Zenspirations® Care-Moji™ App for BOTH Android & IOS!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m really excited to announce that after almost a year in development, the Zenspirations® Care-Moji Sticker Collections are available for both iPhones & Androids!!! I can now fulfill the promise I made when I wrote, “I will give everyone who leaves a comment with their thoughts a free sticker pack of their choice when they are ready.” So if you were one of the 100+ people who were kind enough to provide input when I was first developing the collections, here’s what you’ll need to do to get your FREE one:

  1. Check to make sure you left a comment on the September 5th blog post,  Zenspirations® Emoji Stickers, or the October 24th blog post, Zenspirations® Digital Downloads & Emoji Sticker Update.
  2. Leave a comment on this week’s blog letting me know which Care-Moji Collection you’d like to have, whether you want the iPhone or Android version, and where I should e-mail it. If you subscribe to the Zenspirations blog, I should already have your e-mail address. If you are not a blog subscriber please include your e-mail address in the comment. FYI, blog subscribers get a notice via e-mail (not Facebook) every Tuesday morning. You can subscribe on the home page of the Zenspirations website, if you haven’t already done so.                                                                            Here, in the order that they were created, are the five collections:

GET WELL WISHES, $0.99 for a collection of 25 heartfelt messages to share with those who aren’t well.

GREET-MOJIS, $0.99 for a collection of 25 colorful messages sure to brighten anyone’s day.

CONGRATS! STICKERS, $0.99 for a collection of 25 celebratory messages. I was surprised to discover that this is the collection I use the most– I love texting these sayings to my kids when they’ve shared good news.

SHALOM STICKERS, $1.99 for the collection of 36 popular Judaic icons and phrases.

BUTTERFLY INSPIRATIONS, $0.99 for a collection of 25 beautiful butterfly images, many of which are paired with an uplifting, inspiring message.

For more information about Care-Mojis, including short video tutorials showing how to install the App, visit the brand new Care-Moji website, www.care-moji.comI’d be grateful if you would help me spread the word– please let your friends & family know that Care-Mojis are available on Google Play and in the App Store, and are only $0.99 for 25 Stickers!  Just put my name, Joanne Fink, or Zenspirations into the search bar, and they’ll pop-up.

Here is a collage of some of my favorites Care-Mojis:

I can’t wait to find out which are your favorites!

Stay Zenspired,


24 thoughts on “Zenspirations® Care-Moji™ App for BOTH Android & IOS!!!”

  1. I would love Get Well wishes. I will be purchasing Butterfly next month. Thank you !

  2. Beautiful! I had forgotten all about this.
    It is difficult to choose, but I would like the butterfly collection. You are truly inspiring, thank you!
    Strengtheternal at yahoo dot com, please!

  3. So excited to see the care-moji stickers are available for Android now. I commented on the Sept. 5 blog post. I would love the Butterfly Inspiration set. rmpoohbear75 at gmail dot com Thank you. I love your care-moji stickers.

  4. Joanne,
    I would love the Greet Emoji set! I had forgotten that the 100+ would get a free set, so I am so excited. Thank you! I have downloaded the app and already purchased my first set. I will have such fun using your beautiful work in my texts.

  5. I’ve already got the first three apps. Fabulous! I use them almost every day. So beautiful. So perfect. I didn’t know about the last one…the butterfly emojis. I have to go get it. Thanks for all you do. I took your class at CHA one time and you are SO inspiring. Your talent is incredible. Thanks

  6. First of all, thank you so very much!! Second I would love the greet emojis. When I made purchases from your sale, I did not see any of your cards that were for sale last year or maybe the year before at Michael’s. Are they still available? In case you need it [email protected] is my email address.

    Thank you again!!

  7. The Care-Moji Collection I’d like to have is Get Well – it’s a good job I hadn’t yet bought all the packs! Thank you.
    Great work, Joanne. Sent one to a friend and when she admired it I sent her the link to Care-Moji on Google Play.
    I thought I was already subscribed to your blog but looks like I’ve just been reading it from FB link, so…now subscribed and you should have my email address.

  8. I’m so excited to receive a set of your Care stickers. Thank you for always being so kind and generous. I’m really looking forward to receiving the Butterfly Inspiration s Stickers.

    Thank you Joanne

  9. It is hard to pick between Congrats and the Butterfly collections, but Congrats won out !! Hope you are doing well, your art is almost always an inspiration whenever I sit down to create !!


  11. Congratulations Joanne – happy to see these on Android now. I am waiting for the butterfly inspirations to be available on Google Play!!

  12. What a nice surprise. I had forgotten about this perk for replying. I would LOVE the Butterfly Inspiration for Android OS. Thank you so much!

  13. A Greet-Moji sticker set would be lovely. Thanks for all you do for all of us and around the world. You are the best!

  14. I’m so excited to receive a set of your Care stickers. Thank you for always being so kind and generous. I’m really looking forward to receiving the Butterfly Inspiration s Stickers.

    Thank you Joanne

    I forgot to mention in my first post that I will be using your stickers on my iPhone/iPad.

  15. Hi Joanne
    I thought I commented on your blogs about your care-emoji collections, I usually comment to most of your blogs.

    I’d like to gift Android versions to 2 special people in my life. Since I have only Apple devices myself can I do it?

    Since I have almost every set you have already I can tell everyone from personal experience once you get one you will want more!


  16. I really love your emoji. Nice work. please update more emoji. like emoji which helps me to express my moods. But really i appreciate your work.

  17. Joanne, I wanted the Greet emoji set for Android. Thank you again! Anna Halle

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