Birthday Bonanza!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate all the nice comments I’ve been getting about the calendar pages I’ve posted, and would love to know the different ways you are using them. A few people mentioned that they missed January’s page, which was included in the first Zenspirations® blog of 2017. Here’s a link to that blog post in case you want to download a copy.

This is going to be an abbreviated blog, because I have been sick for the past two weeks… I finally went to the doctor on Friday, and found out I have bronchitis. In an attempt to get well sooner rather than later, I am trying to get more rest… and am going to head to bed early tonight. But several people in the Zenspirations community have birthdays this week, and I wanted to wish them each a Zenspired birthday, and share the cards I’ve made to help them celebrate.

Today (February 27th), Bonnie Bajarin and Linda Mirth celebrated their birthdays. I made them both Dangle Design cards. Here’s Bonnie’s:

and here’s Linda’s.

Tomorrow, Jill Suzanne Hatcher, who’s been a delightful addition to our group this year, is celebrating her birthday.

March 2nd is a triple header– Deena Mapple, Kristy Dunn Speer and Susan Stairs Rems, are all celebrating their special days! I met Deena when my friend Cindy brought her to the studio to visit. She is a lovely lady, and someone I hope to get to know better this year. I based Deena’s card on the Valentine design I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

While most of my work is hand drawn and then digitally enhanced, occasionally I create an entirely digital design. I’ve actually been doing more digital work since I got my iPad last year. I made Kristy’s card on my iPad in a program called Procreate.


All the lettering for Sue’s card was drawn by hand, but I composed the design in PhotoShop. Happy Birthday Ladies! Hope your special days are Zenspirational!

While I think it is important to acknowledge your friends’ birthdays, I also think it is important to acknowledge other milestones in their lives. And so, before closing tonight, I wanted to share a piece I made in memory of  my friend (and co-author of the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling) Regina Yoder’s Mom. Today is her first ‘angel-versary’, which is especially hard. This is my way of letting Gina know that I am thinking about her as she remembers her Mom.

One of the nicest things that you can do for someone who is approaching an ‘angel-versary’ is to let them know that you remember, too. And don’t be afraid to mention the name of the person who died… most people who are grieving long to be able to talk about the person they are mourning, and are thankful when they have the opportunity to reminisce. If you knew the person who died, share a story about them; if you didn’t, ask your friend to share a special memory. It’s a great way of making a difference for someone you love.

Stay Zenspired,




16 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza!”

  1. Love you Joanne and how wonderfully considerate and connected you are. Praying for quick healing… and REST!! <3

  2. How fitting to read this on the first angel restart of my only brother’s death. Your beautiful post inspired me. Feel better soon!

  3. So I got the link to the January 2017 calendar page, but is there a February one and will the rest of the year be coming as well? Please say yes. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Ladies! Thank you, Joanne, for describing how you combine hand drawn art and digital design in your work. I have practiced hand drawing your lettering for many years, but I have longed for a “Joanne Fink Font set” using your signature capitals ( like in the trademark on each of the cards) Have you ever thought of making and marketing that font ? I am sure I would be just one of a long list of interested buyers! In the mean time I will keep practicing! I hope you get plenty of rest and get well soon! Take care

  5. I believe the whole country must have this crud ; we too are down with it..Spouse and I… my birthday is 9th of march…& I do LOVE your posts… got a journal for Bible book the other day- am anxious to start but when AM up to PAR… GET WELL LOVE your site.

  6. Yet another beautiful blog post. Thank you, Joanne, for just being who you are and doing the spirit filled things that you do. I truly believe you are an angel on earth.
    Huge Hugs!!

  7. Sorry to hear that you have bronchitis. Rest is the best thing you can do. Take all the time you need to be well again. You are in my prayers.

  8. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. rest is definitely the best cure. Must remember to take good care of yourself. Love the birthday names. They all look beautiful and am sure all the birthday gals are get them.

  9. Joanne-

    My copy of your Bible Journalling book arrived the day before I left for vacation. What a wonderful addition to my list of things to do beside the lake. An exquisite mix of technique, instructions, gallery, inspiration and so much more. I cannot put it down. Thank you, thank you, thank you to both you and Regina Yoder.


  10. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick; I pray that the Bronchitis goes away and you get better soon. Take care of yourself and get some rest. Happy Birthday to the February birth children. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to All! Joann hope you are better soon. Take care of yourself.

  12. I was just at Michael’s craft store and saw your bags,cards, tablet and photo mats! And of course I had to buy some.Thanks for sharing your work.

  13. Sweet and considerate. I would love to know you personally. How grateful I am for my artist friends via the internet. It makes living in this rural area more neighborly. Praying for a quick recovery. I too, have been recovering from the flu or virus. I am in my 6th week of recovery and am 98 percent. My birthday was yesterday – 66. Have a great week everyone.

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