Transformative Journey

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I’ve spent time this week reviewing and reflecting on the meaningful words which were shared as either personal or group ‘word-of-the-year’ options, and even included some in my morning journal.

Ultimately I decided to create a piece featuring all the suggestions… I call it Transformative Journey.

I used a brighter blue for the suggested words and the title, so they would stand out. In case you are reading this on a digital devise, and can’t read the text, it says: We embark on a transformative journey when we recognize that we are Holy, act with humility, give respect, and persevere despite our difficulties. Together, let us make a commitment to reach out in love & kindness, and pray that through cooperation and goodwill, awareness of our true purpose will emerge.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion about our 2018 Zenspirations® Word of the Year: Connie Ivey, Dawn, Deb Treat, Debbie, Dee Fink, Elizabeth Motyka, Gail Beck, Gerard Doherty, Holly Williams, Jeannie, Judy Shears, Liliana,  Pam Lewis, Rhonda Miller, Suzanne O’Mullan and Toni Popkin. You shine by example, and this is for you:

In case you are new to the Zenspirations blog, and aren’t familiar with this concept, here is a link to last year’s post about our community word for 2017:

Zenspirations® Community 2017 Word of the Year!

I’m excited about starting a word-of-the-month project for 2018… and want to make sure that whatever form it takes is something that the Zenspirations community as a whole will embrace. I would therefore appreciate your input. As an incentive, I will pick a name at random from everyone who answers the questions, and will letter a word of your choice in your favorite colors and style (i.e. Dangle Monograms, italic, brush, or even the style I use in my Zenspirations journals). Here are the five questions:

  1. Of the words which have been suggested this year–

    awareness, commitment, cooperation, emerge, goodwill, Holy, humility, kindness, love, pray, purpose, transformative, transformation– which one gets your vote for the Zenspirations 2018 Word of the Year?

  2. Are there specific words you would like to see included in our 12 words of the month?
  3. Are you interested in combining the word-of-the-month with a gratitude list? If so, would you like the word-of-the-month to be the primary design element of a monthly gratitude page?
  4. Do you want to ‘Create, Color, Pattern & Play’ (i.e. use whatever I come up with as the starting point for a piece that you will color and finish) with the words, or would you prefer to reflect on a finished, already colored design featuring the word?
  5. Do you want me to share prompts and/or make suggestions on ways to incorporate the word-of-the-month into your personal creative/spiritual practice?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts… it is really helpful to know what you would like.

Since so many of you have expressed interest in prayer journaling, I wanted to let you know that My Prayer Journal is now available for pre-order on Amazon! It costs $7.99, and is scheduled to ship March 19th, 2018. As a reminder, I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means that I get a small percentage of ANYTHING you buy on Amazon IF you use Zenspirations as a portal. It doesn’t cost you anything except a little bit of time, and really helps me cover the costs of art supplies and books. You can find the SHOP AMAZON button on the home page of my website:

If you know of anyone who does a lot of shopping on Amazon, I’d be grateful if you would let them know that this really makes a difference.

Before closing tonight, I wanted to share the Christmas card I designed for this year:

Stay Zenspired,



22 thoughts on “Transformative Journey”

  1. I LOVE that quote! It’s amazing that you turned those words into one amazing sentence so full of power and inspiration. I love all of the words. I’m not sure if I have a favorite. I love goodwill, transformative and humility. I love the idea of the words being a monthly thing and I think an area to list what we are grateful for would be great. I’d love to color it and add it to my planner.

  2. You are amazing, Joanne, in everything you do! Have a happy, healthy, and holy New Year!

  3. Hi Joanne,
    1. I think KINDNESS,
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    All of your work is outstanding and inspirational, sorry Zenspirational.
    Best wishes

  4. Joanne,

    I love the transformative journey text and graphic.

    1. Holy
    2. I like all of the words suggested.
    3. Yes and yes.
    4. I would like to reflect on a finished, already colored design featuring the word.
    5. Yes, thank you.

  5. Joanne,

    I love the transformative journey text and graphic.

    1. Holy
    2. I like all of the words suggested.
    3. Yes, yes.
    4. I would like to reflect on a finished, already colored design featuring the word.
    5. Yes, thank you.

  6. Cooperation would be my choice. If more people all over the world who are enemies would sit down and cooperate with each other, the world would be a better place! And if Republicans and Democrats would cooperate with each other, well then more things to benefit Americans would be passed. Happy New Year everyone!

