“There’s Just No Telling How Far I’ll Go!”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am so incredibly proud of my daughter, Samantha Trattner, who graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Florida this week, that I had to share a few photos from her graduation. Here is Sam right after her graduation, making the classic USF “Go Bulls!” hand symbol:

and ‘riding’ the school mascot.

And here’s a photo of us celebrating together:

I think my love of patterning is rubbing off, because Sam designed a really cool image for her graduation cap.

and then added bling!

Her design features the lyrics “There’s Just No Telling How Far I’ll Go!” from Moana, one of Sam’s favorite Disney movies. I know she’ll be going far indeed, starting with Colorado, where a new adventure– grad school– awaits!

One of the best parts of Sam’s graduation was that our family was able to celebrate with us. I will always treasure this photo Sam took of my parents and me.

I know how blessed I am to still have both parents… and I appreciate them more with every passing year.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to share a version of the Mother’s Day card I made for my mom.


I’m making it available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Click the link below for your copy:


While many of us look forward to Mother’s Day, it can be an especially difficult day for those who have lost a child, or who long for one of their own… as well as for those who have recently lost a parent or a spouse. I know first-hand that holidays are tough, and that it really helps to know that someone cares about what you are going through. Many Zenspirations blog followers share my commitment to making a difference in the world, and I’d like to encourage you to reach out to those you know who are grieving. Towards that end I have created three different designs, and hope you will share one or more of them. The first is something you can e-mail to a friend, or post on their FB wall:

Click the link below to download your FREE copy:



The second is for those who like to color:

Click the link below to download your FREE copy:


The third is a card designed to send to anyone who has a hole in their heart… just to let them know someone cares:


Click to download a pdf of the Zenspirations®Remembering_with_Love_card.

I hope you will help me bring comfort, hope & healing to those who might be struggling on Mother’s Day by sending one of these cards to someone who recently lost a loved one. It would be great if you can go the extra mile and invite your friends and family to do the same. Small acts of kindness can make a BIG difference. Together we can touch a lot of hearts!


Before closing tonight I wanted to let you know that while the past month has been joyous personally, it’s been challenging technically. Many of you find out about new blogposts from Facebook, but regular blog subscribers haven’t been getting notifications, and there were a few problems with orders processing. My sincere apologies if you were one of those impacted… I think, hope & pray that all the problems have been resolved, but would greatly appreciate your letting me know if you find anything that isn’t working correctly.

There are lots of new things in the Zenspirations webstore, including my new Strathmore water color pads, my Spellbinders rubber stamps & dies, and The Crafter’s Workshop stencils.  In honor of Sam’s graduation I’m going to include a free copy of With God All Things Are Possible (usually $10.95) with every order of $17 or more (not including shipping) during the month of May! (Check out last week’s blog, Doodles for My Daughter, for more details):

I’ve never offered a ‘gift with purchase’ before, so please let me know what you think. You’ll have to add the book into your shopping cart, and the price will be deducted from your order once you enter the coupon code: sam2017. Will you keep the book for yourself, or give it a graduation or Mother’s Day gift? I am so grateful to everyone who supports the Zenspirations web-store because sales help pay for art supplies and other things, and allow me to create all the things I share in the weekly blog. Hope you’ll check out– and try out– some of the new things I’ve been working on. And, as always, please feel free to share!

Stay Zenspired,


16 thoughts on ““There’s Just No Telling How Far I’ll Go!””

  1. Congratulations Joanne and to your beautiful daughter. You must be so proud! I just love her cap. She’s talented too!
    Thank you for the free moms day download!
    Love it!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  2. Mazel Tov to you, Sam and your family on this joyous occasion. I already knew Sam was very talented – she got it obviously from you. Looking forward to hearing of her new adventures as she continues her education in Grad school!
    I love the pictures of both you with Sam and of you with your parents, they are something I know you will cherish! You look like your Mom and she is a beautiful woman.
    Thank you for the cards. I was hoping you would post a new one this year. I’m thinking of after coloring it putting it in the middle of one of your frames putting magnetic tape on the back, and sending it to my Mom. Will of course post a picture first.
    Who suddenly became anonymous on your blog

  3. This is a lovel blog post Joanne. More heartfelt congratulations to Sam and her very, very proud mama.

  4. You should be so proud Joanne…way to go Sam! How wonderful to all be able to celebrate this together, such a gorgeous photo of you with your parents. Hugs xx

  5. Congratulations to your daughter. I liked your photos. I was wondering, why do our children grow up to be taller than their mothers? Your parents are so lovely and they must be so proud of you and your daughter.

  6. Thank you for sharing your family photos, and congratulations to Sam on her graduation! I love the design she created for her cap, it’s amazing! Also, thank you for the beautiful downloadable Mother’s Day cards. We lost my Mom a year ago and the sorrow is never far away, but she would have loved receiving a handmade card, so I will definitely be colouring one for her

  7. Congratulations to Sam and to you! The photos are just beautiful. Sam’s cap is amazing – she certainly has inherited your artistic talent!! Good luck to Sam in grad school!

  8. Thank you Joanne those are beautiful cards. I can’t wait to try one. It is also a comfort to me as I approach my first Mother’s Day without my Mom❤️. Thanks

  9. Congratulations to Sam! That is a precious photo of your parents, a real keeper.

  10. Thank you so much for the free downloads, Joanne. You are just too generous for words! And congratulations to your daughter and the whole family on her honors at graduation. I love the photo of you and your parents. You look so much like both of them. They must be special people to raise a daughter like you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  11. That’s so wonderful, Joanne! How proud you should be of your daughter and lucky to still be able to give your parents a hug! Blessings to all <3

  12. Hi Joanne!

    What a wonderful post, with beautiful pictures! I have no doubt that Sam will be a great success at grad school. She is so much like her mother ;)!!
    The cards you have shared are beautiful, and I really love the idea of sharing with those who may be grieving this Mothers Day! I love that you are always reaching out to others Joanne. You are such an inspiration!
    Sending love!
    Mary Anne

  13. Thanks Joanne for sharing photos of your family and Sam’s graduation – you can see the resemblance, right from your Mum to your daughter. Congratulations to her on her success. I can appreciate what a special day it is, as my own grandson Cameron just graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce and we were so proud of him. Thanks you for sharing your talent and artistry with us.

  14. Congratulations Joanne & Sam. Sam, what a beautiful design on your graduation cap. Joanne, thank you for the gift with purchase and the Mother’s Day cards. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there and the men who are single parents, God bless all of us.

  15. Congratulations to your daughter. Thank you for sharing the sweet cards.

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