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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Three years ago this month I started the Zenspirations Create, Color, Pattern, Play Facebook group and invited ‘Color & Creativity Enthusiasts’ who submitted inspiration samples for my coloring books to join. The following week, in the Live in Color blog, I wrote:

And what a great first week it’s been! We already have 121 members, and I have been both awed and inspired by the fabulous artwork that has been posted…
Part of what makes Zenspirations® pages different from those found in other coloring books, is that they are designed as a springboard for your creativity… I’ve been fascinated by how different everyone’s designs are. Each one is impressive on it’s own… but collectively they are even more of a ‘WOW!”.

Today, our Facebook group has almost 5,000 members, from an astonishing 94 countries!!! I have been continually ‘wowed’ by the sharing of art and hearts. This 15 second WOW is an animated Care-Moji from the Congrats! Stickers collection, which visually expresses how I feel.

It a privilege to be part of this group of kind, caring people who share my commitment to using our creative talents to make a difference in the world.

On our 3rd Anniversary, Saturday, July 21st, at 4:00 eastern time, I am planning to start the celebration with our first-ever Facebook Live! Tune in for a behind the scenes a studio tour, and a sneak peek at some of the projects I’m working on. I will be taking requests from those who are able to attend ‘live’, and would be happy to write your name, draw a picture, or demonstrate a technique. You’ll get to pick!

Last year we did our first drawing challenge (dwellings), and this year, I’m taking the drawing challenge to another level– I have been having such a good time creating the Care-Moji collections, that I am inviting everyone in the Zenspirations community to submit a design for a curated Zenspired Care-Moji Group Collection! I will post the rules in next week’s blog, but you can either color and pattern one of my designs, or draw your own Zenspirations style design or Dangle. But first we have to vote on a theme. It’s hard to decide, because it has to be something you’d want to text or e-mail to someone, that you would also enjoy designing and coloring. I looked through some of our albums for ideas, and wanted to share three themes I think could work.

These dragonflies would be beautiful Care-Moji stickers.

Or we could do a holiday collection.

And some of these hearts would make wonderful Care-Mojis:

I will provide some images to color in whatever theme gets the most votes.

As an example, here’s a heart design I’ve been working on:

I’ve been experimenting with different color variations on this design:

If you’d like to try some of your own color variations, click the link below for your FREE download.


Here are the two things I’d like to know:

Which of these themes would you like to use to create our group Care-Moji Collection? (Please pick your top three).

  1. Birthday
  2. Holidays
  3. Hearts/Love
  4. Birds/Butterflies/Dragonflies
  5. Coffee/Tea
  6. Flowers
  7. Pink ribbon
  8. Art/Music/Dance/Drama
  9. Inspirational Sayings
  10. Other______________

What type of prize(s) would you like to see offered this year?

  1. Art supplies from some of my favorite manufacturers
  2. Private art lesson (in person at my studio, or via screen share)
  3. Special coloring downloads
  4. Some of my books, personally signed for you
  5. An assortment of Zenspirations crafting products (including the coloring bags and cards which were at Michaels last year)
  6. An assortment of Zenspirations gift products
  7. Something else __________

I will pick a name at random from those who leave comments on this week’s blog letting me know what kind of prize(s) and Care-Moji themes you’d prefer, and that person will receive one of the prizes.

Feel free to also share your ideas on making our celebration magical:

Stay Zenspired,


29 thoughts on “Total WOW!”

  1. I think my top three would be inspirational sayings, holidays and birthdays. Any prize would be great. If I picked I’d maybe choose your favorite art supplies or new downloads. ❤️ Happy Anniversary! Aliyah knew it was coming and was wondering what you’d do! ❤️

  2. I would like to use the birthday theme and win Zenspired products from Micheals.

  3. I love the love coloring page – thanks for offering. I think my top three themes would be
    1 – Love/Hearts
    2 – Inspirational Sayings
    3 – Holidays
    Also – whatever prize you offer is fine – you are always so generous. I always like the coloring downloads and also anything signed by you is a special treat!

  4. Hi Joanne, I just love your hearts. I think a great prize would be zentangle supplies. It would be lovely to meet you but I live too far away. Keep up the good work, you are so inspiring.

  5. WOW!!! 3 years, almost 5000 members…what a wonderful addition you and Zenspirations have been to my life. I’ve already put July 21 @ 4:00 on my calendar. I don’t want to miss it!
    I’m loving all of your Care-Moji stickers and IMO they all deserve a 5 star rating. Can’t wait for more sets!
    To answer your questions:
    1) My choices would be 1) Birthday, 2) Other Celebration Days (like Anniversary, Graduation, New Home…), 3) Inspirational Sayings (That was the 1st book of yours I purchased before the FB group!).
    2) Prizes – I always love prizes! 1) Private lesson from the master! (in my home – LOL), 2);new sets of Sakura gelly roll and glaze pens (I’ve used many of mine down to nothing) so that would be art supplies from some of your favorite manufacturers, 3) something else – an assortment of the wonderful greeting cards you make (that I’ll bet people don’t know about but I’ve bought some in my favorite Mom & Pop card store).
    How to make the celebration magical? I’ll have to think of that and add it to my answer next week.
    Most of all I value the support and friendships that I’ve developed over the past 3 years from people who have inspired and motivated me in our Zenspirations FB Group. That’s been the best gift.

    Toni (and Bud)

  6. Oops, I forgot one thing…what a surprise, NOT!
    As part of Inspirational Sayings I’d like Kindness Sayings or maybe that would be a whole separate category.


  7. I vote for #7 Pink ribbon, #9 Inspirational sayings, and #2 Holidays! ❤ I would love to see a Zenspirational angel too! Love your work!