  7. It’s so beautiful how you tied all our words together to create a powerful and encouraging message! Just lovely!

  8. Thank you for another inspiring post. I love how you inspire us.
    1. I like all of the words, but the one that kind of stands out to me is humility. I think if we could all display a little more humility, the world would be a better place.
    2. The words listed are great.
    3. yes and yea
    4. yes, I like the create, color, pattern & play idea
    5. yes

  9. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you for considering us in your plan for this year. I am looking forward to trying some zenspired creative outlets in 2018.

    1. Purpose
    2. Embrace
    3. Yes, and yes.
    4. I would like a starting point from you that I can use as a launching point. However, I do enjoy seeing your take as well, so maybe you could also share what you create.
    5. Yes please.

    Thank you, and Happy New Year.

  10. Beautiful blog
    1Goodwill sums up so many
    2 I would still like to include flow as a word for a month. I think we have a souls purpose and when we connect and follow that we “go with the flow” and things unfold in a way that can benefit the world. I also like emerge, transformation, civility, love, and kindness, and zenthusiasm, creativity,and Zenspired as words of the month
    3 no for me those are separate spiritual practices
    4. Finished
    5 yes sounds great
    Ps I was so happy I got one of your Calendars for Xmas so I can see it on the wall everyday of 2018 and everyone who comes to my office will see it too. It will be a nice addition to my healing space.

  11. Thank you for your generous heart in sharing your artwork and spirituality with the community.
    1. I love all the words but would like to see “transformative” as the word of the year.
    2. All of them (there are twelve, if you count transformative and transformation as being one, so one each month?)
    3. Yes!
    4. I prefer a finished piece to reflect on/with.
    5. Yes!

  12. 1) I can’t go past “love” for the group. For me personally it Would be kindness, which is one part of love
    2) word of the month: I’d like to include mercy, grace, create
    3) yes I’d like the word and the gratitude list to connect
    4) I love a starting point to create, colour, play etc
    5) suggestions or prompts are great!

    And finally, I hope I’ve managed to subscribe to this blog! My email address came up in capitals : hope it works anyway!

  13. Hi Joanne!
    What a beautiful design you have created and so clever how you have incorporated all of the words! Here are my answers to your list of questions:
    1. I can’t decide between transformative and kindness
    2. Goodwill, pray, transformation
    3. Yes & yes
    4. Use what you create as a starting point
    5. Yes

    Thank you for all you do! You are always an inspiration! Xx
    Mary Anne

  14. Beautiful and inspiring artwork for this wonderful project.
    1) Transformative is so inclusive and I love it.
    2) Hope
    3) Combination-YES! sf YES!!! to the word of the Month design too>
    4) I love your inspirational work so Finished is my vote, please.
    5) Oh my, YES!!!

    Thank you for your constant outreach of love and calming “touch”, visually and verbally.
    You are a treasure creating through this always loving tribute to your husband. Thank you again.
    With love,

  15. Hi Joanne,
    I absolutely love how you took all of the words and made a wonderful saying with them. Your creativity is such a wonderful gift that you so willingly share.
    1) Although my personal word is Awareness I think a good group word would be cooperation. It should be a word we all spread and say a prayer asking for peace and cooperation with our fellow members of our country and the world this year.
    2) Like someone else already said (they read my mind!) I think the 12 words – combine transformation and transformative – would be great words of the month. I’m sure there are many others as well, maybe people can use them as their personal word.
    3) Not sure, I’ll trust you on that.
    4) something to color, I’d like to get re-motivated to color by having something new and fresh!
    5) a big yes, I can use all the help and prompt I can get!
    Wishing you and everyone a zenspired new year

  16. .
    I know I said this to you under comments earlier in a post, but again, you are truly AMAZING that you came up with the Transformative Journey using all our words!! <3
    1. Obviously, I am still going to pick…PRAY 😀
    2. Love, Transformation and Purpose. Also, Forgiveness, even though it wasn't a choice
    3. Yes and Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    Happy New Year Joanne, Sam and Jonathan! Can't wait to see you in March!! <3

  17. 1. Kindness or cooperation
    2. Perseverance
    3. Yes and yes
    4. I would like to color
    5. Not really

  18. 1. Kindness
    2. Trust
    3. Yes, primary word in design element of gratitude list.
    4. I’d like to color it in
    5. Yes, share prompts
    I just preordered your journal. God’s timing is perfect.

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