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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This design, which I call ‘New Beginnings’, was created as an expression of some of the themes in my first blog of the year: 10 Ways to Stay Zenspired in 2017.

Off and on since then, I’ve been contemplating the relationship between creativity and the four facets of our humanity: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. How do they relate? I started asking the question: “What do we need in order to grow creatively?” The answer, nurture your creative spirit, emerged in one of my recent morning journals:

This was my early morning attempt to explore the interconnectedness of the four facets. It led me to try to list what I consider essential about each one, so I could focus on it.

Paying attention to our basic physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs allows us to take the next step in our creative growth: nurturing our creative spirit. Here are a few things that I find helpful:

Striving to build a strong connection between the facets, or pillars which enable me to soar creatively, also helps me Stay Zenspired, which in turn fuels my creative and personal growth. What fuels yours? What would you add to the lists I’ve shared? I’d like this to be a dialogue, and as always, I welcome comments with your thoughts and suggested additions.

Speaking of comments, I was truly delighted that 85 people (some of whom voted for more than one card), shared their favorite birthday design from last week’s blog, Card Variations: Vote for Your Favorite! Since I’m sure you are curious, here are the results:

Design 1: 19 Votes

Design 2:   7 Votes

Design 3: 20 Votes

Design 4: 36 Votes

Design 5: 33 Votes

Special thanks to Deena Disraelly for tabulating the votes!

Stay Zenspired,


6 thoughts on “Nurture Your Creative Spirit”

  1. Hello Joanne-These designs are so inspiring, to me. There is a ‘plan’ there-a life plan. Easy and simple, yet the areas you speak of define our lives, at least for most of us. I wonder how it would be to draw a house with four rooms, one for each of the areas you speak of? I am loving your new book on Bible art journaling!

  2. I think you’ve covered all the bases for me. I make sure I spend time doing something that makes me happy every day. Amount of time isn’t important since the happy feeling lasts longer than the time spent doing it. Thank you for all the happiness you have brought to me.

  3. Hi Joanne
    This was so refreshing and inspiring for me to read this morning. It’s “spring cleaning ” for my soul in a sense. Thank you for sharing these ideas andthe page you drew. I love your drawings and wish I had more money to buy some. I’m savingright now to buy your book with the Dangle title. I can’t remember the exact title but I love dangles to color. I was curious, is there a way to print the inspirations from today’s newsletter? I would love to post them on my mirror as reminders. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me

  4. I Think you covered all possibilities You could use be inspired by your lifes dream

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