  8. I think that more Holiday themed ones would be great. I would love to see them on stickers as well. I am that person who uses stickers on her planner and calendars to mark each holiday and I will tell you, it is very hard to find cute, fun and meaningful stickers anymore for adults.

  9. Happy 3 year Anniversary!! I love being a part of the Zenspirations community.
    I like themes 1, 2 and 7 (gold also) and prize options 3, 5, and 6.

  10. I like 1, 8, & 9 for themes.
    I would love the prize to be a private lesson from you.

  11. Congratulations on the success of Zenspirations, Joanne. Your excellent communications with your Group is what makes it such a success! Thank you.
    Holiday, coffee/tea, inspirational sayings for Care-Mojis Collections.
    Since I’m in Scotland, UK, then only digital prizes work: Special coloring downloads

  12. Joanne – Thank you for publishing your page. Never ceases to amaze me. Linda

    Prize: Art lessons
    Theme: Other – Fireworks

  13. Hi Joanne,
    My picks are
    1 birthday
    2 dragonflies
    3. Inspirational sayings
    My prize picks are
    1. Art supplies
    2. Zenspirations gifts
    3. Private art lesson
    Looking forward to celebrating the Anniversary!

    1. You are so awesome and generous in sharing your gifts (talent)s). If like to see Kindness themes, all purpose greetings and inspirational themes. You are the prize for everyone who knows you! Wish these were available for inclusion in emails. And Congrats on this awesome milestone. Love you.

  14. Hi Joanne!
    My Top 3 picks are :
    1. Flowers (of course) HA
    2. Inspirational sayings
    3. Birds, Butterflies & Dragonflies
    Prize choices are:
    1. Art supplies (Never enough!)
    2 Zenspirations Gift products

    Thanks for the Love heart too !

  15. Congratulations! Cannot believe it has been three years already. I have enjoyed being part of this community of artists and look forward to continued camaraderie with this wonderful group. My picks for the emoji selection would be the birds/butterflies/dragonflies, flowers and coffee/tea. Any prize would be awesome. My top picks are a private lesson, art supplies (who can’t use more?) and something from Zenspirations line.

    Thank you for making this an interactive group and for sharing your talent and yourself.

  16. Hi Joanne,

    you are a true inspiration and congratulations on three year anniversary 🙂 🙂

    My Picks
    1) Birds/Butterflies/Dragonflies
    2) Art/Music/Dance/Drama
    3) Inspirational Sayings

    My Price Picks:: I love everything in there whatever it’s from you, but have to choose three, sooooo
    1) Private art lesson (in person at my studio, or via screen share)
    2) An assortment of Zenspirations gift products
    3) Some of my books, personally signed for you

  17. Wow!!! Three years and almost 5,000 people you have touched with your beautiful artwork and loving heart! Having met you though, it is no surprise why so many people love you! I am honored to be part of this from the start!
    I like idea of love/hearts, birds/butterflies/dragonflies, and flowers.
    As a prize, I think art supplies, because you know, you can never have to many of those!

    Cheers to the next 3 years and 10,000 followers and more!

    Love and hugs,
    Terri ❤

  18. Hi Joanne-Congratulations on your Anniversary! Wow! My top 3 ( hard to choose) would be birds, butterflies, dragonflies, Art, Music Dance, and Inspirational sayings. Top prizes- Private Lessons, Art supplies

  19. My choice would be 1. Art/Music/Dance/Drama 2. Coffee/Tea 3. Flowers

    Art supplies would be a wonder prize.

    You have an amazing ability for encouraging people with absolutely no experience or talent (like me) to actually pick up a pen, pencil or brush and actually begin to draw, paint and color.

  20. Love (of course),
    Inspirational sayings,
    & I luv everything u do, & we will all B thrilled with whatever u choose!! & Imma try my best 2 tune in live! I just set an alarm 2 go off 2 remind me to tune in! Thank u so much 4 continuing 2 B an inspiration 2 us all! Much Luv, Teresa

  21. 4got 2 leave my opinion 4 the prize:
    I would LUV art supplies & downloads
    I have almost every download that u’ve offered!
    Thanks again!

  22. Dearest Joanne,
    Congratulations on another exciting blog. This one is especially thrilling. Congratulations on nearly 5,000 members from all over the world. You’re blessing and encouraging a lot of people!! I absolutely love your Care-Moji sticker collections and use them daily. If you need us to pick our top choices, I would love to see a whole collection of Beautiful Birthday Greetings since I send tons of birthday messages. I would also love a Holiday Collection AND a whole bunch of Zenspired hearts. For prizes my #1 choice is art supplies from your favorite manufacturers, and then an art lesson with you would be phenomenal. Next, other Zenspirational gifts would be wonderful. Thank you being so creative and inspiring and sharing so much love and joy.

  23. I’m so excited about your live feed, I’ve already marked it on my calendar!
    My top three themes are: Holidays, inspirational sayings and Coffee/tea maybe include other fun celebration drinks?
    Art supplies, especially pens are always helpful but I would be honoured to receive anything Zenspirations from you!

  24. My to three themes are 1.)holiday collection 2.) Inspirational sayings 3.) Art/Music/Dance/Drama How awesome are your accomplishments. For prizes, I would love the tree stamp, the prayer journal, and the Scripture Journal.

  25. My picks are 1. Birthdays 2. Holidays and for the prizes 1. Art supplies – i would love the koi pens since i dont have an 2. Private lesson with joanne.

  26. I thoroughly enjoy using the Care-Mojis. They are so fun! My favorite ideas would be anything Hearts, the Inspirational Sayings, the maybe combine Birthdays and Holidays into a ‘Special Days’ collection. Someone else mentioned angels – oh how I would love that. What a great idea. Prizes…art supplies.would be much appreciated.

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