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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the great input and advice about my new Esty Shop! I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Congratulations go to Jennifer Crowe, who won the $20 shopping spree in the ZenspirationsDesigns Etsy Shop, which is officially OPEN! So far there are 27 items– 26 individual Dangle Monograms, which are $1.99 each, and the complete Zenspirations® Dangle Monogram alphabet which is a super value at only $24.95.

I made this special Dangle name to thank my first Etsy customer, Paula Cashin, who not only purchased the entire alphabet, but left a 5 star review and thoughtful comment.

I was surprised and delighted to get photos from Paula showing how she embellished her name sign with glittery highlights, and then framed it with a beautiful mat with metallic gold accents.

When you embark on a new journey, or try something you’ve never done before, having support from your friends and community makes a big difference. I am deeply grateful to you, Paula, for helping my new venture get off to a great start.

I hope you’ll check out my Etsy Shop, and I would GREATLY appreciate your sharing the link with your friends and family who enjoy coloring.

I have set up an album in the Zenspirations Create Color Pattern Play Facebook Group, and invite you to post your finished monograms in the folder. I can’t wait to see what you do with all the Dangle Monograms.

For those who didn’t get a chance to comment on last week’s blog, it’s not too late to share your thoughts! In appreciation for sharing your thoughts, I am once again offering a $20 Shopping Spree in my new Etsy Shop. The winner will be picked randomly from all the people who leave comments on this week’s blog letting me know what else you think I should offer on Etsy in addition to the Dangle Monograms.

Here are some different formats I’m considering:



Flowers were one of the most requested icons; what do you think of having this design in the Etsty Shop, selling for $1.99?

I also did a version without the boxes. Which do you like better?

My daughter, Samantha Trattner, painted the flowers below using Sakura of America’s awesome Koi® Coloing Brushes:

I’m like to post inspiration samples of the downloads in the Etsy Shop– so please let me know if you are interested in having your work included.

Frames are another thing that many people said they would like, so I put together this collection of ‘Love Notes’. Would you rather download this type of design several on a page (as shown below), two to a page, or a collection of several pages of individual frames. How much would you pay for the frames, and would that change depending upon how many pages the download was?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me!

Stay Zenspired,


12 thoughts on “ZenspirationsDesigns Etsy Shop is OPEN!!!”

  1. Joanne,
    Mazel Tov on your Etsy Store Opening! I’ve already added it to my favorite Etsy sites. I can’t wait to see how it grows as you reach more and more people.
    Thoughts about additional items – I love the flowers with the squares. I think a set of 4 that could be framed individually as an arrangement would look beautiful.
    And yes I’d love to help by making samples for you to post on your Etsy page of whatever you want.
    I think I’d prefer your love notes frames to be one or two on a page.
    One thing that is important to me is I can be versatile in how I use something I purchase. Most of the time I print, color, embellish, and frame for myself or as a gift. Therefore I’d like anything I purchase to be something I can put into a standard size frame.
    ~With Love and admiration, Toni

  2. Joanne, I like the flower icons without the square border. You can create your own border or corner design that way. I also like the frame designs. My granddaughter who is in kindergarten would enjoy coloring those!
    I am excited for your Etsy shop!

  3. Holy bananas – I won? Really? That’s awesome! What a blessing and thank you! I can’t wait to see your shop, though I will probably take my time with my free spree and wait until I have some money to add to it. Then I can I can have a SPREE instead of a spree, see?

    I love the boxes/frames around the flowers; it definitely makes them more unique. Plus, depending on the background color used, they could give your flowers that little extra pop. Your daughter did a beautiful job with the coloring.

    I like the frames too – I think the one center left is my favorite – perfect for card making! For me, it would depend on the number of frames vs. cost (since things like this are an indulgence for me).

    Thank you again, so very much!

  4. Hi,
    Your Designs are always so clever.
    I admit I would likely use the frames that the individual flowers.
    I like them all.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. So proud to have my own Joanne Fink picture 🙂 Thank you!
    For those of us (me) with limited colouring ability some pre-coloured images would be great, those flowers Samantha coloured are beautiful and could be cut out and added to a project …. not completely cheating 🙂
    Something I personally would be interested in is individual topical sheets with the same image both coloured and uncoloured so I had a choice depending how quick I wanted my project to be.
    Also, a grouped bundle of sheets with a small discount would be tempting.
    One thing I like to make/colour are ATC’s as they’re not too daunting or time consuming and those frames look perfect, especially if they were individual files so they could be changed in size to suit.
    It must be hard choosing which items to sell in your shop , but whichever you decide I’m sure they will be popular, I know I’ll be popping over to Etsy regularly! 🙂

  6. Joanne,
    I am so excited to see what you are doing with your artwork and business! I’ve admired your work for years, have purchased some of your books, and have recommended your website to lots of friends-and art friends. I’m sure I will be ordering some items from your etsy store soon! Love seeing your blog regularly!

  7. Congrats on your new Etsy store. I can’t wait to visit. I love the monograms. I think scenic choices would be great and the icons are fun. I like the flowers without the border, but both look great. I think on the frames I would probably prefer 2 per page or the collection of several pages of frames. I’d pay $1.99 or $2.99 for a single page of frames and maybe $5 to $10 for a collection depending on how many are included.

  8. Congrats again on your Etsy store!
    And Congrats to Paula too! The name piece you made her is so beautiful!!
    I LOVE the flowers design with the boxes around them. Also, I would like individual ones as well in a 6″ X 6″.
    Having my work included is fine.
    As for the frames. I really like these frames you posted. Different than what I have done before. I would like individual ones, rather than in a grouping.
    Much success! <3

  9. I love the flower designs without the boxes. Although the other design is beautiful too. To my eye the design of the flower really pops when standing alone. Samantha did a beautiful job of coloring the flowers. The color palate is beautiful. I especially love the way each flower has touches of the same colors, yet they all look so unique. Really lovely.

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