Scrapbooks. This photo was taken right after the demos ended. 

Thursday was a wonderful day– but the best part of joining The Paper Trail was getting to letter on Scotty! As soon as Eileen said I could letter on Scotty I got my acrylic paint pens and the ladder, and set to work.

The word TRAIL turned out fine, but I didn’t like the “R” in PAPER, and decided to touch it up.

Now everyone who sees Scotty knows about The Paper Trail!

I always enjoy lettering on walls, doors and windows– and now I have added campers to my list! Which brings me to a question– I’m trying to finalize the Donor Gifts for my first Kickstarter campaign (launching this Sunday!) and was wondering if I should offer to Dangle or letter on someone’s door, archway or wall as one of the Donor Gifts. Would you be interested in that? And if so, how I should price it? I’ve never done a Kickstarter before, so I’d really appreciate your input. You can email me at [email protected], or leave a comment with your thoughts.

With deep gratitude… 

Stay Zenspired,


4 thoughts on “Zenspirations® Joins The Paper Trail!”

  1. Wonderful Joanne! Reading this reminded me of when I was 2 & 3 years old and standing in the corner on a regular basis as punishment for…..writing and coloring on the walls! That punishment ceased when Mom didn't know I still had a green crayon and pleasantly did my "time" scribbling another great work of art! You are a hero for all tiny creative people everywhere! Yes…dangling on someone's wall is a great idea! Dangle on!

  2. Joanne, Scotty says thank you for the beautiful lettering job! We had such a great time with you- thanks so much for your hospitality and creative time together. I will always remember this part of the Paper Trail- it was great spending time with you and your family!

  3. This is so fun! You girls are doing something that all of us would love to experience. The letters look fabulous (of course). I love reading anything having to do with the Paper Trail adventures.

  4. How could you price a dangle in someone's home? I would kindly suggest 5 bezillion dollars! They are gorgeous – that would be my inspiration of redoing my entire home (not that it is done in the first place) – but it would be my inspiration for doing my house – based upon just that…. Your artwork is brilliant! I honestly couldn't set a price on what you do – it is seriously classic beauty and will never go out of style…. hence – the bezillion!

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