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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I love supporting artisans and small business owners, so with the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to shine a spotlight on members of our creative community who sell their work on-line. So last night I put a note out on Facebook inviting my creative friends– artists, authors, calligraphers, crafters, designers, musicians and more– to send photos of what they do so I could share their work with the Zenspirations® community.

My friends, CZTs Dorian Eng and Adele Bruno, both of whom have contributed to my books, have collaborated on a book of their own, Tiny Tangled Houses, which you can download.

I have been a fan of Jane Maday’s delightful work for years. Like me, Jane licenses her work for different products, which you can see in the Jane Maday Studio Store.

Kim Davis is an uber talented jewelry designer with very affordable prices. Check out her work on her new Kim Davis Designs Facebook page. While you are there, please ‘like’ Kim’s page– I know she’ll appreciate it.

My cousin Nan Wollman is an incredibly talented sculptor and potter… you can check out her work at

My friend Paige Roberts is a continual source of inspiration to me and many others. Paige home-schools her seven children, and manages to share her delightful sense of humor in a cute product line she’s developed. Check out her custom vinyl decals in her Etsy Shop.

I have a soft spot for dragons, because my husband collected them. Needless-to-say, the minute I saw Tammy Pryce’s adorable dragon figurines, I immediately thought of Andy. He would have loved them– especially the book ones, because he loved to read. Tammy’s latest creations are her butterfly dragons, which come in a huge variety of colors. You can see more of Tammy’s work in her Etsy Shop. 

My friend Tracie Brown is multi-talented; in addition to being an amazing paper-crafter, she also makes jewelry and one-of-a-kid home decor pieces. As you can see from the photos below, Tracie loves nautical imagery. If you are lucky enough to live in Central Florida, you can visit Tracie at one of the numerous art shows she attends. If you don’t live nearby, check out– and like– her new Facebook Page: Colorworks Design.

I’ll spotlight a few more artists next week, so if you’d like your work to be included, e-mail me a link to your on-line shop, along a high-res photo or two, plus a short description of what you are selling, and I’ll try to shine a spotlight on YOUR creative efforts! My e-mail address is [email protected].


Before closing tonight I want to ask you to start thinking about a 2018 Word of the Year.  


I first blogged about the Word of the Year in 2015; click here to read that post, Words that Light the Way.  My personal word for 2016 was CLARITY, and this is the piece I designed as I ruminated on the concept.

Last year, the Zenspirations® community voted on a community word, HOPE:

I wrote some of the other words that were suggested around the border.

Are you interested in collectively deciding on a 2018 Word of the Year, or would you rather explore a different word each month? In the same way that I posted a monthly calendar coloring page in 2017, I could post an inspiring word of the month, perhaps along with a creative prompt, which we could each interpret in our own way. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think!

Stay Zenspired,



15 thoughts on “Spotlighting Our Creative Community!”

  1. Beautiful creations by your artist friends. Looking forward to seeing more. I don’t have a website or shop for my BUD Vases so I can’t share. Wish I could.
    As for word of the year my personal one for this year is “AWARENESS”. Growing awareness of people with invisible disabilities, of service dog issues, and of the issues going on in our country right now. I feel unless people let their voices be heard by learning more about what’s going on things will never get better and that makes me sad. I wrote a “poem” of sorts about it using each letter last week.
    Will continue to grow
    As long as
    Real people share their
    Need for
    Education of others
    So more understanding and empathy
    Surrounds all of us.

    Toni and Bud (who won 1st place in the upcoming 2018 Canine Partners for Life calendar and will be Mr June – the month we graduated. We graduated on my birthday and I say he was the best birthday present I could ever have gotten)

    1. Thank you – if you don’t mind – I would like to choose the same word for next year – I am on the hunt for a service dog for my son – he is 23 – never had one – but with his disabilities I need a dog that can help me with his safety….. Thank you for your words – they are so inspiring to me (caregiver for 23 years for my son – he needs 24/7 round the clock care….)

      1. Suzanne, I’m honored to share my word with you and your son. If you would like information or help about service dogs pm me.
        Toni and Bud

  2. 2018 should the year of transformation. With all the energy shifts that have happened this year we have begun to shange energetically and transform into new light beings.

  3. Hi, I am new to your web-site, however I have two of your books and love them! I think having a creative word a month is a super idea! I like the creations you have shown above. So many creative and talented people! Looking forward to being a part of this community. Thanks!

  4. As I am continuing my journey of transformation, I would LOVE to have a different word each month. Enlarging my personal focus with a creative prompt would be a true gift. Thanks for your kind heart and ear.

  5. These look like some wonderful stores. I will be visiting some of them.
    I think it would be fun to do a word of the month.

  6. I like the word “persevere.” It’s not a soft work like faith or love, but it’s a determined word filled with energy and resolve.

  7. I love to see all the creative energy and endeavors happening. I really liked having a word for the year and a group word for the month with creativity props sounds great . The word civilization has the word “civil” as a basis. That seems to suggest living in a “civilized world” requires courtesy, cooperation, respect, and kindness or “civility”. Our world seems so polarized my hope for next year is to see people trying to get along better and not tearing each other down . So any of those words do it for me.
    As a group I think a group word would reflect something of the nature of the group.

  8. Hi Joanne!
    Showcasing different artists’ sites of the creative world is a wonderful idea!
    My Word of the Year is “PRAY” We all need to take time to pray especially with all the things that are happening on our earth (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, drugs, etc.), remember to be thankful for all He has provided for us, but we also need to be silent and listen to God for His guidance. Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” (One of my favorite verses)
    I like the idea of having a word of the month as well.
    Hugs and love always,

  9. I am new to this group as I just found this site. I love it! It is just what is needed, at least in my life. Word of the month sounds innovative and would be helpful paired with gratitude. The word “transformative” might be a word for 2018. Thanks so much!! Debbie

  10. Like my friend Toni Popkin, awareness.
    Of things long forgotten like manners, morals, values, and beliefs.

    Awareness of invisible illness
    Of your inner child
    Of drug abuse and recovery
    Awareness that life is so short.

    Thank you Joanne always and forever, love you

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